by MsAllison67

Your tongue is magical. The way it runs up and down my neck and tickles my ears sends shivers down my spine. The way you suck my breast; your tongue playfully exciting my nipples. Makes me weak. causing me to pull your head closer. Begging you to suck them harder. The way your tongue slowly, expertly licks down my body. Making me so wet, my river flows hard down my thigh. Your tongue licking every drop that has escaped. My thoughts tremble with desire. My clit throbs with anticipation to be sucked. The need to have you inside me growing stronger and stronger. I don't care if I' begging. I need you to take me now. I need you to give me the satisfaction of the talent of your tongue. As you enter me. Loud moans tells you that's what I need. Please more! Your tongue showing my body just how talented it is as it goes inside me, exits then teases my clit. As I ride you harder and faster. Your lips wrap around my swollen clit. Taking me to a new high. My body taken to new heights of joy. As your talent is displayed on my clit. Unable to contain my feeling any longer. I release. Enjoy the pleasure that was giving to me by your talented tongue.
Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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