"I must trust you a lot." Asha said as I set up the camera in the left corner of the bedroom.

"I'm the one planning to run for Mayor some day. Everyone already knows you're a freak." I laughed.

I focused the lens towards the bed and put the camera on pause.

"Anyway this is your fantasy not mine." I continued, trying to sound judgmental.

I managed to duck out of the line of pillow fire at the last second barely missing getting clocked. I slipped into the bathroom to saddle up the 9" Asha loved to ride so very much under my gray baggy mesh gym shorts. I also slipped on my Laker jersey.

When I came out, Asha was kneeling on the bed in a black thong, a referee jersey and a whistle.

I used the remote to start recording and walked to the foot of the bed. Asha crawled down to meet me, wrapping her arms around my middle. As I reached in the pillowcase and retrieved my bandana, I had Asha get down on all fours with her ass towards the camera. Then I tied the bandana over her eyes before whispering to her, "Ref, you suck. Time for your punishment."

She skin quickly got covered in goose-bumps as I lightly trailed my fingers down her sides and over her ass. I grabbed the back of her thong and gently pulled it up to rub against her clit as I caressed her ass.

I stroked and squeezed each cheek, lulling her with each sensation when suddenly I popped her left cheek just enough to get her attention. Then I smacked the other cheek a little harder than the 1st. This made Asha tighten up in anticipation of the next whack. I kept on hand on her back so she could feel my motion.

I hedged and teased her, starting to smack her but stopping short of landing the blow. She moaned and flinched trying to time her reaction to my swats. Only every 3rd swing did I make contact causing her to coo.

Asha removed her panties as I jumped off the bed and adjusted the camera for some close ups.

I slipped two fingers into Asha and continued to paddle her buns in rotating fashion. Every pop on her skin, made her pussy walls tighten as I slowly pumped her. Her wetness seemed out of control. As if on cue, Asha arched her back raising her ass toward the lens showing how open she was for me. I pulled the blindfold off of Asha and got behind her, rubbing my strap along the crack of her ass.

I obviously wasn't moving fast enough for her because she reached back between her legs, grabbed the shaft and stuffed most it into her openness. I pointed the lens back on us, fixed my hips, and delivered the rest in one solid motion.

Asha pinned her ass against me savoring her feeling of fullness. I grabbed her at the hip and began to pump her wildly all while trying to zoom in on the piston action of me gliding in and out of her.

"I have to admit this is my favorite way to take you. I can't wait to have a spectator perspective as well as participant." I whispered as I gripped her hips tightly and pounded away.

After going back to a wide shot, I tossed the camera's remote down on the pillow.

Asha raised her hand letting me know she wanted to switch positions. She flipped over onto her back and beckoned me to her with her index finger. I placed my hands on either side of her as she wrapped her legs around my waist and reached down to reinsert my 9" inside her. I loved how she sucked in her bottom lip as the final inch occupied her.

I brought her left leg up resting it against my chest, getting in as deep she could take me. While up on my knees I rocked vigorously, pumping her in a consistent upward thrust. Every time I would hit it deep, a low sexy growl would escape from Asha. I soon made it my goal to make her as vocal as she has never been.

I wound my hips around in wide circle, filling her up with every plunge. Asha let out a breathy grunt each time our hips slapped together. That just made me work it a little faster. I got a good grip and found a steady rhythm that caused her eyes to roll back and hips to involuntarily match my stroke hump for hump.

Asha has me stop for a moment to get the camera for her. She wants some footage from her perspective as well.

I pulled out of her and crawled down her body to her waist, kissing a trail through her trim and began to devour her. Asha sat up slightly and aimed the lens down trying desperately to hold it steady. I licked her slowly, allowing my tongue to split her pussy lips easing over her clit sending chills through her immediately.

She sat up a little more and arched her back driving her pussy into my mouth. I gripped the inside of her thighs and fluttered the tip of my tongue over her solid clit. I wanted to be back inside of her, so I slipped my fingers into her wetness, continuing to suck and savor her.

It was clear trying to hold the camera was increasingly difficult for Asha. I paused for a second and anchored the camera next to the bed, flipped the screen around so she could watch what was being filmed and handed her the remote. I wasted no time diving back between her legs, continuing to enthusiastically caress her pussy with my lips and tongue.

She was so tight around my fingers as her hole pulsated in reaction to my stiff flicks on her clit. She dropped the remote and placed one hand on the back of my head with the other urgently clinging to the bed.

"Oh shit baby, you feel so fuckin' good. Oooh, I don't wanna let go…lick me, lick me." Asha moaned.

I responded by flickering my tongue over her swollen clit as I wiggled 3 fingers deep inside her.

That turned out to be all she could take. Asha exploded into frantic moans, her body jerking in a climactic fit. I didn't stop licking her until she reached down and lifted my head up. Looking up at her she had a smoldering grin that let me know we were just getting started.

She slid from under me and flipped me over onto my back. I pulled up my jersey as Asha unfastened the straps of my harness and relieved me of it.

Asha ran her finger along the split of my pussy lips 'til she got right outside the spring of my wetness. She slipped two fingers effortlessly into me, gasping when she felt just how wet I had become.

Asha then dropped to her knees and draped my legs over her shoulders. As she opened me up, she rubbed her face against my throbbing pussy and inhaled my scent before she began to taste me. I took the remote and focused the lens on her hot, deliberate strokes sending little quakes through my body.

I could hardly stand the warm wet pressure of her dazzling tongue moving slowly up and around my clit, at times pushing her tongue deep into my pussy.

I was already close to erupting while I had my face buried between Asha's thighs, so I knew I would not last much longer. She stiffly caressed my clit starting underneath and gliding up over the top. Each pass over my pearl triggered a buck in my hips that I could not control. Her persistent attention caused the time between bucks to get shorter informing us both I was about all set to explode.

Asha trapped my clit between her lips, sucking it firmly as I gripped her fingers twisting deep inside me. She wowed at the strong contractions massaging her hand as I gave in to the will of my peak.

Asha sat up and pulled her hand out of me as she grabbed the camera and focused on me laid back on the bed trying to catch my breath.

"Just wait 'til my friends peep this! Yeah, who's the daddi? Hehehe!!" Asha giggled.

I grabbed the remote and stopped the tape.

"Oh hell no…this tape does not leave my house Miss Thang!"

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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