by Felicia Ann

I woke up beside you
Yet you haunt my mind
The sun swells through the window
And across my eyes,
What have I done?

I forgot I had a lover
A gurly gurl thatís not like you
She loves my rough edges and sexy smells
But she hasnít made my toes curl since our first night

What have I done?
What am I suppose to do
I called her that afternoon and
Turned her loose

Iím 3 steps past the starting mark
Walking around searching for my Leopard thong
Being careful not to wake you
Although I know I want to stay

But I wasnít supposed to be here last night
And hopefully no one will ever know this

I have to make a stand

Do I go on being your friend
Or go on to something more?
Feelings that I felt I was immune to
I have fell victim

You lay before me
my body still wants to stay
But I know I canít

You got me so twisted
But I want some more
I promised myself to never get involved
With another gurl that looked and acted like you

That low cut hair
And heavy stroll
Sexy light brown eyes
You were the one to make my toes curl

You made me leave my wife
But you didnít leave anyone for me
This is supposed to be ok?
Because youíre in a long distance relationship

Is that my role?
To be your substitute while she is away
Am I your vendetta for an indiscretion in her past?

I don't play those games
You whisper in my ear that you are falling
My walls break down
And I extend my arms to you

Then you change your mind and want to
Go back to what we were before
Just turn me loose,
I turn to walk away

You insist that I stay in these arms
Until you decide that this is not what you really want
So I agree to be the best friend
Until Iím in your bed again
And talking of weekend getaways

It is her that haunts your thoughts
Until my tongue is between your lips
My face is wet and you are pulling my good hair
I got you where I want you

So many have been here before
But you are special
And your attention remains on me
She has never been the woman you need

Iíve got you back now
So crawl to me
Thereís still a chance youíll let her back in your life
Once more, but I own your heart

I consume your thoughts
Everything smells just as sweet as I do
No other will satisfy your hunger
Turn me loose because
We canít keep going on like this
Weíre no good for each other
So just let it go

Youíve always been Captín-Save-A-hoe
I donít need to be saved
Your cape is so tattered and torn
Take it off and come lay here with me

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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