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Stephanie Rose

Lorren drove up to the nondescript two-story building and parked right out front. Plain gray stone with plain white trim made the understated building blend in with the others on the block.

She checked the piece of paper resting on the passenger’s seat. Yeah, this was the right address, she thought. Her friend Anita recommended this place over a month ago, but Lorren wasn’t the least bit interested. Now she was at least ready to try.

She checked her reflection in her rear-view mirror. She shook out her thick auburn hair, styled in an easy, swinging bob. She stroked her cinnamon-colored skin. Not bad, she sighed as she admired herself from different angles. At least it’s much better than before. At least she’s no longer hideous.

Hands shaking, she got out of the car and pressed the button for the intercom. Waiting, she frowned as she looked at her reflection in the glass door. Her loose, gray sweater and simple white denim skirt had once been one of her favorite outfits, but not anymore. Today, all she could see was the dated look of the plain garments.

Lorren’s figure was lean, but she pinched her waist anyway and snorted in disgust at the bit of extra flesh she felt there. The usual butterflies in her stomach fluttered as what seemed like an eternity passed. Finally, a deep, yet sensual feminine voice boomed over the intercom.


Lorren’s voice shook. “Hi. I’m Lorren Tate. I have an appointment?”

“Hi Lorren. Come on up to the second floor.”

A buzzer went off and the door unlocked. As Lorren walked in, she was immediately greeted with the sight and scent of an assortment of vanilla candles. In addition, tiny tea lights placed well around the room also gave the area a soft, warm glow.

The lower level of the building reminded Lorren of an upscale lounge; it was furnished with a soft black leather sofa and loveseat in the center and had small tables and plush chairs around the perimeter. An expensive Oriental rug lay over beautifully finished hardwood floors. This would be a great place to entertain, Lorren thought. At one point, she loved to throw parties and have friends over, but recent events in her life made that impossible. She sighed heavily, a wave of sadness suddenly rushing over her.

Lorren finally spotted the staircase in the corner of the room. As she climbed up, her palms began to sweat. Nervous, she unconsciously wiped them on her skirt. “Oh, shit,” she said as she instantly realized her mistake. Her handprints left marks on the white fabric. “Damn it,” she grumbled. “I can be so careless sometimes.”

She sighed as she continued up the stairs but when she reached the landing, she was surprised to see strands of scarlet beads hanging from the upstairs doorway. As she parted them and stepped in, she gasped, awestruck at what she saw.

In and around the room were racks and racks of the silkiest and sexiest lingerie Lorren had ever seen.

Royal-blue corsets were positioned across from pink bra-and-panty sets. Jet-black silk robes and pale yellow sheer nighties were located right next to candy-apple red silk teddies. Racks of tiny silk and satin panties hung neatly from hooks fixed to the walls.

Scores of sexy stockings and garter belts were displayed in glass cases throughout the shop. Several colorful feather boas were also draped around the room.

Lorren was especially struck at seeing so many styles of black patent leather heels housed in their own display case. She also noticed that the mannequins in this store had various sizes and shapes. Very different from the usual mannequins she saw. That put her a bit at ease.

“Welcome, my dear,” Lorren heard the sensual voice say. She turned to see a tall, slender woman stride gracefully from the back of the shop.

The exotic woman had soft, smooth, kissable skin the color of rich, dark espresso. Her stunning almond-shaped eyes were highlighted with smoky black and brown shades. Her bright and pretty smile was decorated with a vibrant berry lipcolor. Her jet-black hair hung in loose waves well down her back. Her nails were artfully manicured, as her neck, wrists and fingers were adorned with delicate gold jewelry. She wore a black lace wrap dress that hit above her knee, showing off her toned calves. Four-inch jet-black heels gave her legs the ultimate sleek and sexy look. “Hi Lorren. I’m Miss Lila. Welcome to Summer Rose Lingerie.”

By this time, Lorren’s face was beet red. She couldn’t believe that she’d stared at the woman that long. She quickly composed herself. “Hi Miss Lila.” She looked around. “You have a very nice place here. But I have to admit: I’m not too sure about this…”

Miss Lila held out her hand. “Come. Sit.” She gently led Lorren to a set of leather chairs in the center of the room.

“Is anyone else here?” Lorren asked.

“No. This is a private appointment. We’re the only ones here.” Miss Lila took a seat directly across from Lorren and looked into her timid brown eyes. She quickly read Lorren’s apprehension and decided to be upfront about it. “Now why are you so nervous? Are you uncomfortable here?” Miss Lila asked

“No, I’m not nervous,” Lorren said abruptly. “I’m just not sure if this is for me.” Lorren looked over and spotted a gold string bikini hanging on one of the display racks. A vision of herself in the bikini flashed in her mind. Ugh, she thought. “No. This place isn’t for me.”

“Why not?”

“This stuff,” Lorren waved her hand around, “this stuff is for…other women. Not me.” She suddenly grabbed her purse. “I have to go. I’m sorry if I’ve wasted your time.”

“Lorren, why are you so tense? You’re gorgeous. And you deserve luxurious things just like anyone else.”

“No,” Lorren protested. “Don’t say that.”

“It’s true.” Miss Lila reached out to gently stroke Lorren’s cheek. “You’re a beautiful woman, Lorren.”

“You say that now,” Lorren said. “But you wouldn’t have said that a year ago…”

“Why not?” Miss Lila asked.

Lorren fell silent but she balled her fists tightly.

“Lorren? Why not?”

Lorren still refused to speak but dug her nails tighter into her own flesh.


“It’s because I was...heavier back then,” Lorren whispered.


“Actually, I was huge.” Lorren hung her head down.

Miss Lila looked at her questioningly.

Lorren sighed. “Not too long ago, I was over a hundred pounds overweight.”

“Tell me about it, Lorren,” Miss Lila pressed.

Lorren hesitated, but Miss Lila’s expression was filled with such caring and such concern that she decided risk it. “Well, here’s the short version: My dad died a few years ago and I think I just ate myself into oblivion. I was so sad that I really didn’t care about myself anymore. I didn’t watch my diet and I rarely exercised. But eventually I just got sick of it. I felt horrible because I was always sluggish. And nothing fit me anymore. And I was so unhappy.”

Miss Lila gently stroked Lorren’s hand. She then reached out and tenderly tucked a loose strand of Lorren’s hair back behind her ear.

Loving Miss Lila’s gentle touch, Lorren’s voice grew stronger. “So I decided that I had to change. I had to free myself. Not just free myself from the weight, but free myself from treating myself so carelessly. So I decided that even if I never lost a pound, I would at least watch what I ate and work out on a regular basis. And as I felt better, I kept going. And it eventually worked out.”

“How long did it take?”

“Just over a year.”

“Well, congratulations on your effort.” Miss Lila said. “You look beautiful now. But I have to be honest: I personally believe that every woman is gorgeous, no matter what her size. And I believe it’s my job to make every woman see that she has the right to be glamorous and sexy and confident. So even though you didn’t think so, I’m sure that you looked gorgeous back then as well.”

“No I didn’t,” Lorren admitted.

“I find that hard to believe,” Miss Lila answered. “For example, don’t you know that you have an amazing bone structure? And a drop-dead gorgeous smile? And stunning legs?”

Lorren’s shoulders relaxed and she chuckled. “Now you’re just trying to sell me lingerie.”

“Yes,” Miss Lila laughed. “That may be true. But I’m more interested in selling you some self-esteem.”

Lorren’s head snapped. “Excuse me? What did you say?”

“Easy, hon,” Miss Lila said smoothly. “I didn’t mean to rattle you. But I do believe in being blunt. And, to put it bluntly, you need to feel better about yourself.”

Miss Lila held out her hand. “Will you let me help you?”

Lorren paused. This woman was seductive as hell but borderline rude, but Lorren looked down at her loose, baggy sweater. She even noticed the frays around the sleeves. Who was she kidding? Her wardrobe was pitiful. Since her dramatic weight loss, most of her clothes didn’t fit anymore, and the ones that did were seriously outdated. As her friend Anita suggested, having a professional lingerie fitting could be the perfect start to a whole new wardrobe. A whole new life, even.

“Ok,” Lorren whispered.

“Come with me.”

Lorren followed Miss Lila to the rear of the shop. As they reached the fitting area, Lorren noticed several carefully stacked boxes and neatly filed papers in the back workspace. She was immediately impressed at how tidy and orderly Miss Lila’s shop was.

“Lorren, pick a fitting room, go inside and take off your top.”

Lorren’s eyes widened.

“I need to measure you, hon,” Miss Lila assured. “So get comfy and I’ll be back in a moment.”

Lorren walked into one of the spacious fitting rooms. The room had several full-length mirrors and there were a number of gold-plated hooks on the walls to hold the garments.

Reluctantly, Lorren stripped off her sweater and faced the full-length mirrors clad in only her plain white bra. She was once embarrassed about her shape, but Miss Lila’s words started to take effect. As Lorren began to admire the sight of her slimmer arms and shoulders, she suddenly realized that her arms looked great whether she was slim or not.

Suddenly, Lorren heard a knock at the fitting room door.

“Ok. I’m coming in,” Miss Lila announced as she opened the door. She smiled as she admired Lorren’s trim frame. “Very nice, Lorren. Now that you’ve told me that you’re taking better care of yourself, I’d say that you’ve been working extremely hard. You should be proud.”

Lorren blushed. “Thanks.”

“Ok. Lift up your arms, please,” Miss Lila said. She wrapped a yellow measuring tape around Lorren’s chest. “Hmmm…”

As she adjusted the tape, her hand accidentally brushed against Lorren’s nipple. The flesh immediately hardened at Miss Lila’s soft touch. Lorren turned scarlet red.

“Don’t worry, hon,” Miss Lila winked. “Happens all the time.”

Lorren shook her head and lowered her eyes, mortified.

Wanting to spare the young woman further embarrassment, Miss Lila quickly took the last few measurements. “Ok. All done.” She wrapped up the measuring tape. “I’m going to grab something that I think is perfect for you and I’ll be right back.”

Lorren stood in front of the mirror, looking at her shape. Well, it’s not really bad, she thought. She turned to the side. I did work hard. And it’s helped my overall life. Case in point: I have way more energy than before.

Miss Lila came back in, interrupting her thoughts. “Ok Lorren. Try this one first.” She held up a scandalous leopard-print bra with dramatic black lace trim.

Lorren shook her head. “Oh, that’s a bit much…”

“Don’t be silly. It’s perfect. It fits your new life. Risqué and wild.” Miss Lila walked behind Lorren and quickly unclasped her bra. “Let me help you.”

Before Lorren knew what was happening, Miss Lila whisked the fabric away and Lorren stood there naked from the waist up. Her firm breasts sagged just a bit, but the upper body exercises she’d done greatly improved how high they sat on her chest. Miss Lila’s eyes were in the mirror, firmly locked on Lorren’s cinnamon nipples.

Blushing, Lorren quickly slipped on the soft brassiere. Miss Lila reluctantly fastened the clasps.

Lorren looked at herself in the mirrors, stunned. “Wow.” She was barely aware that the word slipped out of her mouth.

Lorren’s soft brown skin was perfectly accented by the soft black and gold leopard-print fabric. The sturdy, underwire cups of the bra gently and subtly lifted and separated Lorren’s firm breasts, making them look luscious and inviting. The round, supple globes softly jiggled as Lorren turned in the mirror.

“See,” Miss Lila said as they both admired Lorren’s reflection. “You’re a beautiful woman.” Miss Lila gently placed her hand on Lorren’s shoulder. Lorren’s breathing quickened as she felt Miss Lila’s heat race through her.

“Ok. That one looks great. It fits you well,” Miss Lila said. “Now try this one on next.” She placed a jade green satin kimono on one of the hooks. “I’ll be right back.”

Lorren tilted her head as she looked at the satiny material. That isn’t too bad, she thought. She unbuttoned her skirt and began to remove it. Then she glanced in the mirror and remembered the small pockets of flesh on the backs of her thighs. Suddenly bashful and forgetting her newly-found confidence, she changed her mind and kept the skirt on as she wriggled into the satin kimono.

Lorren turned and scrutinized herself at every angle. Not able to find any obvious flaws, she finally relaxed and smiled at her reflection. Finally, she approved of her image in the mirror.

She playfully shook out her hair and twirled around. “Rowr,” Lorren growled, loving the feel of the cool, silky fabric. Giggling, she growled again, enjoying her animalistic impulses.

“Uh oh. Is there a wildcat in here?” Miss Lila teased as she came back into the fitting room.

Lorren giggled harder. “Meow,” she purred.

“Ahhh. You like pussies,” Miss Lila said.

All of a sudden, Lorren’s face froze. She shook her head as she reached for her clothes. “I have to leave now. I’m not ready for this.”

“Wait! I’ve offended you?” Miss Lila grasped Lorren’s hand. “I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.”

“No, no. Actually, it’s ok,” Lorren admitted. “I’m not offended. I’m not scared, either. I’m just a bit sensitive about that. See, it’s just…it’s just that I haven’t had a girlfriend in quite a while.”

“No?” Miss Lila perked up.


A moment passed and the twosome began to giggle. Lorren sighed and laid her head on Miss Lila’s shoulder. The two ladies stood together, skin-to-skin, both silent and each drawing heat from the other.

Lorren finally spoke. “I’ve always loved girls. And I’ve dated a few. But after my dad died, I gained the weight so fast, that I just stopped dating altogether.” She frowned. “Girls stopped asking me out.”

“Or maybe you started hiding?”

Lorren sighed. “Maybe…”

“Cheer up, hon. I have one more thing to show you, so hold tight. I’ll be right back.” Before she left, she pointed to the denim skirt that was still on Lorren’s bottom half. “Oh, and would you take off your skirt, please? You have such beautiful legs,” she winked as she shut the door.

Lorren’s mouth dropped open. Oh, this was going way too far. I don’t know this woman, she chided. Just put your clothes on and go before this gets any more out of hand.

Suddenly, Lorren realized that her present insecurities were giving her nothing but grief. A change had to be made or she’d never have true happiness again. All at once, Lorren gave up feeling self-conscious and gave in to the luscious feelings coursing through her.

She first removed the satin kimono and carefully hung it on one of the hooks. She then unhooked the leopard print bra. Finally, she slid off her cotton panties. No longer bashful, she freely went nude. Her soft, round breasts jiggled as she moved. She studied her newly toned arms and legs and began to love and admire what she saw. She smiled at her dark, blazing eyes and smooth, silky brown skin. She even turned to appreciate her tight, firm ass. She silently gave thanks for her rich, African-American ancestry.

A knock at the door interrupted Lorren’s thoughts. “I have something extra special for you,” Miss Lila announced. She held up the final outfit, but once she caught sight of Lorren’s nude body, she gasped. Miss Lila was consumed with raw need at Lorren’s stunning physique. “You’re beautiful, Lorren. I mean that.” She regained her composure and returned her focus to the specialty garment on the hanger.

When Lorren saw it, she gasped.

Resting on the padded hanger was a sheer pink nightie trimmed in fluffy pink faux fur. A tiny pair of matching faux fur panties was clipped to the garment. The delicate, see-through intimate material sent a delicious shiver deep between Lorren’s legs.

“That’s gorgeous,” Lorren whispered as she admired the luxurious outfit.

“Told you. Now try it on,” Miss Lila smiled.

Lorren slipped the rose-colored nightie over her head and it fluttered into place. The soft pink shade made her soft brown skin gleam. Her thick nipples were deliciously visible through the sheer fabric. Her slim waist and rounded hips looked lovely in the delicate pink shade. The faux fur tickled her heated skin and she giggled.

Lorren looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked angelic. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“You look gorgeous, hon,” Miss Lila said. “Now what about the panties?”

Lorren looked at her in surprise. “I can’t try those on too, can I? I mean–”

“Of course you can. You must.” Miss Lila unclipped them from the hanger. “Here you go.” Miss Lila, her eyes fixed on the bare skin between Lorren’s legs, handed her the tiny swatch of material.

Lorren slipped the panties on and looked in the mirror. She grinned wickedly.

“Wait. I need to fit this better in the front,” Miss Lila said. She turned Lorren around to face her. Miss Lila reached out and stroked Lorren’s firm breasts.

A moan escaped Lorren’s lips as she felt Miss Lila’s hands caress her gently. Miss Lila continued squeezing and passionately kneading Lorren’s hot flesh. She loved stroking Lorren’s firm breasts. Needing a taste of the delicious skin, Miss Lila bent in close to her stiff nipple. Miss Lila stuck her tongue out and teased the firm peak. Lorren wriggled in her grasp. Miss Lila smelled the warm scent of her skin and blazing heat suddenly erupted in her. Unable to wait any longer, she quickly sucked Lorren’s nipple into her hot, wanting mouth.

“Oooh!” Lorren cried out. “Oh my God!”

Miss Lila’s strokes became more heated as she licked and sucked the delicate flesh. She rolled her tongue over and over Lorren’s silky skin. She moved to Lorren’s other breast and furiously lapped at the moist peak. Lorren, dazed with passion, grabbed Miss Lila’s head and pulled it tightly to her breasts. The heat between the two women threatened to scorch them both.

“The panties need fitting too,” Miss Lila said as she sunk to her knees. She licked her lips as she gazed at Lorren’s soft skin. She lifted the nightie and pressed her lips against Lorren’s stomach. She tongued her navel, making Lorren giggle with delight. Enjoying the warmth, Miss Lila pressed her cheek to Lorren’s blazing skin. She rubbed her face over and over Lorren’s hot flesh. She then began to plant tiny kisses all over Lorren’s tight body. She continued her delicious licking and teasing until Lorren cried out in sheer pleasure.

Growing bolder, Miss Lila hooked her finger into Lorren’s tiny panties. “Yes?” she asked as she looked up at Lorren.

“Yes,” Lorren whispered.

Lorren closed her eyes as she felt the panties slide down her legs. Her body tensed in anticipation. Lorren needed release badly; her hunger for this incredibly elegant and exotic woman threatened to consume her.

Then she felt it. The hot, wet tongue licking all over her smooth mound. Lorren groaned in ecstasy. Miss Lila made long, wet strokes all over Lorren’s bare, swollen lips. Lorren almost screamed at the wet wiggling sensations deep between her legs.

“Oh yes,” Lorren moaned as Miss Lila licked and kissed Lorren’s wet pussy. Lorren, drowning in pleasure, reached up and began stroking her own breasts. She pinched her nipples and gasped at the electric feelings racing through her.

Miss Lila nudged Lorren’s legs apart further. “You taste so good, honey,” she whispered before she gripped Lorren’s hips and drank deeply from Lorren’s heated core.

“Oh, baby,” Lorren groaned. Her head spun at the feelings rushing through her.

Miss Lila took her hand and spread Lorren’s pussy lips wide open. She licked hard at Lorren’s pink clit. Miss Lila moaned when Lorren’s sugary juices bathed her lips. “More,” she moaned. “Give me more, Lorren.”

“Oooh!” Lorren cried. “Oh my God! That feels so good!”

“You like that, baby?” Miss Lila teased Lorren’s swollen clit more and more until Lorren began to shake. Her head rolled from side to side and tears slipped from her eyes at the intense pleasure.

“Oh, baby! Baby, please!” Lorren’s senses were on overload. She sighed and moaned as she raced closer and closer to the ultimate explosion. “Don’t stop! I’m so close,” she panted. White-hot liquid flowed like lava from her juicy mound.

Miss Lila tongued sharp circles all over Lorren’s engorged clit. Over and over, she sweetly teased the pink gem. Finally, she slipped her index finger deep into Lorren’s wetness. “Come on, Lorren. Cum for me. Cum for me, sweet baby!”

Lorren’s body lurched, desperate to reach the final pinnacle of ecstasy. “Yes! I’m cumming! Now!”

Miss Lila quickly inserted a second finger. She pushed and pushed until she reached Lorren’s G-spot.

“Ahhh!” Lorren screamed as her mind shattered and exploded into a thousand crystals of light. Sticky juice flowed out of her and Miss Lila lapped up every drop. Lorren moaned and cried out her immense joy. Miss Lila held on tight, sucking and lapping at Lorren’s sticky sweetness.

Lorren’s moans and whimpers continued until she finally floated back to Earth. Once she regained control over herself, she looked around. She suddenly realized where she was and what had just happened. “Oh my God. Did I just–? In a fitting room? Oh my God!” Lorren put her head in her hands.

“Lorren? Calm down, honey.” Miss Lila used her tongue and fingers to trace random circles over Lorren’s velvety calves and thighs. “Relax, baby.” Miss Lila stood up and embraced her. The two women shared the intimate warmth from each other’s bodies. Their mutual heat comforted and nourished them both.

After a few moments, they pulled apart and Miss Lila again took Lorren’s hands in hers. “First things first. Do you want to purchase the items I’ve showed you?”

Lorren laughed and nodded.

“Good. I’ll ring everything up as you go ahead and get dressed. Just come on out when you’re ready.” She gently touched Lorren’s cheek and smiled. Miss Lila gave her a quick wave as she left the fitting room.

A few minutes later, Lorren emerged fully clothed and holding the pink nightie set. Miss Lila wrapped it in delicate tissue paper and placed it in Lorren’s bag with the other garments. Once Lorren settled her bill, Miss Lila handed her the bag.

“Thanks,” Lorren grinned. “And by the way – I want you to know that you’ve given me myself back. And I truly appreciate it.”

“My pleasure,” Miss Lila winked. “And as a special gift, I tossed in a couple of really nice pieces for you. I think you’d look great in them. They’re on the house, of course. Maybe you’ll come back and model them for me?”

Lorren blushed.

Miss Lila laughed. “In any event, I put my business card in the bag. Call me anytime.”

Lorren smiled and nodded. As she took her bag and walked out, she suddenly turned back to Miss Lila. “Again, thank you so much. For everything.” Lorren winked and strolled out, swinging her bag happily.

Miss Lila smiled as she watched Lorren’s tight ass swish away.

Just then, the shop’s telephone rang. Miss Lila smiled as she answered. “Summer Rose Lingerie.”

“Hello?” the shaky voice asked. “Is this Miss Lila?”

“Yes it is. How can I help you?”

“Well,” the voice started, “I got your card from a friend. She recommended you highly. She said you could help me?”

Miss Lila beamed. “Yes, I believe I can. We here at Summer Rose Lingerie are convinced that all women are beautiful, unique and special. It’s our pleasure to do everything we can to make sure you get the perfect fit.”

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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