I saw her when she entered the room. 5ft 5, brown soft skin, deep dark eyes, those full sexy lips, commanding any living things attention. I walked over to her.
“What’s up?”
“Try looking up and see,” she replied.
“Oh you a smart one huh.” I licked my lips and looked her up and down. She was thick just like I like it. Small waist, round ass, thick legs, her body was banging. I needed a closer look I decided to take my chances. “My name is Arlana, folks call me Al, What’s your name?”
She leaned in closer as if saying her name out loud would cause some kind of commotion. The onlookers watched as we both played out this seductive scene. Watching, waiting, perhaps wondering which one of us would mack the other. “I’m Katrina, but folks call me Lady T.”
I felt her warm breath blow inside my ear causing my familiar to pulsate and quicken. I also felt her warm tongue as she licked her lips and went on to say… “It’s getting hot in here, let’s move to a cooler location.” Hell she only had to tell me once. I let her lead the way through the crowd of onlookers. Women to the left of me, Women to the right of me, studs, femme all looking and wishing to trade places with me.
I had my Mack on full throttle tonight and if things kept going the way I had hoped, Lady T would be screaming my name in less than an hour from now. She grabbed my hand and I followed her out the front door to her vehicle. She turned and looked me deep in my eyes and moved those luscious lips toward my ear again. She whispered, “I want to take you for a ride, you think you can hang?”
Blushing, and trying not to expose my wide grin I replied, “I’m all yours tonight.” She unlocked my door and opened it for me while I got in, something I was accustomed to doing for the ladies myself. This is different I thought.
She went over to the driver side, climbed in next to me, shut the door, reached over and kissed me smack dab on the lips. It was a soft sensual, seductive kiss, which sent shockwaves throughout my entire body. I could tell she was a bit surprised by the expression on my face. “I know you are use to being in charge, but tonight I’m running this show. You see when you left the club with me you became my prisoner. Now if you are a good girl and do everything to my satisfaction, I’ll make sure that the next time we meet your every wish will be my command.”
I cannot tell yall how this woman had me open wide, loose like bowels after collard greens. I could hear Jill Scott singing rain come down on me, on me down on me. After, about 5 minutes of riding, she grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right breast. Her nipples were erect and hard, she said, “Al, do you understand that I am allowing you to rub my breast and squeeze my nipple because it turns me totally on?”
I replied, winded of course, “Yes.”
“I want you to understand something else, you are not permitted to touch me unless I place your hands wherever I want them, if you do this ride ends and I am going to drop you back off where I found you got it?”
“Yes, yes I got it baby, but . . .”
“There are no buts,” she said.
We drove for another 5 minutes as she moaned and rubbed my hands across her breast, up and down her stomach, and finally her crotch. Did I mention that she wasn’t wearing any panties? She was wet. We pulled up in front of this blue house, in the driveway to be exact. She placed my hand back into my lap, put the car in park shut off the lights and turned off the ignition. She looked over at me with those deep dark brown eyes and let out this sexy ass moan. “Are you going to just sit there or are you going to get out of the car?”
I couldn’t find the door handle fast enough. I got out, shut the door and followed her inside. After closing and locking the front door, she pushed me up against the door and kissed me, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. Her kisses were hot, sweet, and making me lose all senses that I should be the one who is in charge. I thought about what she said earlier and decided to let her have her way especially if this turned out good and I needed an encore, then she would have to do what I wanted.
She kissed me up and down my neck while unbuttoning my pants. Sucking on my ear lobes and sticking that tongue in my ear hole and around my ear, I was about to cum right there. T stopped. “Let’s go into the bedroom, I’ll finish undressing you when we get there.”
While in the bedroom she pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. She pulled her shirt off and exposed the most beautiful full breast with large dark areolas that I had ever seen. I went to reach for those luscious breasts, when she took her index finger and shook it back and forth. “Uh, uh, uh, remember what I said, besides there will be plenty of time for you touch and suck these.”
I had to back that thang up. I wasn’t about to blow this. I wanted to see, no feel, everything Lady T was working with. She stood up and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Normally I’m cool and not one for gawking, but as sure as shit my eyes felt like they were going to pop right out of my head. She had on black leather goiter belt. Her familiar was full of black hair, I swear I was ready to jump off of the bed and dive right on in.
She spoke. “Say Al, do you like what you’ve seen so far hmmm?”
“Aah, hell yeah. I mean yes, indeed I do.”
She reached for me and pulled my pants off, then my underwear. Talk about feeling vulnerable. She said, “Sit up Al I am going to take off your shirt and bra, but don’t you go making any funny moves.” Baby knew I needed to be reminded, hell I bet I look just like the wolf did in little red riding hood licking my chops with eyes as big as saucers. I did as she said, off came my shirt, then my bra.
“Nice tits," she said and gave them a squeeze, ending at my erect nipples of course.“You’re pretty tight in all the right places, well the places that I can observe that is. I think I need to do a little more internal investigating, you game?”
Now come on yall what was I suppose to say no, I’m the one who should be in charge? I said the only thing that I could muster out of my mouth. “Uh, huh”
She told me to lye face down. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle, just relax, I promise this will be worth your while.”
Nervously, I did as she said, all the while thinking damn did I come home with a freak? Hell I hope she don’t think I’m going to let her use a strap on me it ain’t happening. She climbed on my back kissing me on my calves, behind my knees, and slowly in the small of my back. As she kissed her way up to the back of my neck and ears I could feel her warm naked body on top of mine. This was feeling too damn good. She nibbled on both sides of my neck back and forth sucking gently, yet firm causing me to damn near lose my mind. Shit she found one of my weak spots. I started feeling like I was about to lose consciousness it felt so good. I was so hot and so wet that at this point she could have done any damn thing to me that she wanted to. “Open your legs,” she said.
It must have been some type of a trance I don’t know. I opened my legs and she placed one, no two, three fingers up inside me, with her thumb on my clitoris. I started pumping like it was nobodies business, I was on the verge and she knew it. She stopped, pulled out her fingers and kissed her way downward. “Get on all fours,” she said.
I did as I was told thinking she better come with it, I can’t take this much longer. She kissed me all over my behind, even in the crack. Ooooh it’s a good thing I took a damn good shower before leaving home. That sort of thing can make any women feel self conscious about her body. She kissed her way to my now throbbing wet pussy. She kissed, licked and sucked her way right to my magic spot.
Trying to maintain my cool with this sistah just wasn’t happening. I started pumping back and forth like I was the damn lone ranger. Baby was good, I'm talking real good cause she didn’t miss a beat she stayed with my glide the whole damn ride. I got to ooohing and aaahing, and moaning. I kept thinking dayum, this sistah got serious skills, I mean no woman has ever had this affect on me, I wonder if I ever had this same type of affect on women?
I pumped harder and harder, she gripped my ass and held on for the ride. Sucking my clit, darting in and out of my wet throbbing hole. But no this is where she got me. As I was about to cum she tongued me from my clit to my butt hole. I was yelling and screaming out her name till I was out of breath. I shook for what felt like an eternity. It felt like three orgasms rolled into one, I couldn’t stop.
As I came down finally, she flipped me over and I fell on top of her exhausted. I’ll be damn if all my strength was gone. How was I going to show Lady T what I would be working with? I just had catch my breath and she would see; she would see soon enough that Big Al got skills too. I immediately fell asleep.
I awoke at 10:30 the following morning. I looked over and T was gone she had left a note.
Dear Al, thanks baby for allowing me my fantasy. And I will do as I promised since you were so good last nite; our next rendezvous will be anyway you choose. Let Sebastian out!
I’m going over to mamas and get the kids, and I’ll take them to karate this morning. You’re breakfast is in the microwave and the coffee should be just right. I timed it that you would be waking up by 10:30.
I love you,
I love these adventures T and I go on once a month it adds nothing but spice to our nine-year relationship. Whew… where to the next time I wonder…hmmm

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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