Jai L.

We were kissing. Deep, long-soft, hard lip sucking, tongue twirling kisses. Were we saying Hello or Goodbye? I wasn't sure, but I was warm and she felt hot against my skin. I pressed her against the door as her hands fumbled with my shirt. Soon I was topless and her lips, her warm lips were sucking my nipples, I was wet and throbbing.
Our eyes were locked, her hands slowly rubbed my arms as I unbuttoned her blouse. Those small ass buttons! I wasn't willing to take any more time for those small buttons, so I pulled her blouse open sending buttons flying into the air and onto the floor. She gasped smiling at me, "Damn, It's like that?!" I didn't break my stare as I smiled licking my lips. Unsnapping her bra exposing her doubled dipped chocolate breasts. Touching them, holding them in my hands, I pulled her nipples and she moaned. I kissed her neck, licked her ear, nibbled on her chin before I kissed and sucked, sucked and kissed her soft warm lips. Her moans were exciting to me and the way she ran her hands over my back and neck, gripping my ass. But she pushed me away, telling me "Don't start something that we can't finish!"
Now don't get me started, because it wasn't that our sex wasn't good. Wait....Damn....ahhh, Now I remember. This was a goodbye.
You see our relationship was stale mated by our inability to demand a committed relationship from the other. We both thought we could handle a I'll Fuck You Whenever Thang, but who were we fooling. That was eight months ago and feelings change and I guess I realized that I was falling in love with her. Yes, I said it. Funny how saying those words to you just flowed from my lips, but to say them to her was next to impossible.
You know what?!!! I apologize for being rude. I'm Jacs, it's short for Jacqueline and the SHE I've been referring to is Lois.
Well needless to say her comment stopped me dead in my tracks. Lois was right, she came to pick up the rest of her things. I went into the bedroom to retrieve a letter that I had written for her. When I came into the living room Lois was looking for another blouse. "Hey I'm sorry for your blouse, I got carried away." I handed her the letter.
She looked at me. "What's this?" she asked.
"Just some thoughts and maybe some answers." I replied.
She sat on the couch as she took the envelope. "Can I read it now or do I have to wait till later?"
I walked away looking for my shirt. "You can read it whenever." I put my shirt on and leaned against the wall waiting for her to say something else.
Instead, she got up meeting me by the wall. "Here, I don't want this. I'm standing right here. Say whatever it is you wrote in that letter to me now, Jacs."
I just stood there looking goofy. Lois rolled her eyes at me and turned to walk away when I grabbed her arm. With my head down and in a low tone I asked her, "Hey where you going? Girl, don't you know that I love you?" Lois just stared at me. I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her holding her tight. "I love you and don't know what to do about it." I said.
Lois was looking in my face, studying me. She was touching my face with tears rolling down hers. Almost in a whisper she said, "I didn't want to leave. I'm suppose to be here with you." She kissed my neck and I moaned. She whispered "Were you going to let me leave? Let me get away?"
I wanted to say something, but I kissed her. Long and hard, all tongue. Lois moaned and held on to me tighter as I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me and I pressed her against the wall. I was grinding on her as she grabbed my ass pulling me into her. I got us into the bedroom and sat her on the bed. She started at my belt, button, zipper. Sliding my pants down she buried her face in my sex and moaned. The heat from her breath gave me "girl wood." I moaned loudly, "Ooooo shit!!!" That's when my shorts and Lois went down to the floor.
With her face in my pussy, she starts talking and sucking. "Ooooo, I was gonna to miss all this ass and good pussy!" She dug her nails in my ass as she sucked my clit. I came hard and fast, I couldn't push her off me and I was about to fall over when she let me go.
Lois stood up and got naked. In all her glory "damn" is all I could say. Wrong! I told Lois to, "Bend it over!"
"Oh Shit," is all she said.
Ass up - face down, this was one of our favorites. I was strapping up watching her play with her wet ass pussy, all that sweet ass and juicy kat just waiting for me.
Rubbing her ass, Lois moaned. I kissed and licked each cheek, she moaned louder. I licked the palm of my hand and slapped both her cheeks. Lois screamed and pulled at the bed sheets. "Baby, Just tell me, say it again."
I kissed her stinging cheeks and whispered into the crack of her ass, "I Love You." I tongued her crack and she squealed.
One finger, two fingers that was cool. I worked Lois' hot ass pussy until she begged for my Girl Dick. "When you gonna fuck me, Daddy? You know I need it!" That was my cue. Behind her, I ran the tip of my dick up and down her pussy. She was trying to get it in her. All hot and wet I tapped her clit with the tip. I slid in her hole, burying it. She screamed, "Oh shit!" Holding her by hips, I gave her short pumps till she pushed back to meet me. Then, I long stroked her. Slapping against her harder with each stroke, Lois began to growl and whimper. The sheets were pulled off, sweat covered her back as I went on giving her what she wanted. When I pulled out, Lois collapsed on the bed on the bed breathing heavy.
I wasn't finished with her, I slapped her ass and told her, "Turn over." On her back, I took a long look at her and in that instant I knew the she was The One, My Heart, My Love. It was weird staring at her this one time, like so many other nights, but this night was different.
I took off my strap and lay beside her. She asked, "Is something wrong?"
"No, I just wanted to lay with you for a moment and watch you." Then. the words just began to flow. "You make me love you so deeply that I hurt. I was so scared that you were going to leave."
Lois was still breathing hard when the tears began to fill her eyes. She placed her hand on my chest and whispered, "I breathe when you breathe, our hearts beat the same song. Baby, you're in my soul." I had tears rolling out the corner of my eye into my ears. She wiped away my tears as she rolled on top of me and I held her.
Lois brushed her lips along my ear and neck, moving against me. She was turning me on. "Ooooo baby, I want you so bad. Touch me, baby. Just fuck me!" My hands were all over her body, cupping her ass helping her to grind against me. She kissed me hard, sucking my bottom lip, biting my chin. I tried to roll over on top, but Lois said "No!" and held me down as she sucked hard on my neck. (I haven't had a hickey in years.) She was a lot more aggressive now, she moaned and grunted as she worked for her climax. I was so fucking excited and her orgasm was near, she sweated as her muscles tightened and her breathing got deep. That orgasm was hard. "Ah-shit, Ooooo Fuck Daddy-Mmmm- Damn, Oh-shit Here.. Here it comes. Ahhhh!"
Lois was still cumming, her body jerking as I rolled her over laying between her legs. Her hot pussy on mine, she was on automatic opening wide for me, all pussy. Her scent filled the room and I couldn't take it, I rode her to one of the hardest orgasms yet. I know it only took a few minutes for me to cum. So fast and hard I humped her, my head was light and I couldn't catch my breath. There was no talking or cussing I just came. My clit was still throbbing as I lay on my back.
I didn't remember her moving but I felt her lips on my clit sucking away. Her tongue was between my lips and in and out my hole, I couldn't push her off me, but I didn't want to. Nice and slow she serviced me, my diamond hard clit she caressed, I came again. Lois sucked my pussy dry, kissed my lips, my stomach, tongued my navel before she laid her head on my chest and played with my nipples. We didn't speak, and in this case actions did speak louder than words.
There were no more goodbyes, just hellos in this house of love.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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