by Blu Star

We read the rules
Knew the consequences
Still we decided to play
Not a game like cat & mouse or hide & seek
A more dangerous type of game
Not fatal like Russian Roulette
But just as damaging
A game that started off so innocent
Sneaking looks and touches
Sharing intimate kisses behind closed doors
Without letting you know
I uped the stakes by putting my heart on the table
I knew it went against the original rules
But aren't rules meant to be broken
You weren't completely comfortable
With the stakes being so high
You decided we needed to add more players
Even out the odds
But to keep it interesting
We didn't explain the game to the new players
Then one of them also put their heart on the table
This is where we should've all cashed in and ended the game
I tried, I really did, just couldn't shake it
I had to keep playing
I'd put too much into the game not to finish it
Now its a one on one battle between me and her
Though neither of us wants to admit it and play fair
I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, as does she
With the stakes this high
I'd be a fool to play fairly
But in the end its up to you, the game master, to decide who wins
That's what makes this game so dangerous
Tally up the points
I'm ready to know if I'm winning
Or did I ever have a chance in this game called LOVE

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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