it is beyond my comprehension to even fathom
how youíve capture me within your scent
i not wanting to appear soft or weak
for any female
canít even begin to expel
the truth
not wanting my crew to see
you have redefined me
no longer cool or suave
in my approach with you
no longer trying to deceive
or get another to believe
that i plan to stay after i lay
with the games
iíve become accustomed to playing
end of what my calling card was saying
playía, devil in disguise, or flirt on the side
the end of that ride
no longer my thing
i want a lifetime with you
diamonds on our rings
wanting only to be the best with you
i take mess from you
just to see if
i plus u
equals we
for i want life easy for you
comforted by the thought that
you know iíll do what i have to
to make our ends meet
afraid to overstretch sometimes
not wanting to get caught in the crossfire
of your desires
for plug and play
or a misfired shot from cupids arrow
which causes you to barrow
into anotherís arms
only wanting to hear love songs
over and over
wishing you were in my arms
allowing me to kiss your neck as you read
slightly turning your head to the right
brushing your hair pass your ears
revealing the smooth velvet of your skin
just then
i got a rush
just from the thought of
your eyes and lips
damn your kiss
lingers in my memory so much
baby, i long for your touch
and the smell of your scent
mi amore

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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