Sinnamon Wakefield-Jones

Stephanie walked into the cool library and breathed a sigh of relief. The outside temperature was a scorching 95 degrees and it felt refreshing and cool to her damp skin. Dressed in a white tank top, jean shorts and flip-flops she looked every bit of a 20 year old college student. Taking off her ball cap and shaking her dreads out, she looked around the library for her study group. Not seeing them, she reached into her back pack for her cell phone. She let it ring and when the voice mail answered she left this message:
"Sup dawg? Where ya'll at? I'm at the library and aint none of ya'll here--"
A loud shhhhh from the counter stopped the chatter into the phone. Stephanie turned around to see who dared shhhh her; hell, she was a Grown Ass Woman. Standing at the counter with a stern look on her face stood the head librarian; Ms. Mathis. She looked over her horn-rimmed glasses at Stephanie and silently dared her to speak again in the quiet library.
" you think you could possibly take your conversation outside? Patrons are here trying to read and study; not to hear the entire conversation between you and your...ahem...Dogs!"
"Yea, whatever," Stephanie said and returned her phone to her bag. Who did that old ass broad think she was? That lady had to be pushing 40 years old! Don't she know who I am? Stephanie continued to mumble to herself while walking around the chilly library.
Sitting in the non-fiction section, Stephanie took out her textbook and put her headphones on. She proceeded to turn her ipod on and crank the music up. She figured, since she was wearing headphones, no one could really hear her anyway, as long as she didn't sing out loud. About three chapters into the biology book and 10 songs into her East Coast Rap play list, she soon forgot exactly where she was. It certainly wasn't her dorm room. Rapping at the top of her lungs to Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes she didn't see Ms. Mathis waving frantically to her from the check out desk. Stephanie only looked up when Ms. Mathis was upon her. Actually, her cleavage was upon her and Stephanie has never been one to look away from any breasts, not even a old chicks.
Looking up at Ms. Mathis and slowly taking her headphones off, she began to speak. "Look, I'm just trying to study and--"
"Apprently, no one has taught you how to conduct yourself in a library." Ms. Mathis' cleavage seemed to be saying, "Perhaps we should blame your mother for that."
"Aye, don't be talking about my mama, yo! You don't even know me like that!" Stephanie angrily shouted. She was finally able to look away from the woman's breasts and into her hazel eyes. She would be cute if she got rid of them damn granny glasses, she thought to herself. And if she was like 20 years younger.
"And neither does your English professor. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to leave!"
"Aye I aint going no wheres! I pay my tuition, hell as much as I pay--"
"I seriously doubt that Miss Young, your mother--"
"How you know my name?" Stephanie asked. "I don't know you--"
"I've seen you around, Miss Young. You and your little girlfriends in the back of the library kissing and such. You should be ashamed of yourself! This is not...some...some kind of...well...makeout parlor!"
Stephanie laughed out loud. A laugh heard all the way to the reference desk. "You must want some if you been staring. Is that what you want old lady? You want my lips on yours? You want to kiss another woman?"
"Well, I never!" Ms. Mathis marched off in the other direction to call security.
Stephanie chuckled behind her. "And you never will with that kind of attitude!"

Stephanie returned to her dorm room in a foul mood. Jai, her roommate looked up at her as she walked in the door. It was hard to do with Allisa, Jai's girlfriend, wrapped around her neck like a new Christmas scarf.
"Aye, dawg, what's wrong wit you? Why you got that shitty look on your face?" Jai asked.
"Yo, man, did you forget we was supposed to study this afternoon? I called your phone, nigga, why you aint pick up?" Stephanie growled. "Oh I see why. You got your hoe over here. Again."
Stephanie shot Allisa a dirty look and proceeded to plop down on her bed. Kicking off her sandels and stretching out, she seemed poised for a fight with her roommate. Allisa stuck her tongue out at Steph while Jai just looked at her quizzically. She explained to Steph, "I just got caught up...don't worry, we'll study later. I got you, man."
Steph just rolled her eyes and said,"Whatever." The phone beside her rang loudly. She sighed deeply and picked it up.
"Speak," she said into the phone. A long sigh came through the receiver. The caller was clearly annoyed.
"Miss Young, I take it your mother also didn't teach you how to answer the phone?"
Oh no, Steph thought, it's the damn librarian again. What could she possibly want? "What you want," she asked in a huff.
"Well Miss Young, you left in such a hurry, you left two of your textbooks. They look brand new. Perhaps you might actually open them this semester?" The older woman chuckled softly.
"I'll be right down to get them. Just have them ready when I roll up." CLICK!
When Stephanie arrived at the darkened library she wondered if Ms. Mathis had decided to close early. She strolled up the sidewalk toward the door. Through the dark glass she could see a faint light within. She knocked on the glass but received no answer. Again she knocked. No answer. She was just about to walk away when the glass door finally swung open. The vision standing before her had Stephanie speechless.
A chocolate-colored woman stood in the doorway. Her tweed suit hugged every curve on her very womanly body. The jacket was open to revel a peach silk blouse straining to contain her breasts. The skirt rested well above her knees reveling the straps to a garter belt holding up thigh-high black pantyhose. Six inch heels the same pink as her blouse completed the outfit. Ms. Mathis (Stephanie was almost certain that this beauty before her WAS Ms. Mathis) had removed the bobby pins from her hair and it cascaded in brown waves past her shoulders. Stephanie wasn't exactly sure what was going on now. Who is this Playmate before her and what had she done with stuffy Ms. Mathis? The only thing that Steph saw that was the same were the horn-rimmed glasses held in her perfectly manicured hand. Ms. Mathis cocked an eyebrow at the student and asked her in a voice that put her boxers into a bunch, "Do you normally stare at people as a greeting or is hello not hip anymore?"
That was enough to snap Stephanie out of her trance. She didn't care if this woman had breasts big enough to feed all of South Africa; she came to get her books and leave. She didn't care that Ms. Mathis had an ass large enough to sit a drink on. And she certainly wasn't thinking about the old biddy's lips on hers. Or was she?
Stephanie just stood in the doorway. She struggled to string together a sentence. Why did this woman fluster her so much? Why did she care what Ms. Mathis thought? Why was her face suddenly warm and a slow grin was spreading across her face? She continued to drink in the dream of this woman before her. She struggled to string together a coherent sentence.
"Umm...I....umm," Stephanie stammered. She thought, Get a hold of yourself! "I came to...umm...I was going to...and you called me..."
"Yes?" the older woman asked. "What is it? Why are you here, Miss Young? By the way, my head is a few inches above where your looking."
Suddenly, Steph was angry. She wasn't going to let this old bird talk to her like that, treat her like that. In a sudden movement, she pushed Ms. Mathis into the library and let the door swing shut behind her. She roughly grabbed Ms. Mathis by her hips and pressed her lips into hers. A muffled cry escaped the older woman's lips. She struggled against Stephanie and ripped her lips from the young girl's. Breathing hard, as if she had just run a mile, she looked into the younger woman's eyes, deeply. And then she turned and walked away, leaving Stephanie in the darkness.
"Hey! Where you going?" Stephanie ran after Ms. Mathis. She watched as Ms. Mathis walked into her office and sat in her chair. On the door a plaque read: Ms. Lori Mathis. Dozens of books lined the shelves behind a huge oak desk with a matching leather chair. Various diplomas filled the walls of the office as well as a large clock. On the desk was a huge stack of papers and notes; Steph assumed Ms. Mathis had been working when she arrived.
Stephanie walked into the dimly lit office. Lori sat in her chair with her eyes closed. Her jacket had been removed and the top 3 buttons of her blouse undone. Soft jazz played from a small stereo on a bookshelf and a candle burned faintly. Her shoes had been kicked into the corner and her legs were wide open. Steph's eyes zeroed in between Lori's thighs. She wore no panties. The only thing covering Lori's sex was a soft mound of brown hair. She slowly crossed her legs and opened her eyes.
Stephanie slowly walked across the room and stood before Lori. She could smell her sex in the air and it was intoxicating to her. She licked her full lips and continued to take in the sight of this beautiful woman. Finally, Lori spoke.
"Now what are you going to do?" she asked.
Stephanie didn't answer. She didn't even blink. She just fell to her knees and placed her hands on Lori's thighs and slowly parted her legs again.
A leisurely smile spread across Lori's face. Her face became flushed as she looked down into Steph's eyes. Stephanie's smooth hands were running along her legs. She felt as if she were on fire. The room was suddenly so hot when moments ago it was so cool. Unclipping her pantyhose from it's restraint, Steph rolled one leg down and then proceeded to do the other. She worked at an unhurried pace. She brushed her face against Lori's legs and ran her tongue along the older woman's knee. Lifting Lori's leg to her shoulder, Steph kissed the top of her foot and. She left wet, sensual kisses behind the librarian's knees. All the while, never taking her eyes off of the older woman and the look of pleasure spreading across her face. Lori allowed her leg to rest on Steph's shoulder while the girl tended to the other leg. Down came the hose and it was replaced with the softest kisses imaginable.
Finally, Stephanie stood up. She reached down to Lori and pulled her to her feet. Instantly, they began to sway to the soft music coming from the tiny stereo. The young girl was slightly shorter than the older woman, so her face rested perfectly into the woman's cleavage. Inhaling her scent deeply, Steph rubbed her face across the woman's breasts. Dancing in a slow circle, Stephanie rubbed her hands along Lori's body until she found the zipper to her skirt. Sliding the zipper down and slipping her hands inside brought a small sigh from Lori. The skirt hit the floor and she stepped out of it. That's when the dance ended and another, more primal one began.
"What is it you want, Miss Young? You came to this library for something. What is it?" Lori asked.
"Don't you think we are a little beyond the 'Miss Young' and 'Ms. Mathis' bit?" asked Stephanie.
"I suppose we are," Lori said quietly. "But you haven't answered me."
"Well as you know, I came to get my books," Stephanie began. "But I found something else I'd rather study."
Running her hands thru Lori's hair and along her slender neck, Stephanie kissed her. A deep, soul-searching kiss that would have created puddles in Lori's panties----had she been wearing any. The girl continued to undress the elder woman. Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse until she reached what she was looking for. Lori's breasts stood at attention straining against the lace of her bra. Steph brushed against her darkened nipples thru the fabric with her thumb. Lori sucked in her breath thru her teeth.
"Oh you like that, huh?" Steph teased. "What else do you like? Let's see...."
Suddenly, Stephie grabbed Lori by the shoulders and turned her around. Now her ass was firmly pressed against Steph's pelvis. The young girl's hands snaked around her body in a frenzy. One hand caressed her breasts while the other touched her wetness with delicate fingers. Soon the chair was slid out of the way and Lori was bent over her own desk. Papers scattered across the desk and onto the floor. Stephanie stood behind her whispering filth into Lori's ears.
"Isn't this what you wanted, Ms. Mathis? Cat got your tongue? Isnt this why you called me, Ms. Mathis?" The girl's warm breath on her neck caused goose bumps to rise all over Lori's skin. Stephanie slid her hand between Lori's legs and smoothly inserted a finger inside her love. A slow groan escaped the librarian's lips as Stephanie bit her shoulder.
A small river of honey slid down Lori's legs as Stephanie continued to explore her from the inside out. Her knees buckled and more than once Steph had to hold Lori up to keep her from falling. A single word fell from Lori's lips. "More."
Steph answered her with two more fingers. Slowly and methodically, she moved her fingers in and out. A syrupy, sweetness coated her fingers. Again, Lori whispered to her lover. Only this time, she said, "Faster." And again, Stephanie obeyed her. Her hand moved like a well oiled piston, back and forth between her legs. Arching her back ever so slightly, she was consumed by the delicious feelings the young woman was creating inside of her. She slowly turned around and Steph withdrew her hand from within.
Sitting on the desk, Lori spread her legs again and motioned for Steph to kneel down. She did automatically and breathed in the heavy scent of the woman before her. She teased her by first licking her outer thighs and kissing her navel. She wanted Lori to beg just a little and soon she got it.
"Oh, please. Don't tease me." She pushed Stephanie's head closer until the young girl's face was sticky and slick. She ran her tongue across Lori's pleasure button with skill she had never known before. In the background, a phone rang but neither of them made any moves to answer it. Sliding two fingers inside Lori's pussy, she established a rhythm with her tongue as well. Again, the phone rang. It was even louder this time. She felt Lori nudge her with her leg.
She looked up at Ms. Mathis. Only they weren't in her office. And she wasn't face deep in Lori's pussy either. Ms. Mathis looked at her over her glasses and in that instant, Stephanie knew where she was. She was back in the library. And her cell phone was ringing. She had been dreaming the entire time.
"Damn," she muttered under her breath and wiped the drool from her chin.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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