by Marsha Blue

Remember when we use to talk constantly

When you use to take a break out of your day to call me

Just to hear my voice

Put a smile on my face

I remember

I use to do the same

Why did you stop?

Why did we stop?

Do you remember when we were careful of the things that we said to one

We didn't want to say the wrong things and hurt a feeling

Or have an argument

Remember that?

I do

Remember when we would kiss for hours stealing as much time as we could

Now it is quick and emotionless

We would leave the phone off or let it vibrate until the battery died.

We now run to talk to someone else.

Now it is like something else.

Maybe it is me

Maybe it is you

I am not placing blames

I just miss our time.

Not the constant of being at each others back

But having the feeling of "can't wait" to be near each other

Maybe we fell into routine

Maybe we are falling apart.

You don't share with me your feelings

I am tired I trying to figure them out

The worst thing to say is "nothing is wrong"

When I see that there is.

People tell me that I should know better

That maybe it is your age

I am beginning to agree.

Not that I want to but with the things that you show me

I don't want to loose you

I still want you to be my closest friend

But where are we from there if we don't communicate anymore

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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