__________by Yo

I'll always remember that night, the night all hell broke loose.
When you looked me in the eyes and asked me to tell you the truth.
I walked in the crib and saw the tears in your eyes,
A pain filled face full of endless cries.
Before you even spoke a word I knew what was wrong, now
I had to give you my version of usher confession song.
You said you got a phone call from a shortie name Shay, saying it
it would be best for you to listen to every word she had to say.
My heart was racing when you said she told you everything, from
the weekend flings down to the matching diamond rings.
You said don't deny it cause she described the ring and u know it's true,
It's exactly like the same one that I brought for you.
By this time I didn't know what to do, all I could think of was losing you.
Please tell me the truth you begged, don't insult me by lying, but I
was caught so there wasn't even any since in trying.
So I took the deepest breath I had and began telling my girl THE TRUTH.
Yes, I do know Shay, I met her a couple months back around the way.
At first we were just kicking it, chilling from day to day, hanging
out when I was on her block visiting my nigga Ray.
It started just friends hanging out, a movie here a bite to eat there,
A couple of trips down to time square.
I tried not to let it go any farther out of respect for you, But the more we hung
the more things changed, than there was nothing I could do.
I was falling in love with this girl, but still madly in love with you. And I
didn't wanna hurt you cause from day one you were always true.
I didn't know how to deal with loving two women at the same time,
trying to keep it all together and not lose my mind.
The whole time I'm confessing my heart is breaking,
and then YOU did it, asked about the love making.
That's something that I wanted to avoid and just skip over,
and if you didn't ask I never would have told ya.
You wanted to know if I looked Shay in the eyes during sex,
and all I could do was hang my head and say yes.
And than you broke down on the floor crying,
screaming and cursing at me for lying.
You told me I was your everything, that my smile was the reason the sun rose,
and during sex you could never look anyone but me in the eyes.
You said that's how deep our love was, deeper than any sea.
And I believed every word you said, silly me.
But baby all my love for you was and still is true,
I never meant to give Shay my love too.
But it happen so I tried to deal and keep
both of you happy with all my power and will.
It hurt like hell to keep on hurting you, and to keep
putting Shay through what I put her through.
Asking her to keep waiting and being my side hoe, when she
could have been getting all the love she needed from another Joe.
And to not be given you all of my love which you rightfully deserved,
to taint our love which should have been preserved.
To make you second guess me and what I felt for you,
was the most horrible thing I could ever do. |
I had to make a choice and stop leading you both on,
nobody should ever be treated that wrong.
You got my heart and I would die if I ever lost you, I want you
to have my kids and grow old together, just us two.
So I made up my mind to let Shay go, even
though it hurt like hell to do so.
I told her she needed to be with somebody who could love her right,
but I can't cause truthfully my girl has my heart sealed tight.
I wish it didn't come to this and I'm sorry for all the pain. im
sorry for all the hard ach that come out of keeping you in this game.
So I broke it off with her and came straight home to you, to try
and save our relationship and from now on be true.
I wasn't gonna tell you, just wanted to move on and put it in my past.
But with one phone call it came back to bite me in my ass.
Now your packing your bags and heading for the door, you
said you love me but you can't let me hurt you anymore.
I'm begging and crying, pleading for you to stay.
Baby please don't walk out of my life this way.
I'm sorry for everything, I was wrong and dumb.
If you leave me I swear my heart will go numb.
Please try to forgive me, I'll make it up to you. I'll show
you can't nobody love you like I do.
YOU looked at me with tears in your eyes and said if breaking my heart is loving
me than you can keep that, and you can keep your heart too cause I'm giving it back.
And just like that YOU walked out my life as YOU slammed the door,
damn in never telling The Truth anymore.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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