by Infamoustrece

During a night of love making
I get infatuated and my breath you seem to keep taking
Demonstrating the passionate ideal love that we have
As my back no long touched the bed and the sheets I grabbed
Hoping I can look to your face and turn around and my back is unstabbed
I want to put all my love and trust into you
I want to do the things that happy lovers do
I want to argue and scream at the top of my lungs
And get knocked down and fuked and hushed by your tongue
I don't want these 5 hours to end
Just keep stroking and licking baby you got me open
Can you lotion down my selfish needs with your body motion
Eww your warm body feels so good on top of me
Your sperm of love has traveled and got me impregnated and feeling exstacy
I don't want your mom to try to segregate this love and take you away from me
mmmmm...I love you whispers all over the room, smiles and then laughs
so quiet now we can hear our sweat drip onto the sheet
You got me trembling, gotta go to the bathroom but to weak to move my feet
I look into your eyes and feel entwined by your bind
Joyful tears are heard dropping onto the sheets
Clit 2 clit mmmmmmm.....still sweating from the body heat
Nothing like lesbian love making.....I feel your clit pulsating
Ohhhhh yes baby..your shaking
Causes me to do the same...our correlation is one
Our fight for each others love is now won!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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