Mommi Chulo

Argue, fuss, fight. That's all I've known for the past six years. Will it get any better? Sometimes I think...NOT! Other times...I don't know. I've asked myself that time and time again, but to no avail, I'm still at square one. Arguing, fussing, fighting.
My day had passed slowly today, and it was well pass quitting time for the working force. I had been anticipating this day for so long that I actually thought it would never arrive. understatement. Nervous at what might happen, but more nervous at what might not happen. Needless to say though; tonight I was going to make something happen, even if it was the last thing I ever did in this relationship.
Six o'clock and Jordan wasn't home yet. I began to wonder if she was even going to show up at all. I had a fabulous dinner of all her favorites ready, our last dinner...our farewell dinner. The decision had been mutual for us to part now so that we could at least still remain friends. And I was cool with that. I mean after trying so hard to love, cherish and nurture her, not to mention trying to get deep into her heart, I had reached that exhausted point. So I agreed to just let things be.
Every time I thought of the hate I now saw in her eyes, I'd get chills deep in my soul. Never had I meant for our relationship to come to this, but I was hurting so much that I completely closed myself off just as she had done with me day after day. But I still tried as much as I was allowed to fight for us...for her and me...for we, for our love...even now. This was my last attempt.
I dimmed the lights, lighting mulberry scented candles all around. I looked around to make sure everything was in place. The table was set for one because tonight we'd share our last meal together. She would know the extent of my love tonight whether she wanted to or not. I deserved that much and I was going to have that.
Donnell Jones crooned "Do You Wanna," out of every speaker installed all throughout our home. Everything was in place.
It was now six-thirty, I noticed when I glanced over at the clock, waiting. But the wait had finally come to an end, when I heard the garage door open, and her car coming to a halt. I stood on the steps...adrenaline flowing at the anticipation of what was about to go down. But I was ready for anything. I was ready for everything. I was even ready for the worse.
Jordan opened the door and made her way through the kitchen stopping at the table. I had moved my car to our neighbor's house so that she'd be totally surprised. The scent of mulberry tickled her nose and she smiled. She always smiled that beautiful smile whenever she smelled mulberry. And of course this time was no different. I stood on the bottom step frozen in place watching her. God, she was more beautiful than the day we first met.
She dropped her purse to the floor, and walked toward the stairs, where I stood. When she saw me, her smile quickly faded as she moved closer to me and captured my lips with her own. Okay...this was something I didn't expect. A slap in the face for still being here...maybe. But she ended the kiss, grabbed my hand and led me up to the bedroom and through to the bathroom. She knew her bath was already drawn.
Once inside the bathroom, that beautiful smile returned. She turned away and backed into me, pulling my arms to encircle her waist. I could feel the heat of her passion engulfing us both, surrounding us like a warm blanket preparing us for a long winter's storm.
I gently kissed her neck as my hands made their way up to the top button of her blouse, descending slowly button by button, stopping at her nipples that had already grown hard with anticipation of what was to come. I grasped the right one between my fingers, pinching it causing her knees to weaken. But I held her strongly as waves of desire captured us pulling us both.
I placed my lips behind her ear kissing as my tongue grazed her most sensitive spots. She hated when I did that because she knew she wouldn't be able to resist anything I wanted to do to her. I knew of every spot she would fall weak to. And tonight...our last night, they would all be touched, and loved thoroughly.
She moaned, "damn baby," as I released her nipple, and finished unbuttoning her blouse. I wanted to feel her against my palms. I pulled the blouse out of her skirt quickly taking it off with the bra following shortly after, discarding them both to the floor. There were to be no barriers. As her breast sprang free for me to devour them, I quickly obliged turning her to face me.
My lips teased at first. And her groans became more urgent. I pushed her back against the wall and ripped her skirt and panties off. I sucked her left nipple until she begged me to take the right one the same way. She wanted me, and I was determined to give her what she wanted.
"Evan...please." She begged. But I quickly cut her off capturing her lip in a searing kiss. There would be no words tonight.
My hands made their way between her legs that quivered at my every touch. Her inner thighs were saturated, and her juices still flowed steadily. DAMN! All this for me...and why now? Why our last night together? I quickly dropped down to a squat, spreading her legs. I parted her lips and entered her quick and deep, not allowing any time to tell me to stop. I was going to take what I wanted, making her know what she would miss.
My tongue went deep, and then slowly pulled out to the opening. I hardened it and thrust it in again as deep as I could go. I knew she liked it rough, and tonight she'd get what she wanted.
"Mmm, harder baby," she moaned, "fuck me harder." It was a guttural whisper. But her bucking hips made it very clear she was getting what she wanted.
I pulled my tongue out, and stood up. I looked deep into her eyes, pushing her over to the tub and bent her over. I unzipped my pants, and pulled them half way down, releasing my 8-inch cock. I took out a condom and, this was a special treat for her. I had special ordered this one without toxins, so that she would be able to feel all of me without any irritation.
I quickly entered her, grabbing her by her hips and slowly guided her onto me. She sighed as if she had been anticipating this all day. So I took her right there on the side of the tub. In and out, I went, hitting her spot each time I thrust forward. The desire was so overwhelming, my name escaped her lips each time I'd hit it.
She looked back up into my eyes as I continued to pump. She was about to explode. I could see her eyes as they glazed over with passion. " Not like this." She said stopping me dead cold inside her.
I slowly pulled out of her and she stood up and turned to me. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off with my bra following. She knelt down, pulling my pants off looking at me surprised that I did have boxers on this time.
She pulled me in the tub with her and pushed me down into a seated position. She slowly straddled me and sat down facing me sliding slowly onto my strap. Her head fell back savoring the feel of me sliding deep within her, and she let out a long sigh of ecstasy.
She began moving slowly at first, and then as her movements became faster, she kissed me. I can't even describe the chills she gave me. She raked her nails across my back causing me to shiver. And then I began moaning. It felt like heaven inside her pussy. I needed to cum so bad tears started to flow from my eyes. Was this the woman that didn't want me in her life anymore loving me like this, giving me the kind of love that we had both craved from each other since the day we first met? I hope it wasn't too late.
She rode harder, as my our tears flowed harder. And then we exploded together. I saw heaven and earth move at that moment. And I clung to her as if I were losing my very existence. She kissed my forehead as her movements slowed to a complete stop. "I love you so much." I whispered.
"Shhhh. No words right baby?" She stood up pulling me with her. I took off my strap and sat down again pulling her down between my legs. She leaned back and I washed her body slowly and thoroughly.

We met again downstairs for dinner, the table set for one. She looked puzzled, as if she wanted to ask where the other setting was. I sat in the chair pulling her down into my lap; we would eat together tonight, from the same plate as one.
As we fed each other, I could feel her desire mounting, as she rotated her hips above me driving me insane. And when I could no longer take it, I scraped everything off the table laying her down in front of me. Now the real feast was about to begin.
I pulled her to the edge of the table and opened her legs to where her pussy was right in my face. I could tell right off that she had been anticipating this ever since we first sat down.
I started at her pussy, licking and sucking in all of her sweet nectar, and as I slowly licked and ate my way up to her clit, she damn near jumped off the table. But I grabbed her holding her steady in place.
I licked back down to her pussy hole and slowly stuck my tongue deep inside her. And as it began to wave within her walls, she groaned, "Shit, baby. What are you trying to do to me?"
I only wanted her to let me love her. All I've ever wanted her to do was let me love her. And now that the opportunity was here, I was going to do it so that she'd never forget me, or how much I did love her.
When she couldn't stand it any longer, she sat up pulled me up and laid back down with me on top of her. I knew what she wanted.
My clit was so hard it was protruding through my lips. So I opened her lips and pressed my clit into hers. I grabbed her legs opening them wider, and grinded against her, clit to clit. I was driving her crazy. She reached up and pulled my head down into a kiss so passionate I became lost in it.
When she came she let out a scream so loud she could have shattered glass. But I wasn't long behind her, and we lay there clinging to each other, until our orgasm subsided.
We looked to the mess there on the floor and laughed. "You are so bad." She smiled. But her smile quickly faded as she realized what was about to happen. We hadn't even made it to the bedroom, and we knew our escapade had come to an end. Our house would now become hers, and our bed would only grace the presence of her body every night. I quickly turned away, not able to face her any longer, and headed away to get dressed to leave.
I went into the guest bedroom and took a quick shower. I was getting dressed when she walked in insisting we talk.
"I need to be loved like that daily. I need you to care about me, take care of me, and understand me." She told me standing before me.
"And I need you to let me love you like that daily, let me care about you and take care of you. But most importantly, I need you to help me to understand you." I returned.
"That's doable."
There was a brief moment of silence. You know the kind of silence that seemed to last an eternity. "And what do we do now?" Jordan asked.
"We get married. You will marry me won't you?" I was down on one knee in a flash, in front of her with my green velvet box open.
She turned away, but just as quickly turned back and ran into my arms as tears spilled from her eyes. "Today, tomorrow, always."
That was the night she let me truly love her, and the night our differences became a thing of the past. Although we still have our disagreements, we can now do it with the understanding that sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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