by Black

That once forbidden fruit is now plentiful
In her fantasies she craved me
(Had visions of devouring my fruit)
In her mind she saved me
(Piqued me enough to keep me around)
Until that time when she gave me…
(The unleashed no limit version)
Upon tasting me she saved me
(An unfamiliar yet addictive taste)

She liked the way I served her ME on a platter
From the moment I release the first nectar nothing else mattered
Years of yearning to venture into this undiscovered territory
Eyes rolled back, body undulating, my vision becomes blurry
Mission successfully accomplished, blissful satisfaction
Shocked from her own wetness from my reactions
That of me releasing all that I have over and over again
As I reach for imaginary shit, curse, back arched, and did back bends

I lay back exhausted now, smiling, as I wipe my juices from your beautiful face
Debunked the myth of your feminine kind ever hungering for this taste
Why is there still that look of famish, do you sense that I still burn
I smile, and then nod giving you the signal to return
Many seconds, minutes, and hours have passed
This may be your first taste but definitely not your last

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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