by Lil AJ

I feel your body twitch,
Yeah that’s my bitch,
You know what I want, and I know what you need,
Stop bullshittin girl and let it go full speed,
Grab my head and pull me closer as I open u wide,
Prepare myself for your pussy ride as I slide my tongue deep inside,
Youre grindin hard, givin me a pussy juice facial,
Now I’m waitin for you to spill, don’t worry I won’t be wasteful,
Moanin, groanin, bumpin, grindin,
Keep it up girl, I’m likin, I’m likin,
My tongue is workin you quick,
Pushin deeper and deeper like a mini dick,
Teasin you sick,
So you pull me closer and I know what you want…I move to your clit,
Like a tiny vacuum I suck you til you damn near scream,
Your head spinnin as if in a drunken dream,
Your pussy contracts like youre in labor,
Getting ready to give me what I crave for,
On cue you gush, what a fukkin rush, and I swallow it all…
-At least I thought I did…
Youre ridin harder and like Nike…SWOOSH,
And aint a fukkin thing in here waterproof,
Still you keep flowin, so I keep goin, and the fukkas upstairs getting a serious show,
Youre cummin non-stop, and I’m glad I can swim,
I’m soaked like hell, stomach, chest, neck, and chin,
You sit straight up to see the pool you made,
I ask you “Baby you ok?”
“Yeah, just tired…” you barely speak
“Well I bet you are, but we gotta flip the bed and change these sheets…”
My Baby and the Incredible Cum…

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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