by Intellectual Sunshyne

I’ll be someone’s cup of tea,
She’ll see past the CP and want me for me.
I’ll soothe her soul in the winter with milk,
Quench her thirst in the summer with lemon.
On the rocks or stirred slowly,
I trust she’ll always savor every sip.
And know just how to handle me when I trip!
Be grateful for every leaf with which I’m brewed,
Whether it tickles her taste buds with flaw or virtue.
Gradually remove my layers,
And pour me into the glass that is her embrace.
As I plant sugar cube kisses all over her face,
To this gesture she will respond…
By tasting my lips and caressing my hips.
Allowing passion to mount until we reach its throes,
With more steam rising from our bodies than a kettle on the stove!
As I utter softly…
Baby is this all for me?
And she replies…
Placing her lips to my ear.
Yes my love, for you are my cup of tea!

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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