It’s a rare occasion for me to go out to a bar, especially on a Thursday night. Last night however, was an exception.
I was hiding away in my house trying to get over the heartbreak of Rae, my ex, leaving me. Wasn’t really expecting company, until Eva, my best friend of 6 years came banging on my front door.
“Eva, if you have a key, why do you insist on banging on the door like that?”
To stand at 5’1’’ and weight only about 100 pounds, Eva was heavy handed as hell.
“Because I know it pisses you off. “
“Don’t be such an ass,” I replied.
“Don’t tell me you have been sitting in this house again with all the lights off, watching these sad ass movies.”
“And so what if I was?”
“If you were, that’s pathetic, and you need to stop letting Rae’s stupid shit get to you. I want you to come to Pandora’s Box with me tonight.”
Pandora’s Box is a lesbian bar downtown, that a lot of the black lesbians in the area frequent. It’s also one of Eva’s favorite hang-out spots.
“Eva, I don’t feel much like going out tonight.”
“Kaiya, if you think I am going to let you sit in this house alone another night, you’re wrong. Come with me, you might just have fun.”
“Fine, let me go get dressed,”
“Alright, I’ll be outside on the phone. Just come out when you’re ready to go.”
On my way upstairs I kept trying to convince myself that going out was what I needed. I needed to start the healing process and stop wallowing in my own misery, but I just didn’t know where to begin to pick up the pieces. I guess that night was my first step towards beginning anew.
After I took a quick shower, I decided to wear a black halter, my favorite pair of Hollister jeans and a pair of black strappy platforms. I carefully applied makeup to my chocolate complexion, paying special attention to the bags I seemed to develop under my eyes from days of crying and not sleeping. I took a quick survey of my 5’3’’ 125 pound body, and gave myself a warm look of approval. I was shocked that I was able to make myself look this presentable after seeing what I looked like to start with.
I made my way down the stairs to see Eva through the window having what seemed to be a lively conversation on her cell. When I opened the front door she abruptly ended her phone call.
“Damn Kaiya, I knew you still had some sexy hiding inside of you somewhere.”
“Oh shut up. Are you ready to get going?”
“Let’s go!”
The ride to the bar was short, as I don’t live too far from downtown. By the time we got to the front door, I could feel the bass of the music in my stomach, and the smell of cigarettes and cologne wafted out of the doors. I hesitated before walking in.
“Kaiya, I know this is going to be hard for you, but you have to get out, you have to meet people, you can’t just stay locked up forever when you aren’t at work.”
“I understand, just give me a second okay? Go ahead in without me. I will be in, in just a little while.”
She slowly entered the club, looking back at me to make sure I was okay.
“Go ahead Eva, I’ll be right there.”
I had to stand outside for about 5 minutes just to compose myself. What if I saw her? What would I say? What would she say? Shit Kaiya, just go the fuck inside, and stop acting like a child.
I broke out of thought, and slowly entered the club. It was completely dark, even though the music was pumping loud. Before I could turn to walk back outside the lights came on, and 200 women some I knew some I didn’t all screamed.
“Happy Birthday, Kaiya!”
I truly was not expecting this, and never would have even thought that Eva would set me up like this. There she was standing in the corner grinning like a Cheshire cat because she knew she finally got me, after 6 years.
“I hope you have a very happy birthday, and I didn’t want you to spend it alone. I know you thought I forgot, but I didn’t.”
“And I appreciate that. Thank you so much Eva, I am so happy to have a friend like you.”
I had presents from people I didn’t even know, most of them gift cards, other things more personal and something’s that were just downright inappropriate. Followed by cake, drinks, more drinks, and dancing.

Even if I saw it with a crystal ball, I could not prepare myself for what happened next. A strip tease by one of the sexiest studs I have ever seen in my life. She went by the name Butter, and she was just as smooth as the name implied. About 5’9’’ no more than 175 pounds, but muscular as hell. Light skin, hazel eyes, dressed in a wife beater, low-riding jeans, and timbs. Three of the guests at my party sat me down in a chair on a main stage where a spotlight shined on myself and the sexy treat before me. She started off by seductively kissing my neck and then went straight into teasing me with her body movements, gyrating her hips to the beat of the music, slowly, purposefully, and never breaking eye contact with me.
I must admit, that the liquor had started to kick in, but even if I had nothing to drink at all, it would not have made this any less mesmerizing. She dropped her pants briefly, to tease me more by placing my hand over her boxer clad ass, and just as I began to squeeze, the music ended. She smiled at me coyly, kissed my cheek, and headed off stage.
I sat there in a daze for what felt like hours before I was helped of stage by the same women who took me up there. That striptease is a moment I will never forget for as long as I live.
By the time I made it back to my table, Eva was sitting there, enjoying the company of a beautiful femme who I’ve seen around town.
“Oh pardon me, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” I said as I sat down.
“Oh no Kaiya it’s alright, Mychelle was just stopping by to say hello,”
Before I could open my mouth to respond, I was approached by a very attractive, medium height, chocolate-skinned stud.
“How are you doing tonight Ms. Kaiya?” she spoke coolly, with an air of arrogance.
“I’m doing just fine thank you, and yourself?”
“As of about 5 seconds ago, I’m doing much better.”
I felt my face heat up, like a shy school girl.
“I wanted to come by and tell you Happy Birthday, and I also wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jay.”
“Well, it is very nice to meet you Jay. Please, sit down. I’d love to get to know more about you.” I couldn’t believe I was getting this bold. I have never been so forward before.
She sat down and we talked for a while, about what we did for a living, our goals, our pasts, all kinds of stuff. We were so engrossed in our conversation, we failed to realize that it was 2:30 am, and the party was slowly beginning to dissipate.
“Your friend seems like she’s pretty caught up right now. Do you need a ride home?”
“That would be nice, as long as I am not imposing on you too much.”
“No, Kaiya, you wouldn’t be imposing at all.” She replied.
“Eva!” I yelled over the music.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“Jay is going to take me home okay?”
“Oh really,” I could hear her tone laced with curiosity. “That’s, cool, make sure you give me a call tomorrow okay?”
“I will, I promise,” With that, Jay grabbed my hand, helping me rise from my seat, and steadying me as we walked out of the door. I made sure to say thank you to as many people as I could on my way out, but Jay seemed to be rushing me, so that was cut a bit short.
“What’s the rush Jay?” I asked
“No rush, I just see you have had quite a bit to drink tonight, and I wanted to get you home soon so you could lie down.”
“Oh I see,” was all I could manage to get out.
Having someone I just met take me home from a club or a bar is something that I would never do, but for some reason I felt very safe in her presence. I gave her my address as we got into the car, and the drive there was silent and seemed to last forever even though I only live 5 minutes away.
When we reached my house, she came around to open my door, and help me out of her Jeep, but before I could step to the ground she lifted me from the seat, and proceeded to carry me to my front door.
“Jay, what the hell are you doing?”
“Carrying a beautiful woman who looks tired, and needs to be catered to.” She replied in a hushed tone.
“This birthday just keeps getting better and better.”
I then handed her my keys, and as we entered my house, she still had not put me to rest on my feet. She just began kissing softly on my neck. I released a slight moan from my mouth, which only encouraged her to deepen her attack on my neck.
“Where is your bedroom?” she asked almost growled at me.
“It’s upstairs, second door on the left.” I replied, never breaking free of the trance she had me under.
She carried me up to the bedroom, and laid me down on the bed. She took off my shoes, and slowly began massaging my feet, staring at me intently to gauge my reaction. Kissing my heels and sucking on my toes, she smiled devilishly as I writhed under her grasp on my foot.
She only paused to ask, “Kaiya, is this okay with you?”
“Yes, it’s okay,”
“Are you sure, I don’t want to feel like I am pushing you”
“Trust me Jay. I am more than just a willing participant.”
Before the last word could leave my mouth, she unbuttoned my pants, tugging them off of my hips and thighs, past my calves, and threw them across the room. Jay was kissing my ankles, licking her way up my legs, and stopped briefly to bite at the lacy black material of my thong. My moans and cries for her not to stop, only made her touches and kisses on my body more passionate, and strong.
“Jay, please don’t stop, I’m begging you”
“Trust me K, I am no where near finished with what I’m going to do to you.”
I’m not exactly sure when I lost track of everything happening to my body, I just know I got caught up in a whirlwind of erotic pleasure, and didn’t realize I was completely naked, until I felt her tongue enter me slowly. I gasped, holding her head and pulling her face into my pussy. She grabbed my wrists and held them down at my sides. As she slid her tongue in and out of me, at a slow rhythmic pace, I could feel my body letting, go, pussy dripping, as I began to cum. She let go of my hands long enough to bring her face to mine, letting me taste myself. No longer than she had kissed me, she was making her way back down to finish what she started, stopping only for a moment to suck gently on my erect nipples.
I felt my body getting weak, and that only meant I was going to cum again. She must have felt it too, as she moved up putting her face next to mine, rubbing my clit with her thumb, and entering my pussy, slowly at first, then deeper, harder, and much faster.
“Fuck, Jay, I’m, I’m”
“Just let it go K, cum for me.”
I couldn’t say another word. All I could do was scream in pleasurable release and ecstasy.
And that’s all I remember. I passed out not soon after. And when I awoke this morning, there was a note on the pillow beside me:
I hope you had a very happy birthday. I am glad I could be a part of it--and a part of you--even for just one night. Perhaps we can see each other again soon?

PS: Use this anytime: 336-555-1616

She will definitely be the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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