The flight back to Charlotte was quite long and I’d been plagued by dreams of her, my Sunshine. Though it’s been two years since I had last seen her, I could still feel her and missed her terribly. I made a mental note to contact her once I stepped into the cab that would whisk me back to my job. Instead of going straight to the office I stopped by Jus Fresh and picked up a few oblong cucumbers, a couple of Sobes, and a mixed bag of mints and cough drops.

I spoke to the security guard upon entering the building and smiled as I walked past. “Good to see you back home, Ms. Paul.”

“Good to be back Sam how’s the wife and kids?”

“Oh they’re fine, thanks for asking.”

“So what’s with all of the construction on Tryon?”

“Well the big boys wanted some anti terrorism measures put out on the street so the city is changing the parking signs and moving them away from the major businesses.”

“Well Sam, I’d better get going. I don’t want to miss my first meeting with the new group.”

“Alright Ms. Paul, you have a nice day. Don’t be surprised if the lights go out.”

“It’s okay Sam, I have some candles in my overnight bag.”

I made my way towards the elevator. My thoughts were so engrossed on my meeting that I didn’t notice when she stepped in.

“How are you Ms. Paul”, she said as she turned to look at me.

“I’m fine Ms. Aki, how have you been?” I hoped she didn’t hear the jolt in my voice.

“Oh, all right. I was promoted to a design team last week.”

“Really, well that’s good. Maybe I’ll see you around.” The elevator was nearing my floor and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. Just then, the elevator stopped and the lights went out. “Oh my God, what happened?”

“Well, Sam said that the lights might go out but it shouldn’t last that long.”

“Who’s Sam? One of your female friends?” Aki said with a smirk on her face.

“No, Sam is the security guard that you pass everyday.” I felt my way to the panel and pressed every button but nothing happened. “I think that the generator is going to come on in a few minutes so don’t worry.”

“Well you’re the expert.” Aki said as she backed into a corner.

After what seemed like an hour, we could hear people moving along the walls. “We’re in here!!” she screamed.

“They can’t hear you, the walls were designed such that you can hear them because of the cracks in the door but they can’t hear you.”

“So how are they supposed to know that we are in here?

“Well they will come eventually.” I suddenly remembered the candles. I grabbed my bag and pulled some out and a lighter. “Is that better?”

“Yes, thanks. You were always prepared for anything, weren’t you?”

“Well I just came back into town and didn’t have any time to bring my luggage home. I never leave home without candles and a lighter.”

“Well you wouldn’t happen to have any food in that bag would you?”

“No but I do have some fruit and a green tea Sobe.”

“Oh, my favorite!”

“Yes I know,” I said with a smile. “Why are you still standing up? Are you afraid that I’ll pounce on you”

“Not in the least. They may actually get this thing running and I’d rather be standing up than sitting because I may feel like I’m falling.”

“So tell me more about this new position and what it entails.”

“Well I’ll be the support person to the head web designer. I’ll be in charge of graphics.”

“Really, so when did you get so skilled in graphic design?”

“Well, I took a few classes and gained certification from Queen’s University. I needed to do something other than support people who could have done my job themselves.”

“Well I’m glad to know that you didn’t settle and that you did pursue your dreams.” I didn’t have the notion to tell her that she’d be working closely to my team, in fact so close it might scare her. “So who’s your lead person?”

“Well they haven’t necessarily assigned me to a specific person, just a team. GWD.”

“Oh, they are a good bunch of folks, their lead is very strong minded and detail oriented but you should be able to handle that, shouldn’t you?”

“I suppose I will have to.” “So, what have you been up to these past two years?”

“Wow, has it been that long, since we last spoke? Well I went back to school and got a MS and am thinking of going back and getting a PhD.”

My mind couldn’t help but wander back to our last encounter. I’d come to the house we’d shared and pleaded with her to reconsider her choice to be with someone other than me. Her eyes and body were so cold to my glance and touch I couldn’t stand it. I left and never returned although I thought and dreamt of her more than I would have liked to admit but she was the first woman I had ever fallen in love with.

“Why are you crying?” she asked as she kneeled near me.

“What are you talking about?” I had not noticed the wetness on my face.

The feel of her hand wiping my face sent shivers through me. Though I wanted to hate her for all the tears I cried due to the pain she inflicted I couldn’t help but be intoxicated by the Pleasure she wore. Without thinking twice, I grabbed and kissed her. She tried to push away from me but I held on. With my hand clenched around her twists, I forced her mouth open and claimed what was rightfully mine. Our tongues touched and I felt her body relax.

Though awkward at first, we quickly found our rhythm. My tongue wrapped around hers and her hands wrapped around my neck as she straddled my waist. From her lips to her neck, my tongue reveled in the sharpness of her. Her taste, so pleasing to my palate satiated my heart and soul. Once I reached her valley, I could feel her hips moving to a primal beat. I unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped her bra to release her life sustainers. I suckled and lapped until I couldn’t take anymore.

“I need you, I need to feel and taste you. I want your nectar to drip down my chin. My body needs to know if my memories are real, if the taste I remember is correct.”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Do as you will. I need to remember you too.”

I laid her down on the floor and worked her skirt, stockings, and thong off. “No clean underwear huh?”

She laughed, “No!!”

My desire and want of her nearly caused me to rush my voyage but I wanted to savor each touch, sigh, moan, caress, and taste. I started at her temple, kissed every curve, and licked every line. I butterfly kissed her eyes, licked her nose and devoured her mouth. There was no place my tongue left untouched. I drank from the sweat of her neck and valley between her breasts. I flicked, bit, and sucked her nipples until she pushed my head towards her belly. I blew and licked her navel clean, taking care not to rip her piercing. “That’s a nice butterfly, Sunshine.”

“Why are you torturing me? I need you, my nest is throbbing and soaking.”

“I want to take my time.” I bit her for defying and rushing me and decided to slow my journey down even more. Instead of going straight for her pearl, I took an alternate route. I licked and bit the insides of her thighs, the backs of her knees, and her ankles. I sucked her toes and licked her feet until she cried, “Now, please now!! I can’t take it anymore.”

I decided to oblige her because I didn’t want to wait any longer either. My tongue found her pearl throbbing and pulsating, engorged with blood. I nipped, sucked, and flicked it until she screamed. “Shh, I don’t want them to think I’m killing you.” I kissed her labia and pushed my mouth into her opening.

“Oh baby, I’ve missed you! That’s it baby, you do remember. Ooh, that’s my spot!

I removed my tongue from her canal, placed it around her clit, and put my fingers inside of her. I didn’t want it to end just yet but I wanted to hear her call my name and so I placed the two against the inner most right hand corner of her womb and pressed the button that ignited her volcano. I felt the eruption and the waves her muscles made as they clamped down on my hand. Her body tensed in a quarter arch as she screamed, “It’s yours Te, and I’m yours!”

I continued to press her button, not releasing it as her canal released its thirst quenching waters, and bit down on her clit. Her volcano blew it’s top as she quaked and wrapped her legs in a death grip around my back. She sat up, with one hand pushed my head against her body and with the other, she ran her nails up the curve of my back.

“Sunshine!!!!!” I screamed as we came together, falling against the floor with me still wrapped inside her legs and she clinging to my head.

We lay there, silent and still. “I can’t believe we just did this!”

“Why not? We both wanted and needed it.”

“But at what cost Te?”

“I don’t know Sunshine. Why didn’t you ever call? I waited and waited, wishing for your name or number to pop up on my caller id.”

“I couldn’t Te. I couldn’t look you in the face after what I did. You were right all along, Gemini just wanted to fuck me, not love me. I didn’t think you wanted to see me again.”

I sat up and pulled her into my arms. “I always want to see you, feel you, touch you, kiss you. I was and still am in love with you Sunshine.”

“I love you too.” She closed her eyes as I wiped her tears away. “So what do we do now?”

“Now that I remember you and you remember me, I’d like to make love to you like I do in my dreams.” I reached into my bag and pulled out a large cucumber, a mint and cough drop and a condom.

I kissed every inch of her honey Dijon mustard colored skin. My mind reeled in the reality of being here with her and making love to her. I caressed, licked, and sucked every orifice I could. I put both the mint and cough drop into my mouth and circled her clit alternating the mint and cough drop until she screamed out in agony and pleasure.

“Oh Te, don’t stop, it feels so good. Wait, don’t stop.”

I put the cucumber inside of her and continued to lick her all the while rotating my makeshift shaft. Her body was bucking and arching into the air and I knew that she was about to have the explosion of a lifetime. I’d been waiting for it for so long I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to come, yet so I slowed down to a snail’s crawl. I wanted to drag it out as long as possible. I put the cucumber between my legs, opened her legs, wrapped them around my waist, and began the ride of our lives.

I lifted my arms so that I could look down at her to memorize her facial expressions because a part of me knew that it was a chance that we would never be this close again. I wanted to savor every minute, every sigh, moan, and movement she made. She grabbed my neck and I knew that it was about to end. The ride of our lives was about to end. I looked into her eyes and whispered “I love you” before pushing myself into her hard and fast one last time. Her body exploded, I could feel her juices soaking my pants, and she bit my neck just as the last wave ran through her body.

“Oh my God, I love you,” she mumbled through my skin. I kissed her forehead, her nose, and then her. I licked her lips slowly and then kissed her. “I love you too.” I eased her out of her and kissed her again. I pulled her into my arms. “We have to get you dressed.”

“Can’t we wait, I don’t want you to stop holding me yet.”

“I don’t want to let you go either but we have to get you dressed because I believe they have fixed the elevator and I’d hate for them to come up in here on us.” I helped her into her clothes and packed my things back up. We have to appear that nothing is wrong or out of place. We both work here so we have to keep up appearances.”

The elevator slowly inched up to the floor and the door opened. “Hey Ms. Paul, sorry about that, we’ve been trying to get you two out of there but the electricity went out.”

“Thanks Sam, we just had some fruits and conversation. Ms. Aki here needs to get to her meeting and I need to prepare for one. Could you escort her to the meeting room please?”

“Yes, Ms. Paul, I will do that. Again I’m sorry.”

I turned to Sunshine and smiled, “I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.” I turned and went into my office.

I sat at my desk and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I smelled my hand and her scent was still on there. I had to get on with my day. I’d all ready lost three hours but gained a lifetime of memories. My dreams had come true but I had to act as if nothing happened. Unbeknownst to Sunshine, I was her team leader. I went into my private bath and changed my pants with a smile when the memory of how they became wet. I knew that she would be shocked to see me but I wanted her to squirm.

I gathered my papers and walked down the hall into conference room B. I saw her sitting there along side Tom, the computer programmer. She looked beautiful. She had the after glow of love and good sex all around her but it was intensified because we had awesome sex, the kind that leave your eardrums ringing and your back and neck stinging from scratches of love. Luckily for me, my hair is long enough to cover the scratches and love bite on my neck.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Sorry I’m late. I was stuck in the elevator. Luckily for everyone, I was able to read the specs on the plane, so let’s get down to business shall we? I’d like to introduce everyone to our new graphic designer, Ms. Aki. She’s a great talent and has a bright and creative mind, which we will put to great use.”

Everyone introduced himself or herself, and the meeting went ahead without a problem. “That was a good meeting Ms. P, I believe Ms. Aki will do a wonderful job.” Tom said before leaving the room.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were the team leader, my team leader?”

“You didn’t ask and my policy is don’t ask, don’t tell. How are you feeling, are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine, just a little tired.”

“Well take the rest of the day and come back tomorrow, ready and energized to start our campaign.”

“Ok, thanks. I appreciate it.”

I turned away from her and said “Thank you, I appreciated you coming today.”

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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