by Noetic

I could try to erase every minute of that night
I just canít stop thinking of you
I can desperately avoid all memories of your scent
I just canít stop thinking of you
I could even close my eyes
my eye lids will have memories of you
I would want to drift off to sleep
but my subconscious thinks of you
displaying me vivid pictures, and thoughts
in movie form
I could try to eat
I keep seeing you
eating on pears with cream cheese
I want to feed you grapes and watch you sleep
still thinking of you
I want to hold you in my arms
Iím lying here awake
still thinking of you
I could go to work, and try to concentrate
more thoughts of you
I wanna make an escape from my own mind
then, I wont think of you
I want to have those memories of your smile
so I must think of you
I want to have my thoughts of you cloud my mind
itís imperative that I think of you
You are an epitome
of what a woman should be
have the grace of an angel
and the mystery of you still intrigues me
Iíll lay down, close my eyes so I can see you
let the depth of my mind take me to that night
when I could hold you
allow myself to drift off to sleep
cause in my dreams I feel you
coming to the realization that
I want to not stop
thinking of you.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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