V. King

As she lies on the beach, this warm beautiful night, she can see the full moon reflect off the water. Listening to the softness of the waves as they come in to try and settle on the beach, but the wanting of the moon pulls them back. Then hearing in the distance the quiet moans of whales calling. She believes she can feel their powerful bodies gliding gently across each other whispering to each other before they make love.

Closing her eyes, she touches her lips with her tongue. She brings her hand to her breast and slowly starts to rub, her nipples become instantly hard. A soft warm breeze comes from nowhere and moves over her body like the warm touch of another woman's hand. The warm touch takes her by surprise, and she arches her back and gives a deep moan.

The warm touch is gone, but she continues to rub her breast. Moving her hand over her stomach, her breathing becoming heavy, her fingers pointing towards her mound. As she moves her hand over her stomach, her knees slowly come up as she spreads her legs. Without touching them, she feels how swollen her clit is and how wet her lips are. The sweet smell of her juices reach her as she takes in a deep breath.

The warm touch comes back and guides her hand to her clit. Her fingers mixing with the warm touch, they pressing hard and rub deep. The warm touch leaves her and she continues to rub. The warm touch does not leave her for long, it comes back to takes her hand to her wet spot. Excited, her breathing grows heavy. The warm touch slides her fingers inside her. She moves her hips, grinding against them

As she tries to pull her fingers out, the warm touch rushes back to push them back in. Moving faster, she can feel the juices dripping off of her fingers. Her body is shaking, the warm touch is caressing her body, pushing her fingers deeper, harder. Her breaths are shorter. Calling out, she throws her head back and lifts her chin to the moon. Her breathing almost stopping, her fingers still inside her.

The warm touch moves over her, bringing her body to a calm. She lies there, her breathing is deep and fast, but slowing down. She slowly opens her eyes, and the warm touch gently kisses her lips, strokes her hair, her breast, stomach, thighs and one last touch to her clit before it goes out to the sea.

She lies and listens to the beating of her heart and sounds of the waves as they try to again to settle on the beach, and the quiet moans of the whales.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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