(a piece in 4 parts)
by Siren and AnonyMous

My Inner Demon (Siren)

My inner demon can sometimes consume me... Take me...

I mean take control over me... Hunger pains creep throughout my veins...

When not fed.. my meds... not of pharmecutical stature.
But more of a physical capture.

I am bound.
but not by rope; wire or chain...
Bound by no limits... Detached from the brain.
Come take me and have me; make me do as you say.. Violate my body in the most obscene way.
Choke me; and smack me and claw at my skin.
Now bite me.. harder... You must break the skin...
Then taste me.. devour me.. swallow me whole.. go DEEP with your dick when entering below..

Silent I remain as you mix pleasure and pain... NOW FUCK ME MUCH HARDER... I'm going insane.
Choke with left hand... Right hand in my ass... Stroke hard as you FUCK me and go a lil fast.

Take my face; shove it in the pillow... RAM that shit. not a time to be mellow...
Now you've got me heightened.. damn I'm almost close.... Don't lighten up your motion... Cause I'm just about to bust. damn that was good.. now let me sit on your face...
AS you swallow all the liquid created from your chase...

Open up your mouth... take in the sweat; piss and blood...
And I'll see you again the very next time we make love.

The Demon Slayer (AnonyMous)

Demons remain a great a cause for concern..
Painful, consuming…The pleasure, the burn.
Demonic control, desire the feeling,
The chase and the feed are always appealing.
Especially when there's a fight from the start.
The thought, then the action of tearing apart…
The vessels that house a nectar of kinds
To settle the hunger and nourish the minds.
Of deviant beings…Bound by what's inside……….
Perverse is my car, my dick is the ride.

We become bound by our various thoughts and desires
To put out the flames and settle the fires that
Say 'no limits, just come on and have me?'
As I twist it and turn it and fu*k it with saavy.
Oh I'll take you alright and violate that body
You'll be wishing for daddy and calling for mommy.
I'll slap you and choke you and bite you…you'll see
You'll be scratching and screaming and calling for me.
Let's toss this like salad, cum dressing refined
As I lick it and suck it and fuck with your mind.
You're flowing with juices, I'm preparing to swallow
So Haters?? Take notes…Here's is a tough act to follow.

My Inner Demon II (Siren)

Touching you makes me feel alive…
You touching me calms the demon in my mind.
Burning and yearning I CRY deep inside…
Taunting and teasing I SCREAM with my eyes..
The ache has ignited,
and my body's excited.
My mind is divided.
Pain is invited.
But pleasure's defined it.
My body can't fight it..
Your dick is inside it.
YOUR eyes can not hide it
I see your excited…



About… How…
I need you to stretch me…
Open me wide just so you can fist me…
Thrust me, bang me and pound on my pussy,
Step on my neck, while drilling down deeply.
I'll claw at the sheets and grab for your body…
Damn I can't reach you, you continue to pound me.
My demon's awake… you see my inner beast?
Pound me much harder, cause still I can breathe.
Then I cry out like a Lioness in heat…

As you rip at my flesh so vigorously…
My demons awake, seeking pleasure and pain…
Trampling over anything that stands in its way.
I still can feel you fucking me insane,
You stare in my eyes and connect to the brain.
Now bite a littler harder, and deeper with the blade,
God damn mother fucka… I think that I just came.

So when my demon needs a little favor…
I'm coming to fuck you, my DEMON SLAYER.

The Demon Slayer Strikes Again (AnonyMous)

Since teasing and touching reinforces I want you,
Start bending over so I can come taunt you.
See demons aren't human, they're spirits that haunt you,
They'll bind you, they're nasty. They're crazed and they'll fuck you.

On point is the Slayer to save Siren's day,
To rescue your cunt in the freakiest way.
I will charge that pussy money…your cum is my pay;
God Damn Motha Fucka is all you will say.

The ache is a fire now, seen in your eyes,
I'm hearing the screaming, the pain in your cries.
Your body's my plight
And I'll never lose sight
The insatiable desire
That ignited this fight.

So don't try to hide it
I'll go deeper inside it
Your pussy will cum and will be reignited
I'll slap you and grab you and twist you so sweetly
I'll fist you and fuck it ma ever so deeply.

So down beast…know that your hero is here
I know you can't breathe, I'll replenish your air
Call me again and I'll appear with some flava
I'm just your friendly neighborhood Demon Slayer.

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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