by Trinity

We are sitting in a room filled with roses and candles.
You are fucking me in positions that my body can't handle.

Stroking my breast, first the let then the right,
My passions are overcoming me in just one night.

Then you take my legs and pull them far and wide, you take your finger and touch my insides.
You taste your finger, to taste my wetness, Then you whisper in my ear, "I crave for your juices".

You turn me over on my stomach and come near,
then you say, " Baby I want to taste you from the rear".

The sound of you telling me that makes my heartbeat rapidly,
Then you lay yourself on top of me and we are laying evenly.

Then you ask me "Can I have it?"
I am so turned on I want you to take it.

Crawling on your knees, you get behind me,
allowing your strap to come and find me.

You slowly put it in inch by inch
it feels so good to you, your body begins to tense.

Then you move, giving me that incredible stroke,
I am like your melody and this is your note.

You make my body feel as if I am a virgin again,
I scream out your name again and again..

I am about to climax,
my body get s still and relaxed.

The feeling that you?ve given me is a natural high,
and I am addicted to you as if you are mine.

Being as though this is our last night together,
I really wanted to make it last forever.
The tears came my eyes out of fear I know that this will be our last time near!

I already knew, so its not like I was blind, But there will never be another catch or find.
Go ahead baby head home to your wife, I already know you have your own life.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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