__________by Sin_Cere

I hope reading this, u will get a clue
And acknowledge all that, for u, I do
I've bent myself backwards, turned myslef inside out
But all i still get is complaints coming out of ur mouth
I don't like this, & i refuse to accept that
Is all you can think about me, only what I lack?
Because i refuse to change everything about me that makes me who I am
& for what? Sooner or later you'll 4get about it, find something else about me u "CAN'T live with" and not give a damn
I refuse to get teary-eyed, I refuse 2 get sappy
A great revelation came to me last night: I can NEVER make you happy
So I wish you all the happiness in all the world
Its too bad, because you were my #1 and my favorite girl
We think the other person is wrong, but i can move past it, u can't...so we will never get along
Your stuck in your ways, too the point thats its stupid
To let some bullshyt like that come between us is honestly stupid
But u figure its the end of the world and there is no reconciling
I cant help your attitude, but I tried to stand it, theres no denying
You, its your way or nuthin
Damn, i guess 2 years went down the drain and didnt stand for somethin
Myabe its a life lesson or maybe its a hidden blessing
But no longer will I be second guessing
You have your opinions and I have mine
I guess what we had, showed and proved in due time...
Im not perfect and I will never be
You wont accept that, so I just have to let you be
Because theres things about you I still cant stand, yet they still remain
Lemme guess, like always, when it comes to you, its just not the same
You're probably just tired of the bullshyt and think its time to call it quits
Cuz you're fed up or what not and just cant deal with it
Whatever the case may be, i dont want to live in hell and neither do you im sure
I just hope one day you find that someone who can give you EXACTLY what your looking for
But it aint me...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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