by 1coolazzbichic

If I tell you i love you, would you stay?
If I say that I need you, would you not look her way?
Cause what I have in my heart, just won't go away,
No matter how hard I try, I can't will this shit away.
And no matter how hard I love you, I can't will you to stay.
And if u go take my heart with you,
keep it.
And take the pain wit you,
I can't take it.
But leave our good memories,
I don't regret it.
If I beg, will you see then?
If I lay down wit you, can I be more than your friend?
Do I have to let my body talk, maybe then you can hear me,
If I wrap my legs around your back, just to keep you near me.
If my breast were higher, my tummy tighter, would you love me then???
What then??
Cause this friendship thing, it doesn't satisfy me,
How can I sit here and let u walk on by me?
You are fucking killing me, wounding my soul, murdering my heart.
I should've known this was going to happen from the start.
If I could I would change it all if I was able,
I wish you would've just say, " Hello, my name is unavailable."

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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