I sighed and took a few deep breaths before the tears started to fall. It’s funny because things never used to be this complex between me and the so called love of my life. I use to get butterflies whenever I was in her presence and my eyes would light up and my heart would melt just hearing her voice. She was the best thing to happen to me. Our relationship was the best thing to happen to me and now she is slowly throwing it away. Its one thing to devote time to your work, but to devote your life to it is just more than I can deal with.
I took another glance at the lounge. Tonight makes the 6th time in two weeks Aminah has cancelled on me. The lounge was having guest poets from Def Poetry Jam (my favorite show) as their feature tonight and I got the tickets two months in advance and yet again I will be attending it by myself.
 I walked into the beautifully lit lounge and sat in a small booth to the right of the stage. I was definitely feeling the vibe and slowly but surely I could feel it easing my anger. A waitress came over and took my order of an apple martini and the special for the night just as the lights dimmed and the host presented the first poet.
Her name was Mahogany and she was by far the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She had pretty neat medium length copper brown locks and chinky almond shaped hazel eyes. She had naturally golden brown skin that chicks spend money on bronzing beads to get. Her style was definitely an A plus wearing a mix of preppy and casual with a touch of sporty sex appeal. Homegirl was all that and a bag of chips and when she spoke she had such a mellow and sultry voice I was all ears.
Throughout her performance she looked at me a few times and I thought I saw her eyes soften and her lips form a slight smile, but I could have just been bugging since I was clearly bugging already. But when she finished the last lines of her last poem titled "The Stranger I Want to Meet" she held my gaze, then smiled and went off stage. I just had to meet her, but what would I say? What could I say? The attraction I had to her was so strong I was seriously trying to figure out a way for me to just bump into her. It’s been a long time since I've felt like this and the feeling was so strong I felt I had to act on it somehow even if I just told her hi.
I was definitely losing my mind because by the middle of the show I was plotting ways to seduce this stranger when I had a girlfriend that I was in love with. But the thought of this perfect stranger just kissing me sent so much electricity through me I was getting turned on faster than the speed of light. I needed to get myself together that is exactly what I needed to do.
When another poet got on stage I decided that was my cue to go freshen up in the ladies room. Thank god I am an expert at walking in heels unless I would have surely busted my ass going down the deep dungeon stair case because my thoughts were scatterbrained and Mahogany is all I could think about. I pushed the door to the ladies room open just as the lady washing her hands looked in the mirror to see who had walked in. Our eyes connected and I thought right then and there I would fall, but somehow I composed myself and did a slow strut past this beautiful creature to the sink next to her.
Just as my breathing was starting to get completely out of control from just being in her presence she continued to look at me through the mirror, gave me a dimpled smile and said, “Hello.”
I met her gaze through the mirror and said, “Hello. Your performance was wonderful. You're a great poet.” I said with definitely more confidence than I felt.
She smiled her dimpled smile again, “thank you. I'm glad I had such a captive audience member.”
She walked over to the paper towel which was right next to me. On her way there she brushed against me and I felt it through my spine. She through the paper towel away and I was staring at her so hard and we, at this point, were so close to each other I'm sure she could hear how fast my heart was pumping. It was so loud I thought I was losing my mind until I realized it was not just mine, and then the rest was just like a dream.
She traced her hands over my lips, my breast, and then they landed on my hips just as she leaned in and gave me a soft passionate tongue kiss. I must have lost all of my inhibition then because before I knew it we were on the lounge chair in the ladies room quickly but gently ripping each other’s clothes off. She left soft kisses on me from head to toe exploring me and handling me with so much delicacy. I was the missing treasure in an ocean and she was determined to look in every crevice until she found a special gem. When she landed on my gem, my body was so hot I was about to explode. The tip of her tongue alone was enough to make me burn.
We were like a couple of boxers going at it for a couple of rounds. So many that I lost count. By the time I had her moaning and digging her nails in my skin that’s when it hit me where we were and what exactly we were doing, but we were so exhausted getting up was the last thing on our minds. After it felt like an eternity went by, which was probably only 5 minutes I got off of her. I was about to look for any article of my clothing to start putting on out of nervousness when she softly pulled me towards her and gave me a sweet gentle kiss.
“Thank you.” She said while softly playing with my hair.
“For what?” I asked totally confused.
“For being that stranger I wanted to meet.” She softly said.
“Look I don't normally go around knocking boots with strangers in public bathrooms ya know. I am in a committed relationship and I have no idea what came over me. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me.” I hurriedly tried to get my clothes on before anyone happened to come into the ladies room.
She smiled, said “I know,” and followed my lead. Now, I felt nothing but shame and wondered why did I let my emotions and my horny hormones get the best of me. She must really think I am some kind of slut or something. I really need to get out of here if I could just get these damn sandals on. Before I knew it she bent down and helped me with my struggling sandals. Then she stood back up kissed me on my cheek and left me standing like a dummy in the ladies room just as two ladies walked in laughing and talking about how good the show was.
I quickly fixed my hair in the mirror and left the bathroom kicking myself for probably sounding like an asshole to her after we both shared the most unusual but exhilarating experience of my life. I wanted to go see if she was outside, but I had to pass by the table to pay my bill and get my jacket. When I got to the table a receipt was on the table along with a note and the tip.
I was completely confused as to why she would do that, but I grabbed my stuff and the note and went outside. There was a swarm of people outside, but no sign of her. I opened the note and it was her poem "The Stranger I Want to Meet" with a few lines underlined:
And if I meet that stranger I'll know it when I see her
For our eyes will connect and our souls will entwine
I will have found my soul mate and yearn for her to be mine
Unless its all a dream and the stranger I want to meet is nothing more
Than a hopeless part of lover's fantasy

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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