Ladi Diamond

I donít know if its your swag or your fresh Jays
That has me intrigued
From the First time you spoke to me
I thought I was hearing an Angel
I donít know if itís the way you look at me
Or say my name that has me wanting to know who you are
I donít know why I am hesitant to see you again
But that day you called made me feel 15 again
Now here it is 5 years later and all the glee is gone out of the relationship
What was oh so special the first day I met you from now?
Have you found happiness in someone else?
Have you forgotten how to love me?
As I sit and reminisce on all the good and bad times
I now know that everything happens for a reason
At this moment I donít know what it is still about you that makes me stay
What makes me still love you
I guess it is still the fresh Jays or the Swag that never left
Maybe that dimple in your left cheek that I never paid attention
Or maybe the way you still say my name and tell me you love me
Or maybe the day you asked me to be yours forever
Whatever it maybe about you I know I cant let you go
What was oh so special before is even more special now
I make a vow now and forever that I will find that thing about you that makes me linger
Until that time I will find contentment and happiness with you
NO MATTER what it takes
The unknown will never get the best of me

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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