by Marsha Blue

I think that we have something
Maybe something that would last
Or even something worth a try
But I am lost to the fact that I can't
Seem to trust u.
I see you
Saying that u love me
But when I look at the things in
Your email
You are feeling "flirty"
Girls calling you "sexy"
Telling you to "holla"
What am I suppose to feel
You text to these girls
That you know would give it up to u
In a second
Can you tell me?
Can someone tell me?
What is it that I am supposed to feel?
I know that she has my heart
And I have told her none the less
That I am scorned.
I have been hurt
But she wanted this job
wanted to love me and for me to love her.
now I am at my wits end
I can't seem to get a grip on the way that u are
i try to explain to you how I feel
but all I hear is that u love only me
u are doing nothing wrong
that u would never hurt me
I try to explain that if the tables were turned
You tell me that everyone knows about your love for me
But for some reason lately I feel that I need to let you go
I see myself in a way that I don't like
I don't want to sit on your back or hound u to do the right thing
I will let u go
Let u be free
Maybe you would follow your heart back to me
I mean
Maybe we have something here
Maybe we have something worth a try
Do you think that it is worth saving?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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