by Raw_Materiyal

I apologize for lack of better words….
I will just resolve
to share these with you

There is an oddity in the intimate dealings
Of lesbians
And they feelings
First I want to address
The unseemingly mess
we’ve made
I am so sick of seeing dykes fighting in the street
Screaming F u to the chick you been with
Laid with stayed with
Said you would marry
and even carry
implants of eggs and embryos
and as a result of dispute
they become random hoes
not the women you love and know
so fickle hearted
double minded
Please refrain from the L word
Meanwhile you forget
the child
that went the extra mile
and actually laid down and took
dick for you
in the name of love
and after saying all that
in 2 weeks yall got back together
I still have some other issues to tackle
I know you cheating
Telling her all the things you don’t tell me
I remember when you used to be sweet to me
And now it seems like this thang we got is defeating me
You being her friend
While being my closest frenemy
I remember how I was so caught up in you
Never imagined feeling so adverse towards you
Now I’m cheating too
And you haven’t got a clue
The next sister
Is doing the things you used to do
She writing me love letters
Telling me its ok to let go
And that we can be together
She cooking me lunch
and bringing me dinner
She standing in the gap
u leave open
She looking like a winner
I ain’t joking
She don’t even get mad when ….
When I leave her to be with you
She just be like “don’t worry about it I’m cool"
She be like “you know you my homie”
And I be looking like she don’t deserve to be lonely
What a woman???
And how silly
I must be
To be caught in between
Opportunity and complacency
I heard a lesbian say: We go cruising and entertain ourselves,,,,,,
I remember those days
When this was all entertainment
But somehow it turned into estrangement
Feeling alienated
From all of what used to be
And I still have a lil more to say……

So when u gonna slow down
Every other month a new love u tell me you found
Calling me on the three way
Introducing me to ya new chick
Just so u can hang up and call me back and tell me
U don’t care about “that bitch”
Tryna maintain ya status
of what u think an AG dom is
Supposed to be
But I keep telling u
That stuff don’t fly with me
Everyday you walk around with this façade
When in actuality
you are just a woman that has been hurt
And mistreated
And when you call me in the middle of the night
Telling me these bitches don’t treat you
And they don’t care about u
Its ya money they like
You say yo I cant take it
Umma stop being a dyke
Umma change my life
Umma get right with christ
You ask me can u come over
so I can watch you cry all night
And I say its ok
Just don’t try no funny business
And be gone by morning light
And I know that u will leave a few dollars
And I wont hear from you until u get lonely again
And start asking me how come we only friends
And the cycle never ends….
With you…
But I wish there was someway to get thru…
to you
Cuz on the inside you are truly
A beautiful flower
And I wish you new that within
forgiveness lies power
But you don’t wanna hear that
You rather ask me if I seen that chick on such and such video
And I be like where’s ya mind at yo?…..
But U my homie … and nobody knows
That really
U are that chick in a crowd of friends thats still lonely…..
There is an oddity in the intimate dealings
Of lesbians
And they feelings
And lastly

Every 5 months I keep hearing about your new live in girlfriend
Since I met you
There’s been
Malikah, Halifah, Sapphire and Kim
But its like you would be wiser each time you go round
U be saying "I don’t care its just fun"
And I be looking like "now how that sound"
You got these chicks changing they mailing address
You don’t think that’s a mess?
You have the lesbian urge to merge
And I keep telling you when it comes to
spending your love you tend to splurge
and now you are in emotional debt
over all these chicks you met
on the fly
cuz u so fly
but in the end they always
leave you wondering why
You ever dealt with them in the first place…..
Then you resolve to say "oh well the sex was great"
You are the funniest type of dyke
The ones I like
The ones who are full of substance but
Seem so fly by night…..
I hope all of you find what your looking for………

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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