by Frantzces

Kiss me into blissful
never endings
where fairy tales
live despite dark thoughts
touch me through my core
deliver me your soul
on moisten lips
and open thighs
but makes us whole
tempt me
lay your body heavily
pressing down my fears
of this
‘cause some where
there are chilly moments
of what it would be like
to love you

Feel me through my layers
uncover my aches and pains
make it visible
so I could bare
the fervor of your parted lips
your tone melodic
your breath motionless but still it
dances in my psyche

Kissing you into blissful
never endings
where your moans carry me
through the journey of you
visually in trance
of your beautiful melty
night filled body parts
fading in your blackness
your curves provide me with directions
to your nerves
each touch
signals each emotion
your body jerks
you draw back
but pull me tighter
tighter in your hideaway
where other souls have inhabited
but never stayed
except the aromatic you
lingered through
5 senses
tasting the inners
of your walls
with both
our deepest fears
of falling in love
in the nude

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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