Chloe C

Bebe yawned and looked at the clock. 8:00 am, Saturday morning. She stretched and yawned again. Well, what was she going to do today? She softly padded into the bathroom and flipped on the shower. Her nightie slid to the floor in a puddle at her feet. She looked over her shoulder into the mirror. She slapped her ass cheek to admire the bounce. Not bad for a 48 year old woman. Not bad at all.
She gently stepped into the shower and felt embraced as if in the arms of a lover; so soft and warm. It had been so long since she’d felt like that. She raised her arms above her head and adjusted the shower head to little stinging needles of water. She locked her fingers behind her neck and swayed ever so gently to allow the stinging spray to assault her nipples. They were hard in an instant. She watched the reaction of her nipples and enjoyed the pulsing sensation between her thighs. She closed her eyes and felt her pulse and breath quicken as she traveled the journey of arousal.
She reached up and adjusted the shower head to big, fat pulsations of water. She gently unhooked the shower head from its rod. She trailed the pulsing water down her throat, across her hardened nipples, and along her belly. The tongues of water lapped at her wet skin. Her hips began to undulate in anticipation of the cascading water. She propped her foot on the shower ledge and eased the shower head closer to her moist pussy. She aimed the shower head directly at her pussy and felt the licking, tongues of water massage her inflamed clit. She could not hold herself back from thrusting her pelvis at the stream of water, aching to have her desire fully quenched. She threw her head back as the orgasm gripped her and felt her entire body respond. She leaned against the shower wall until the orgasm subsided. She reattached the shower head to the rod and finished her shower.
She wrapped in a cozy cotton robe and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. After she got the coffeemaker going, she sat down to plan her day. She picked up the phone and called several friends, all of which had plans for the day. She still had a little ache between her legs, so her thoughts turned to sex. Maybe today was a good day to watch a little soft porn. A day filled with masturbation couldn’t be all bad. She smiled slyly and grabbed a quick cup of coffee. She felt completely decadent, so she dropped the robe. The more she did naked, the more aroused she became. She looked through her DVD collection and picked out several movies that always did the trick.
Bebe went to the bedroom and brought out some pillows, a couple of vibrators, and a very silky sheet. She created her hedonistic den and popped in a DVD. The scene opened with two sexily dressed women shopping in a department store. They went into a dressing room together and began to kiss. The action got hotter and Bebe found her hand roaming her body. Her eyes were glued to the TV and her movements became bolder and bolder. She lay back and spread her legs, using her fingers to pry open the lips of her juicy pussy. She began to titillate her clit. She brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked the sweet juices from them. As the action on the TV got hotter, her clit massage became more goal oriented. She tried to hold her orgasm to come with the women on the TV, slowing and speeding up as necessary. Finally one woman began to come loudly, then the other. Bebe joined in the crescendo and loudly came as well.
She finally heard the insistent jangling of her doorbell and jumped up to answer it. She dashed to the door and jerked it open. There stood a coworker from work, Alicia. Alicia gawked at the naked, wild-eyed woman who answered the door.
“I..I thought something was wrong! I rang the door bell, then as I started to walk away, I heard you yelling! Are you ok?” Alicia asked.
“Oh, um, yeah, I’m fine. I was exercising.” Lamely replied Bebe.
Alicia looked around her and saw the action on the TV, “Exercising what?” she laughed.
Bebe just stood there sheepishly. “Do you want to come in?”
Alicia took Bebe’s hand and put her fingers to her nose. “Mmmm. Got any more of that?” she purred.
Bebe didn’t know what to say. She never considered that Alicia was lesbian; never got any hint from her at work. As Alicia stood there sniffing her pussy-juice covered fingers, she thought, “What the hell.” Bebe pulled Alicia into the house.
Alicia strolled over to the TV and sat down. “I didn’t know you liked porn. So many womyn diss it as if it has no value. I think it’s great as foreplay. What do you think?”
Bebe draped herself with the sheet and sat down. “I know that I like it when I don’t have anything else. And it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything else.”
Alicia started to unbutton her blouse. She revealed a bright tangerine colored bra that barely covered her cocoa colored nipples. She leaned in and softly kissed Bebe. Her soft lips caressed Bebe’s. She pulled back and grinned. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. You have such a sexy mouth.” She leaned in again and softly kissed Bebe, then penetrated her mouth with her soft tongue. The kiss began to grow heated as the two became more aroused.
Bebe maintained the kiss but slid Alicia’s shirt from her shoulders. Bebe pressed her back against the couch and continued the kiss from her lips, down her neck, to the hard nipples peaking out of the top of the bra. Bebe’s tongue teased Alicia’s nipples through the bra’s fabric. Alicia moaned and arched her back. Bebe reached behind her and unsnapped the bra then slid it off. Alicia’s nipples were so tight that Bebe thought they might pop if she sucked them. Bebe gently tongued Alicia’s firm globes and strategically avoided the nipples. Alicia swayed and moved her tits all over Bebe’s face. Bebe reached out with her tongue and flicked Alicia’s nipple, then again, and again. Alicia bucked and pressed her nipple further into Bebe’s mouth.
“Suck them hard!” Alicia commanded. Bebe complied and sucked and tongued them mightily. “Mmmmmmmm yeah!” Alicia had spread her legs and was riding Bebe’s naked thigh. Even through her shorts Bebe could tell she was really wet.
Bebe untangled herself from Alicia and dropped the sheet. She pulled Alicia to her feet and unfastened her shorts, dropped them to the ground, and pushed her backwards onto the couch.
“What about my panties?” asked Alicia.
Bebe massaged Alicia’s pussy through the fabric of the panties. “You’ve put a lot of sweet juice onto these panties. I’m going to enjoy them first.” Sighed Bebe.
Alicia layed back and Bebe nestled between her thighs. Alicia’s thighs were so smooth and firm. Bebe took her time and gave her a long, loving tongue bath. She licked and sucked the fabric of Alicia’s panties ensuring that all the sweet juice was enjoyed.
Alicia was on fire. She was humping and bucking against Bebe’s face. She was tweaking her own nipples and crying out for release. Bebe hooked her thumbs into Alicia’s panties and stripped them off. She breathed in the intoxicating scent of Alicia’s drenched pussy. Without further delay, Bebe picked up Alicia’s legs and pressed them to her chest to fully expose her. Bebe rubbed her hardened nipples directly against Alicia’s pussy. Alicia began to buck and press against her. Bebe looked down at her chest and saw that both tits were covered in Alicia’s juices.
Bebe then put her face directly against Alicia’s pussy and began to lick her in earnest. Alicia was noisily enjoying the pussy-licking, shouting unintelligible words of encouragement. Bebe sucked in Alicia’s clit and began to strum it with her tongue while holding it between her teeth. Alicia suddenly became still and Bebe felt the convulsions begin deep within Alicia’s pussy and spread out to envelope her entire body. The wracking orgasm continued for several minutes. Bebe continued to hold Alicia until the orgasm wound down.
Alicia slid off the couch and curled up in Bebe’s arms. They gently kissed. Alicia lay down on the floor and pulled Bebe with her. They kissed, licked and sucked each other’s nipples for quite a while. Alicia reached for her handbag and pulled out two clips. “Would you like a little rough stuff this fine Saturday morning?”
Bebe’s heart lurched in her chest, her breathing quickened, and her nipples were at attention. “Why would you ask that?”
“I just had a hunch.” She took the two clamps and clipped them to Bebe’s nipples. She threaded a cord between the clips and held them like a leash. “Get on all fours.” Alicia commanded.
Bebe complied then Alicia mounted her. “Gee up.” Alicia pulled roughly on the leash and caused pain to course through Bebe’s body. Her pussy salivated in response. Alicia reached back and slapped Bebe on the ass. Then repeated it.
Bebe’s pussy was so wet that it was dripping between her legs. Alicia next commanded, “Lay on your back and spread your legs.” Bebe complied.
Alicia knelt over her pussy and teased it with her finger. “Hmmm, looks like you like this.” Alicia took out a small, leather crop that was knotted on the fronds. She drew the lips of Bebe’s pussy back and slapped her with the crop. The stinging sensation lit Bebe’s body on fire. Alicia applied the crop several more times. Between each ministration she watched Bebe’s reaction. Alicia applied it one more time, and then dived between Bebe’s legs to lick and suck her pulsating clitty. In no more than four or five licks Bebe hit an orgasm that lifted her off the floor.
Alicia unclipped the nipple clamps from Bebe and gently tongued each abused nipple. This too caused Bebe to have an earthshaking climax.
Bebe reached up and grabbed the remote and flicked off the TV. She stood up on shaking legs and took Alicia’s hand and led her back to the bed room. The two of them slid under the covers and instantly fell asleep.
Several hours later Bebe awoke and saw Alicia lying there. She was indeed a beautiful woman. Dark cocoa skin, high, tight tits, and a booty that whistled and called you over. She was intelligent as well; she was a labor attorney at her company. Bebe reached out and stroked her naked ass. A sleepy smile spread across Alicia’s face.
“Didn’t get enough, baby?” she sighed. Alicia pulled Bebe to her and kissed her deeply; so deeply that it was as if she were licking her clit! Alicia lay on her back and adjusted her pillow.
“Come ride my face, baby. I didn’t get enough of your sweet pussy.” Alicia purred.
Bebe straddled Alicia’s face and began to gently undulate to match the strokes of Alicia’s talented tongue. The tempo increased and the undulations became wilder. Bebe grabbed the headboard for leverage and aimed for glory. In several minutes she had not one orgasm but a huge one and several aftershocks.
The two of them cuddled for quite a while and then Alicia got up and headed for the shower. “Come with?” and she winked slyly.
Bebe dashed to the shower and began soaping Alicia. “I think there’s a spot between my legs that really needs soaping” she grinned. Bebe cupped her manicured mound and slid in two fingers. She gently surrounded Alicia’s clit and slowly stroked her. Alicia put her hands against the wall and stuck out her butt. Alicia slowly humped and rotated over Bebe’s fingers until she was almost ready to cum. Alicia looked over her shoulder and growled, “Kiss me.” Bebe continued massaging her pussy and ravaged Alicia’s mouth with wild, passionate kisses.
As Alicia came she savagely kissed Bebe. Bebe was surprised at the ferocity of the kisses. Alicia turned around and pushed Bebe away. Her eyes were glazed and almost feral. She lashed out and slapped Bebe on the nipple. Then she did it again. “Do me now” Alicia begged.
Bebe reached out and slapped Alicia’s nipples; first one then the other. Alicia became wilder and slapped Bebe harder. Bebe stepped out of the shower and went into the bedroom with Alicia following.
“What’s the matter, too much of a pussy for a little rough sex?” Alicia growled.
Bebe tackled her on the bed and bent her in two, knees touching her chest. This left Alicia’s entire pussy and asshole exposed.
“We’ll see who’s a pussy.” Bebe began to spank Alicia’s dripping, wet pussy with two fingers while she was pinned. Alicia cried out and tried to get out of the hold, but Bebe wasn’t letting go. Bebe spanked her tiny asshole, then her pussy, and finally her clit. The spanking of Alicia’s clit quickly brought her to an orgasm.
Bebe pulled Alicia to the floor and pressed the back of her head against the bed. She then quickly straddled Alicia’s mouth and growled, “I win.” Bebe began to hump Alicia’s mouth and felt her tongue slide inside, strumming her clit. Alicia’s hand also worked furiously to stroke her own pussy while trying to time her orgasm with Bebe’s. Bebe pressed harder and harder against Alicia’s mouth as she got closer to her orgasm. With no notice, Alicia slid her middle finger inside Bebe’s asshole tripping her orgasm. Alicia worked furiously to come at the same time.
Bebe sat on the side of the bed and pulled Alicia up to her. They gently kissed and stroked each other. “That was amazing,” sighed Bebe. “Why did you come here today? We’ve only ever greeted each other at work.”
“I’ve got to admit that I accidentally received a piece of mail addressed to you that basically explained your sexual orientation as well as what you like. I’ve held on to it for weeks until I could get the courage to come over here. I had planned to just kiss you and let nature take its course. Luckily, you were as hot as I was today.” Alicia smiled.
“So, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?” asked Bebe. “It’s already 6pm!”
“Let’s have a glass of wine and a bite to eat.” Suggested Alicia.
Bebe pulled out a light Riesling and opened it up. Alicia selected some dramatic stemware and put them on the counter. The stems were two entwined naked women and she thought that was quite appropriate for the day.
Bebe sampled the wine and pronounced it “very nice.” Alicia asked to taste it. Bebe took another sip and pulled Alicia to her, then kissed her deeply, sharing the wine.
“Mmmm, very light with overtones of Bebe.” Alicia giggled.
Bebe poured two glasses and set out some fruit and cheese. The two said very little while munching and sipping the wine, but their eyes were on fire for each other.
The two drank the entire bottle of wine and were feeling quite giddy. Alicia put the wine bottle in front of her crotch and pretended it was a dick. She gamely tried to penetrate Bebe, but she was too quick to catch.
Bebe grabbed Alicia’s hand and pulled her out to the living room. She pushed Alicia onto the couch and gave her the bottle. “Now make it your dick and I’ll ride you home” Bebe purred. Alicia put the bottle on her pussy so that it was applying pressure to her clit and signaled to Bebe that she was ready to fuck her. Bebe turned her back to Alicia and mounted the bottle. She began to slowly rise and fall on the bottle. Alicia felt the ebb and flow of the pressure on the bottom of the bottle and felt her orgasm rising.
Alicia focused on the sight of the brown bottle neck disappearing into Bebe’s pussy. She could feel that Bebe had begun to finger her clitty and that her orgasm was building as well. Alicia began to push back as Bebe came down on the bottle. The tempo quickly increased and liquid began to flow down the neck of the bottle onto Alicia’s pussy and legs. She scooped up some of the honey with her fingers and licked it, then sucked her fingers. This was enough stimuli to bring about her orgasm.
Bebe eased off the bottle and lay on top of Alicia. “Are you always this horny?” she quizzed.
“Just when I lust after you for weeks.” Alicia laughed. “What exactly do you consider “kinky” sex? I saw that on your questionnaire, but didn’t really know what you meant.”
“Until today it was as simple as spanking my pussy. But now, baby, you put the kink in kinky. I can’t wait to find out what else there is to do to you.” Glowed Bebe.
Alicia sighed sleepily, “I guess that will wait until tomorrow…or later tonight.”

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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