by Dreamchylde

My throat is parched,
My mouth is dry,
My stomach feels empty,
I don`t know why
I know Iain`t hungry
`Cause I just ate
Yet,deep inside`s this emptiness,
A yearning for some simple bliss,
Tiny as a Hershey Kiss
Or even a white-chocolate hug...
But staring blankly at an
Even blanker plate, licked clean by my
Insatiable appetite,
I behold a sight
That could possibly
Quench that burning thrist in me.
Much to my surprise,
I realised that i`m not
In the mood for food,
I`m some starving nymphoid
Striving to fill an empty void
With the wrong damn thing.
Delirious with the lack thereof
I somehow confused the
Growling of my belly
With the purring of my...
Never have you looked so
Edible, so incredible,
So delectible as now
I`m about to show you how
I get my eat on, `cause
I`ve been deprived for way too long,
And you have no idea!
You don`t even know what`s coming at you
Still as a statue I trace you every move,
Watching your curve and contour as you groove
To the music,
Eying you body like a poised panther
Who`s just survived a
Four-season famine.
But I`m not premature in my actions
`Cause I know I`ll soon have the satisfaction
Of devouring you, mind, body, and soul.
I`ve long had a goal to
Fill that hold in the pit of my...
Well, "you-know-what".
And when the time is right,
I`ll have you all night,
Savoring the flavor of every sexual bite...
Now my chest is heaving...
My body`s hot...
But am I still hungry?
Hmmm...I think not!

Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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