by B.J. Ental

this is the sexy thought I would loved to have
whispered in your ear, I would want to
hold you so close until your body's heat makes me
want to melt, as you melt into my melting,
I would kiss you deeply and passionately,
feeling your breasts as they rise and fall from
the excitment building in your hot spot, as
wetness becomes all so apparent and the
heat and passion our bodies build releases a sweet
aroma of our wet pussys, we would become one,
we would touch and feel, taste and taste
with abandonment--our passion would push us
beyond the boundaries of control, as you would
enter me physically and mentally, our clits would
dance a spiritual rhythm upon our
climaxes as sweat pours from our souls
we would revel in our ability to make sounds
rivaling poetry--as moans and groans take
over, we ride as into a new dimension--you're
holding me ever so gently as you take me to
heights unvisited--I hold on, I find your nipples and
slowly suck one at a time, enjoying the sweetness
of your flesh on my tongue--light brown chocolate nipples
that I wish to melt in my mouth-- I kiss and lick
your neck, you become mine, I squeeze you like
I have never done before--our bodies become
entwined--one--as our passion enflames our bosoms--relentlessly
an orgasam grabs our names, we come as one,
we squeeze, we shake, we are satisfied--yet remaining insatiable!

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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