by Badazzstud4u

Hmmm, She sayís I take it!

Could I
Would I
Uhh, Should I

As I sit here and stare
Knowing underneath
She is wearing my fav
Matching Lace Bra and thong

Damn, My girl could be wearing a burlap sack
All I know I is I wanna be working that back
Devouring all of her with my eyes

Slowly inching closer
Softly trailing my hands up her thighs
Her voice sayís donít do it
Donít take that chance

While her eyes are saying come here baby
Letís do the dance
Her mouth raised in that sexy smile

My hands have reached their destination
Finding her most pleasurable peak
Her voice comes out in a whisper
Saying donít, donít do it
But those thighs start to spread

Knowing I have made her weak
Trembling in anticipation and hesitancy
I start to lick and kiss my way south
Suddenly I feel her hands in my hair
Fingernails digging in my shoulders

Her voice is saying something but it isnít clear
Her body starts to move at a slow tempo
My tongue hits the top of her triangle

Then I realize the sound isnít coming from her mouth
Her pussy is saying
Yes you should
Yea u could
And u know u damn well would

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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