She watches as her lover leaves and closes the door...

Immediately her spirits begin to drop.... Being a natural submissive, she has engaged in several types of play. Most of the play left her in a serious "sub" space and she was slowly brought out of it...this time was different.

Her lover is older than she is, yet they are compatible. She is tall, slender yet has a muscular cut like no one she has seen. Her smile brightens the room and her eyes look right through her.

They have been seeing each other for almost a year. They were drawn to each other from the first time they laid eyes on each other. Their eyes made a connection like none she has ever seen.

Given that that they are both attached, their relationship has been very secretive...stealing time to get together...fucking or making love in places you would not believe. At first they were just merely sexually attracted to each other, but the more time spent, the more they became connected. They have been through many things together. They almost fell apart because of misunderstandings, but a long time ago, they vowed to never let each other go.

This time they had together was no different from the others, it was intensely erotic, sexually aggressive and tender.....her body conforms to her DOM every move, its as if her body knows exactly what she is going to do. She enjoyed her aggressiveness, how she grabs her when she is being she spanks her ass to get her back in line...she so desires for her DOM to control her, she likes it rough, and her DOM has indeed been rough with her.

As their bodies contort and move rhythmically, she looks her DOM in the eyes and says "i love you, I want you to be mine all the time".....she closes her eyes and takes her DOMs strap even farther inside if her words made her open up even seemed that she was trying to get so far inside of her, to feel what she feels...DOMs strap plummeted into her warm wet juicy pussy..ooohhhhhh she is going to lose her mind!!

She doesn't want this to end......She spreads her legs even wider, she goes deeper,harder, faster....Oh shit, Baby! She tries to control her moans and screams, not wanting her neighbors to hear. " I love you too baby".....they grind more intensely,bodies rising and falling, with the sounds of her moans...she has entered that deep sub space...she can't breathe, can't talk, she floats as she holds her tight, commanding her to cum......Oh yessss, Baby!

She grabs her DOM tighter as she catches the load from her pussy......her body collapses on hers, she so loves the feel of her Doms hot body resting on her juicy thick body.

Time is of the essence, she must leave....she jumps up, helps her up and they both make their way downstairs....she helps her get dressed, she kisses her tenderly and.....She watches as her lover leaves and closes the door....

she stands there, still in space, and then the drop.....

(Many don't know what sub drop happens when a bottom or submissive drops too quickly from an intense scene or situation.)

She realizes that she is more attached her DOM now than before. She is more attached to her on a whole new level now...she is emotionally tied....her whole day is a struggle...she didn't know that because she left so quickly, it didn't give her the opportunity to come down....she cried most of the day.....she got through it was hard, but it was able to function...She has decided that she must communicate to her what she is feeling...its a must. She focuses on her life as a girlfriend....but her body misses her lover terribly........

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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