__________by Tyegreen7

tell me your desires
the passions that flow
from within you
tell me your secrets
so I can be closer to you
tell me your dreams and aspirations
your goals and wishes
let me take you on a
mental ride
a voyage
a place
of destiny
tell me what it is
that I need to do
to be with you
to hold you
to love you
what is it
that I can say
to make you come
my way
To see you
to touch you
to taste you
Tell me about
the day
that we make love
and play
remember the time
as we sit
and make love
the moon
the stars
the sky
you have be on
an ultimate high
that I cannot come down
you have me
in love
with being in love
with you
so tell me
all the things
we'll do

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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