by M. Rahim

your beauty fuels my imagination
your touch washes over me like a tidal wave
your scent fills my nostrils
and suddenly
these words burst
like a sticky breathless orgasm
from my brain
down to the very tips of my fingers

I hear the sweet timbre of your moans
when I close my eyes
and these words pulse down my spine
around the slope of my breasts
to my rock-hard nipples
I lick my lips
taste your skin on my tongue
so sweet and plump like berries
and these words begin to tickle my tummy

they travel
over the curve of my mound
flooding my clit
till it stiffens and aches
torturing me until I submit
and write you

these words fall out of me
because they are heavy
with need for you

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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