by teddiv

Caught off guard
Just waking up out my sleep
Yeah I heard the beep beep
Not thinking, rubbing my eyes, reading your text
Don't think it registered yet
What?! Not realizing who's saying this
Then it hits me like ton of bricks
Words flowing together, words flowing apart
Nah man this can't be, it's too hard
Got to take them slow
Really don't want to read anymore
Dissecting each line, trying to understand
But don't really want to comprehend
It's right here in front of me, no denying
How could this be, as I try to rewind
Scrolling down the text, damn that's it, nothing left
No hi, no goodbye, no sorry see you later
Just cold and blunt
Straight to the point
On any given day it would have been cool
Just not today not being somebody else's fool
Taking deep breaths
Gaining My composure
Deciding now to respond to this exposure
What's it worth to go back and forth
Not a second
Nor a minute
Or any hour
Nothing changes
Expressions of feelings felt
Just a twinge of anger and hurt
Got to let go again
Thank God there's not to much to mend
Everything seemed right
Everything on point
Just one single issue that you couldn't bear
Over and done with
Closing that book
Not sorry I met you
Just sorry I got hooked

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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