I’m famished
Starved by my desire
For more than just the crumbs of shallow illusions
Stomach aching
Because I’m fasting until I find what sates
This hunger
I sit and sip on a steamy mug of self-awareness
Flavored by
Bittersweet reality
I have no interest in ‘feeding my body’
What I desire,
Is to feed my mind

This hunger transcends
Space and time
Goes beyond current events
Way past politics
Side-steps words of wisdom
And ignores the ‘norm’

I’m craving simplistic
Cultured intelligence
Glazed with a conscious mind
Sautéed in honesty
With a side of serenity
Hold the drama
I’d also like to add
A bowl of creativity
Sprinkled with kindness
Does a sense of humor come with that?
For dessert,
I’d like a scoop of
Drizzled with
But please go light on the pride
And make sure to leave off the arrogance

To drink?
A glass of water, no ice
I want to enjoy
Every flavor of my meal
No need to compromise its’ taste
With unnecessary flavors
I’ve attempted
To place this order
More times
Than I care to count
Only to have it served
And one time
I was brought everything I wanted
Only to bite in and realize the food was plastic

Still I hunger for this dish
Though I know
Deep down
The “Chef”
Has already cooked ‘her’ up
And what passes before me now
Are merely appetizers

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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