"I thought you'd never get here." Megriana said in a tone that could only be called a moan. Her eyes slowly devoured every inch of Suriah's body. She couldn't take them off the intoxicating beauty standing before her.

"I know. The damn plane was late. They made us wait for nearly two hours before they even took off. I could kill someone right now." Suriah's voice drifted distractedly as her eyes followed their own lingering path over Megriana.

They both shuffled and laughed nervously. Color flooded Meg's gentle features. With an awkwardness born of insecurity, Meg stepped forward and hugged Suriah for the briefest of moments. She stepped back with a deep breath and smiled.

"Well, maybe we should get your bags and not waste any more time." Her voice was soft and slightly unsure.

Suriah nodded with a half smile, finally murmuring, "Yea, Baby, let's go."

They walked through the airport. Every few steps one would glance at the other, soft laughter would gently bubble up and then they would once again push on. Little things, like a brush of fingertips or shoulders bumping, emphasized an instinctual awareness of one another. There was a tension between them that made small talk difficult. This was strange considering they'd spent the last two years talking for hours and hours every day, though that was on the phone and the internet, not in person. This was the first meeting of two women who felt they'd finally met their soul mates. Time would tell, but the electricity between them so far was promising.

"I think this is the longest walk of my life. Talk about torture. Maybe we should have met somewhere else." Meg rambled, murmuring little tidbits that made it very apparent she ached to be alone with Suriah.

Suriah laughed. She watched the beauty before her with a much more confident air. "Baby, relax. There's time."

Meg took another deep breath and grumbled. "Time, like we haven't waited long enough."

They reached the baggage turnstile. Meg looked to Suriah for direction. She grabbed the bags her companion pointed out and headed to the parking garage.

"Come on, follow me." Suriah chuckled behind her, noting this gave her a great view of that fine ass she'd only seen in pictures before. When Meg turned to check that she was following, her cheeks flamed red when she realized just where Suriah's eyes were riveted. She laughed and teased her by turning around to walk backward, giving her a seductive look.

"Like what you see, hmm?"

"Oh yea, Sweetbottom, loving every minute", said Suriah. "Now turn around and get us out of here."

Meg grinned and spun around. Their laughter swirled around them as they both hurried through the crowd to the car. Suriah occasionally sidled up close enough behind to whisper suggestive comments and compliments.

"Mmm, what a firm ass you have my dear." Or "I want you, Boo."

Meg's face was flushed with heat as they arrived at the car. She piled the bags in the trunk and hurried to unlock the doors. She was so twisted with excitement and nerves she could barely speak. When she got in the car she rested her fingertips on the steering wheel and took a deep breath.

"God, you kill me."

Suriah leaned over and cupped her face gently, pressing the first of many slow, sensuous kisses to her lips. "No love, not yet. I haven't started."

Meg moaned and leaned towards Suriah. Both hands left the steering wheel, one to lie on her partner's thigh and the other to slide through her hair. She could only murmur, "Geezus."

Suriah laughed and sat back in her seat. "Okay Boo, to the restaurant, quick."

Meg sunk back against the seat and sighed. "Oh my God. Okay. Okay. We're going."

Meg's heart thundered in her chest like a jackhammer all the way to the restaurant. Quick glances at Suriah showed her to be entirely too confident and relaxed in the passenger seat.

"Damn, aren't you nervous?" Meg asked her.

Suriah laughed. Coal black eyes glanced Meg's way.

"No baby, I'm not, and you shouldn't be either. I'll take care of you. Don't you worry."

A shiver ran through Meg and she wondered if Suriah knew that her words weren't at all helpful. They just added to the churning ache inside her. Meg took a long slow breath as she slid the car into a parking space at the gay-friendly restaurant they'd previously agreed upon and turned to look at the stunning woman beside her.

"Well, here we are."


Meg got fidgety as she thought, "Damn, why isn't she moving." She opened the car door and stepped out. Still Suriah didn't move. Meg dragged her hand through her hair in consternation and walked around to open the door for her.

"Are you coming?"

Suriah smiled then and spun in her seat, thighs parting wide before kissing together as her feet hit the ground. The sleek dark skin captured Meg's attention and took her breath away as she got a peek of what lay beneath the skirt. Nothing. No hose. No panties. "Holy shit," she thought. The heat rose in her cheeks as she reached to help Suriah from the car. She tried desperately to pretend she hadn't seen a thing. Another low, rich chuckle from Suriah implied that she knew very well the view Meg had gotten.

They walked to the door of the restaurant and Suriah stood waiting. This time it didn't take Meg as long to realize that she was waiting for her to open the door. They emerged in to a softly-lit, quiet lounge, tables set far apart. Privacy was obviously valued. A girl quickly came to seat them and both women exhaled at the same time as they sunk into their chairs. Meg grinned, the look in her eyes screaming her desire as she repeated herself.

"Well, here we are."

"Mmmhmm" Suriah said again as she slowly sipped her water. Her full, soft and achingly kissable lips caressed the rim of the vessel grasped in her hand, while her eyes dwelled on Meg's face. Meg's lips parted, her body drifted forward, the image of her lips meeting Suriah's capturing her in a momentary daydream.

"Enjoying yourself, Megriana?" Suriah's voice shook her out of her reverie and she grinned. Her face colored with embarrassment at being caught daydreaming.

"Umm, yes, definitely. I'm so happy to be with you. I can hardly believe it. I was beginning to think it would never happen." Her cheeks bloomed with a soft pink as she realized she was rambling again.

"That's great. I'm having a good time so far too. We'll just relax and enjoy our dinner." Suriah said.

"Ok, sounds good," murmured Meg, though in her head she was thinking, "Damn, I just want to touch her, hold her, kiss those oh so soft succulent lips." The sparkle of laughter in Suriah's eyes said she knew all too well the thoughts in Meg's head.

They studied the menu and placed their orders. Once the waitress left, Suriah found Meg staring at her with what could only be called a lecherous grin. She laughed.

"Meg, what's on your mind?"

Megriana blushed from pink to bright red and shook herself again. "Umm, nothing, just, well." Her voice drifted off and her eyes lowered. Suriah reached for her hand and brought it to her lips. Meg's eyes widened in surprise. She was amazed at the action. Suriah did not like public displays of affection. Meg sucked in a sharp breath and watched her, frozen in that moment. Suriah brushed a skimming kiss against Meg's olive skin. Meg bit her lip to still the moan that threatened to escape.

Suriah locked her eyes on Meg's and whispered, "I want you to go to the ladies room, pick a stall and wait for me there. Do you understand?"

Meg nodded. Her heart was suddenly racing. Her mouth went dry. She bit her lip and whispered, "Yes." She couldn't possibly have said more. She was too stunned to even think. She lingered there, staring, until Suriah spurred her into action with another whispered, "Go!"

Meg shook her head to clear it, disentangled her fingers from Suriah's, and slid back her chair. She dragged her amber gaze from Suriah and moved away. Knowing full well she was being watched, Meg exaggerated the sway of her hips. A slow seductive gait carried her to the ladies room door. She disappeared in to the recesses of the ladies room and leaned against the door with a long sigh. "Okay, get a hold of yourself Meg."

She spoke to herself but it didn't help. Every fiber of her being was vibrating with anticipation and desire. Nerves made her heart pound frantically in her chest. The blood rushed loudly in her ears. She was slightly skittish as she scanned the room for other occupants. Grateful for the empty stalls, she stepped into one. There she waited, straining to hear every sound. She held her breath and swallowed as the door opened and footsteps echoed against the tiles, but they entered another stall. She waited impatiently, thinking the woman would never leave.

She heard the door open and close, and open again. Meg's heart tripped over itself as the stall door squeaked and Suriah slid her dark, trim form inside. She didn't give Meg a moment to breathe. Her hands instantly cupped her face. The kiss she gave was so soft, so smooth, and excruciatingly warm and enticing. A moan of agonizing pleasure blossomed from deep inside of both of them. One single thought shared between the two.


The kiss lasted an eternity. Warm, sweet breath caressed soft skin, as tongues danced to the intoxicating beat of passion swelling inside them. Suriah's hand slid up Meg's flat tummy and cupped the weight of her full breast in her palm, squeezing it slowly as her thumb grazed the nipple.

"Oh God," Meg whimpered and pressed her body closer. She raked her nails slowly up Suriah's back. Meg suckled at her lips hungrily as desire built within her to unfathomable heights.

Suriah murmured, "Slow, Baby. Slow down," as she kissed her way down Meg's long neck. Suriah felt Meg's heart race as she kissed the hollow of her throat. Meg's head lolled back against the stall door. Her fingers raked down Suriah's back and cupped her firm ass. Meg purred as she squeezed it and ground her body desperately against Suriah's. With a low rumble of pleasure that sent a chill through Meg, Suriah lowered her head and latched on to the hardened nipple. She sucked on the pebble deep inside her mouth as her hand dipped down beneath Meg's skirt. She could feel the wetness right through her panties.

"Oh Boo. You're so wet, Baby."

Meg was whimpering. Her face nuzzled Suriah's neck as she moaned and pleaded softly. "Please, I need you."

Suriah dipped her finger beneath the sopping panties and into the fiery well of Meg. Meg gasped and clutched at Suriah's hair. She growled with frustration as Suriah withdrew her finger and brought it up to her own lips. She sucked the dew from her finger then offered the lingering tangy flavor in a kiss to Meg's lips. Everything seemed to slow and soften.

"Ok, enough." Suriah whispered and pushed Meg gently away. Both of them were out of breath. Suriah smiled. Dark, penetrating eyes locked on Meg's as she whispered, "There's time, Baby. There's time. Let's go have dinner."

Meg stood there dazed and confused. She took a long moment to get oriented, and tried to quiet the passion that still raged within her. Soft laughter seemed to relieve some of the tension and shock. "Oh my God, I can't believe this"

When she'd regained her composure, Meg followed Suriah back to the table. She settled into her seat, still feeling the aching need thrumming within her.

The rest of the dinner was filled with long looks, soft hesitant touches, the brush of an arm, and many shared smiles. They relaxed and rekindled the moments on the phone that they had shared. They were like long lost friends and completely enjoyed each others company. This is what they had been doing for months. It was amazing how easy the conversation flowed. The attraction was obvious and added a layer of seduction to even the most benign comments. By the time they were walking to the car, both of the women were relaxed and perfectly in tune with the other.

Meg made sure she opened the door for Suriah. She smiled as she slid in and lingered there, leaning against the door for a moment. A sudden grin split her face and she quickly shut the door.

"Damn" Meg murmured in appreciation for the gorgeous woman within. She danced around to her side of the car and slid into the driver's seat. With a glance at her companion, she started the car and put it into gear. She zipped out of the lot without another word and headed to the Bed and Breakfast they'd selected. She wanted to hurry. After the prelude in the ladies' room, the anticipation was nearly unbearable.

Suriah reached across the seat and stroked Meg's thigh as she drove. It was barely a touch, yet it urged Meg forward. After watching Meg swerve out of the path of another car, Suriah spoke. "If you can't drive, then let me. I'm not gonna let you kill me, Baby."

Meg laughed. "I'm not going to kill you! Sheesh. My driving is wonderful. It's just, well, your touch is deliciously distracting." Suriah removed her hand and Meg groaned. "Dammit."

She focused on her driving and they talked about the area, the arrangements they'd made and other inane things along the way. Suriah asked a lot of questions about the area and made Meg suspect she had ulterior motives; like getting to the B&B in one piece.

They pulled up in front of a beautiful building designed to look like an old castle. The wrought iron gates before it heralded its aging beauty. Both of the women sat looking for a moment then slowly a smile spread to each of their faces. They shared a long lingering look. Meg pressed open the door and then trotted around to the other side of the car, now trained well in the value of being quick.

"Here we are," she said.

Suriah smiled and sidled up so close that the warmth of her body radiated against Meg.

"Mmmm. Yes, here we are." Meg fought the moan that welled within her throat and just melted back.

They walked up the stairs, side by side, words not seeming to be necessary. Suriah captured Meg's hand with a little squeeze that made her weak at the knees. When she let go, Meg's eyes rolled and she murmured, "You're killin me."

They stepped into the foyer, the aged charm and grace offering a cool soothing atmosphere. The fabulous carved staircase took their breath away. The innkeepers, Jeff and Karl, offered a warm welcome that would challenge any five star hotel. They registered the women and ushered them on their way to the "Green room" where they were assured they would have all the privacy they wanted.

"Definitely gay," Suriah said.

Meg laughed, "Oh my God, yes, no doubt."

They stepped in to the elevator as the ding sounded. The elevator ride that Meg had hoped for didn't happen. There were other guests on their way up. The seduction scene in her head would have to wait. Meg was getting bolder and leaned close several times, giving Suriah little murmured enticements.

"Oh man, if we were alone on this elevator." She waited a moment then whispered, "Only a few more minutes til we're alone. I want to hold you so much."

Suriah smiled as her eyes settled thoughtfully on Meg. Finally the doors opened on the third floor and they walked through the quiet hallway. At the end of the long corridor was a door with a sign that read, simply, "The Green Room."

Suriah gave the key to Meg to unlock the door then laughed in that low sexy voice of hers when she fumbled with the lock.

"For pity sakes, you'd think I'd never unlocked a door before, " Meg grumbled. Suriah laughed some more and closed the gap between them until her body was scintillatingly close to Meg's back. With a moan, Meg started to turn around, totally distracted by the warmth and temptation, but Suriah would have none of that.

"Come on, Baby, open the door. Don't keep me waiting any more." With a roll of her eyes and a groan, Meg turned and unlocked the door. She grabbed the bags and stepped inside, watching as Suriah entered then leaned back against the door with a sigh.

As Meg's eyes lifted they widened. Suriah had stepped in close, her foot placed between Meg's. She thrust Meg against the door with a look that dared her to move. She ground her thigh into the apex of Meg's legs as she cupped her face gently. With slow deliberation her lips began to whisper over Meg's, the tip of her tongue tracing her lips. Meg's breath grew shallow as her lips parted, leaning towards the softest kiss she'd ever had. The moan she'd been suppressing all day flowed up and into the kiss as she pressed closer.

Suriah whispered, "Now, Boo. Now you'll be mine for all time."

Meg's hands lifted to rest on Suriah's hips. Fingernails trailed from hip to back in an easy raking motion. Soon their bodies were blending perfectly, right there against the door. Meg was grateful for the door and the pressure of Suriah's body without which she would have fallen. Her knees weakened and she melted under the hot kisses.

She murmured, "Oh love, I need you. I love you. All I've ever wanted is you. Please." Meg begged in an increasingly ragged voice that caught when Suriah's hand suddenly laid claim to her pussy, rubbing against the cloth-covered snatch until Meg thought she would explode. Fingers curled against Suriah's back as Meg rocked her hips towards the persistence of her hand.

Suriah leaned her upper body back and took what seemed an eternity to remove her blouse. Meg's eyes drank in every inch of the perfectly smooth dark flesh that she exposed. Suriah's hand revealed and cupped one of her own breasts and whispered, "Here baby, suck it for me."

Meg's moan and her motion combined as her body bent and slowly her lips surrounded the nipple. She began to suck and nestle into the warmth of Suriah's skin. She nursed the bud to life and felt it grow to a hard pebble against her tongue. Suriah's head lulled back as she whispered, "Oh yea baby, that's my girl."

Meg's mouth opened so she could suck in a deep breath. A rush of air pulled at Suriah's nipple and drew it towards the warmth of Meg's tongue. Her teeth grazed it, and it grew tighter. Meg moaned as her tongue flicked teasingly over the hard bud.

"Meg, Meg, wake up! I've been nearly screaming your name. God, talk about sleeping like the dead. The phone's for you." Meg blinked awake looking very disoriented. Her roommate walked away as Meg reached for the phone in confusion.

"Hello?" she murmured, voice thick with sleep.

"Damn baby, what took you so long to answer? I'm about to leave for the airport. You're going to pick me up at 2:00, right?" Suriah's voice filled her ear.

Meg whispered, "Yes, I'll be there waiting."

Suriah replied in a low sexy voice, "Great, I'll see you then. Love you, Boo." Click.

Meg sunk back against the couch and closed her eyes. The visions of her dream were so clear in her mind. She moaned and stretched. She took a deep breath to quiet the ragged uneven breathing and the race of her heart that still claimed her body as if she'd been living those moments.

She murmured to herself as she pushed up out of her reverie to go get ready, "If today is anything like that dream, it's going to be the best day of my life."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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