Sonya Michele

"So Chandler, last night! Damn! We were on it. I can't believe we worked that femme all night long! Just you and me, I felt like I was in a movie or something. You sure hooked that one up!" Angel said smiling, reminiscing about the ménage a trios she and her best friend/fellow playa Chandler (aka Strap) had the night before.
"Yea, Angel that will be something I will never, ever forget. Honey was fine and freaky." Chandler said laughing and giving her best friend dap before noticing the beauty that just had walked through the door.
"Damn baby! You hella fine! Holding all that beauty within you! Uhm! Uhm! Uhm! Damn!" Chandler said shaking her head at the fly, full sized sister who had just entered the bar.
"What up Angel?" the afro centric young woman said sounding a bit cynical.
"Not a damn thing." Angel said rolling her eyes at the woman who had just graced the bar.
"Hey Angel. how you know her?" Chandler asked which a look of intent.
"Ah. I just know her. She hangs out sometimes. What are you asking for? Stick, you know she ain't your type." Angel said trying to drop the subject.
'maybe not, but hey, she is fine and I am Chandler! You know the femmes love The Stick!" Chandler said laughing giving her some dap. "Now observe a playa getting her game on!"
Angel shook her head taking a sip of her drink as she watched her best friend make her way to the beautiful young lady she had been ogling. This woman had it going on. Ebony coated brown skin tone with eyes, deep brown and piercing. A smile so bright and inviting that Chandler had no choice but to step to her, but there was something different about this woman. No, she wasn't Chandler's type when it came to hourglass figures, but her face was inviting and for the first time in her life Chandler was a bit apprehensive in regards to approaching her. She looked back at her best friend and nodded her head and kept stepping.
"Hi. How are you doing tonight?" she greeted the beautiful stranger.
"I'm all right, and you?" she said enticingly looking Chandler up and down.
Cool and no attitude, Chandler thought to herself. "I'm fine. My name is Chandler." She extending her hand.
"Well hello, Chandler. My name is Lana. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said looking as fine as ever.
"Same here. I"ve never seen you here before. Is this your first time here?" Chandler asked trying to find out what was up with her.
"Well actually it is. Does it show?" she asked nervously.
"Nah. You"re pretty cool about it. You here alone?"
"Well yes. I am here by my little lonesome." She said as she gestured to herself.
'that's straight. Can I get you something to drink?" Chandler asked, trying to be a gentlewoman.
"Sure a Hennessy on the rocks, that's my drink there!"
Chandler looked at her and smiled, surprised by the warm reception she got in talking with Lana. "Hey Trish, can I get a couple of Hennessey on the rocks." Trish smiled and fixed the drinks. "Would you like to sit down?" Chandler asked praying that Lana would say yes.
'that would be nice." The couple took a booth close to the dance floor.
The feeling Chandler received from Lana was warm and receptive. The conversation was intellectual, humorous, and very inviting. Lana could sense that Chandler was just the femme's stud for they were rudely interrupted on a couple of times.
"So tell me Chandler what's Stick stand for?"
Chandler smirked and looked Lana straight in the eyes and replied. "Nothing. Just a stupid nick name! Don't pay attention to these women up in here."
"Well you are a handsome stud, and I am sure you gets much play." She said running her finger along Chandler's hand.
Chandler gazed deep into Lana's eyes letting her know that it was her she was interested in. The DJ was slamming for a week night, and they both were feeling the vibes. "Would you like to dance?" Chandler asked.
"Why yes. I would love to dance."
Chandler peeped that Lana was quite a dancer; they were both flowing to the sounds of Fat Joe's "Lean Back" when the DJ suddenly mixed in a slow tune of Aaliyah's "One In A Million".
Chandler stopped and looked at Lana letting her know through eye contact that she wasn't ready to leave the dance floor. She reached out and pulled her close. Her body was so soft, so inviting and she smelled good.
As the slow, passionate song played, their bodies found the perfect groove and before long they were slowly grinding to the beat. Lana could feel Chandler's womanhood pressing against her thigh. It was then that she smiled rubbing the back of Chandler's neck, now knowing where the nickname came from.
They had a strong chemistry going on. Chandler was feeling Lana, and Lana was damn sure feeling her, neither wanting the night to end. Chandler walked Lana to her car. "Chandler. I really had a nice time tonight. Thanks for making me feel comfortable."
"Nah, thank you for making me feel comfortable. Maybe we can get together some other time, like real soon." Chandler replied.
They both stood there looking at one another for what seemed like an endless moment when Lana reached out and took Chandler's hands into her hands, and looked deep into her eyes and gently kissed her. A soft, sensuous, kiss. Chandler stood there and melted in her mouth.
"Good – Bye Chandler." Lana winked and waved to her as she slowly turned and walked away.
"Later Lana, and do be safe." Lana got into her black 2004 Ford Explorer and drove off into the night, and for Chandler, well she had them digits. That night she fell fast asleep with a beautiful image of Lana gracing her sweet, sweet dreams.

The next day Chandler could not get Lana off of her mind. She was impatiently waiting for Angel at The Café, located on the strip, wanting to vent all her securities and insecurities on the way she was feeling in regards to this beautiful young lady she had met the night before.
Angel pulled up with her masculinity definitely showing. She was sporting a Kobe Bryant throwback, saggy long matching NBA shorts with matching Nike Tennis Shoes. Angel was an attractive stud and she was always on point when it came to her gear, something she took personally.
"What up butch?" Chandler said smiling and peeping her home girl's attire. "Like the pumps, baby!" She said jokingly, shaking and hugging her best friend.
"Yea. I know you do, playa. Don't try and perp!" Angel said sarcastically.
"Nah. You got it on the gear tip. Me, I'm just a hip hop kid when it comes to looking good!"
The two ordered a couple of drinks and gazed out on the scenery. "So Stick, what's up with ole girl? You seemed intrigued, or was that part of your little game that you run on them before you hit and quit?" Angel asked.
Chandler took a deep breath before going on to say. "You know Angel. Although I know myself, my history with women, and you are damn sure right, she definitely is not my type when it comes to the physical attributes, but there is something about her. It's like there is something more than physical beauty this time. Our conversation was intellectual, she is intelligent, not like other girls I'm usually interested in." She pauses and looks directly at Angel and goes on to say, "Or maybe for the first time in my life I listened and it went beyond everything else. Lana's a beautiful woman and I want to get to know her more than on an intimate level."
"Well, I hope if you really like this girl you will be straight up with her and no games!" Chandler was distracted by the sexy young femme that had just walked into the café. Angel peeped the flirtatious exchange of looks between the two. "Chandler you listening to me? Ah! See Stick. You ain't changed! I knew it. You so full of shit!" Angel said gloating.
"Hey. Come on now! It was just a look. And why you tripping? You know Lana or something? And how you know she gonna have any holla for me anyways?"
"I'm sure she will playa. I'm just saying I know Lana from around the way and she's a good girl, so no head games, ok? Give me a call later." Angel said jingling her keys while peeping the honey that walked in earlier.
Chandler sat at the table sipping on her juice while in deep thought. She pulled out her cell phone flipping through the numbers until she reached Lana's number. She didn't get a chance to dial it.
"Hey Chandler. Busy this afternoon?" The sexy young vixen whispered in her ear. Chandler turned catching the whiff of sweet fragrance the fine young lady had on.
"Nah. Not really." Chandler replied.
"Well. Why don't you give me a call. I mean we did vibe the other night, and it seems as if you have lost my number." She said in a luscious, innocent voice while sliding her number into Chandler's hand. Chandler reminisced about that particular night before answering.
"I just might." Chandler answered back. Chandler looked at the number. "Lisa. Hum. Nice…Very Nice. I remember." Chandler thought watching her gracefully exit the café.
She ain't about nothing, Angel thought to herself as she looked at her best friend. She shook her head profusely before driving off.

"Now, Lana. I know you know all about "lil" Mr. Chandler "Stick" Collins? The infamous playa that is known to turn femmes out with her big lil member?" the caller on the phone said sarcastically while Lana carefully filed her fingernails. "She has that thing attached to her on the regular. Now she is fine as hell but damn. What's up with all that? And you know how she roll, that girl will turn you out and you will be all in love and shit, be careful what you wish for!"
"I know, but talking to her was so different. It's like I knew what was up with her, but she didn't fold to all the hype. I felt a realness with her. You know she probably won't even call. So I am not going to stress, but she is…" Lana's voice trailed off for thoughts of Chandler were mos def crossing her mind.
"But what Lana?" the caller on the other end of the phone asked realizing her friend was yearning to get with Chandler.
"If she calls. I"ll take my chances, and we will see if I can handle game like she and that little stud friend of hers play all the time." Lana said looking at herself in the mirror.
"Well, we will soon see, and don't go getting yourself hurt, ok?"

Chandler got into her car thinking about the digits she had in her hand, and how she had nothing else to do. She was heavily sidetracked by the sensuous thoughts of Lana.
What the hell, she thought to herself as she dialed Lana's number.

The phone beeped and Lana looked down at the screen and a look of surprise came over her face. "Hey girl, it's her! It's Chandler!" she said doing a little dance.
"Well answer the damn thing!" the caller replied. "I"ll talk to you ladda once the game plan is in tact"

"Hello, Lana. It's me Chandler. How are you doing?"
Lana just about melted listening to Chandler's soft sultry deep voice. "Hi Chandler. I'm fine, and how are you doing?"
"I'm cool. I was wondering if maybe you might want to do something this evening?" Chandler asked hoping that Lana didn't have any plans.
"I would love that." Lana said sounding excited.
'that's cool. How about you give me directions to your place, and I will pick you up about six."
Lana hung the phone up and did a little dance singing. "It's on tonight! It's on tonight!"

In speaking with Lana the previous evening Chandler had learned a little something about the beauty that intrigued her. She was single, just getting out of a short term relationship in which she felt like her ex was ashamed of being with her seeing as they never did anything. Chandler sensed her insecurities. She didn't go out to clubs much, which explained why Chandler had never seen her in the regular dyke circle before. All Chandler knew was that this was a woman that she definitely wanted to get to know on a more intimate level.
Chandler walked up to Lana's apartment eagerly anticipating the evening. She was looking rather fly in her Double-Breasted Black Suit. Lana opened the door looking fine as usual. Chandler was at a loss for words. "Lana. Why you look exquisite. I have something for you." Chandler handed her a bouquet of red roses she had hiding behind her back.
Lana was wearing an eggplant mock-wrap skirt with an iridescent amethyst silk blouse. "Oh Chandler. You are so sweet. Come in, make yourself comfortable."
"You have a nice place here." Chandler said sitting down on the couch.
"Yea, it's home, my place of refuge." Lana placed the roses in a crystal vase. 'they smell so good Chandler. Thank you."
"Well. Let's go I have dinner reservations for seven." Chandler said helping Lana with her jacket.
Chandler had reservations at Mirrors, a gay friendly restaurant out of the way. It was romantic with an atmosphere where you didn't have to be cautious of your inhibitions. "Chandler this place is really elite. Do you bring all your girl's here?" Lana asked.
"No. I thought this place just fit. Especially for a woman with your prestigious character." Lana blushed and took a sip of her wine.
After dinner, neither one of them wanted to go out. And seeing a movie didn't sound to cool either. So Chandler stopped at the café to pick up a couple of slices of double chocolate cake, and a couple of iced cappuccinos.
She is so sweet and admirable this can't be the person everyone swears is a dog. Lana thought while watching Chandler order desert.
Chandler returned to the car with the bag full of deserts. "Where to, beautiful one?" she asked licking her luscious lips.
Damn she sexy… Lana thought. 'my place, and Chandler. If I forget to tell you later. I had a lovely time this evening."
Lana asked Chandler to make herself at home as she lit every candle in the house. "Would you like a glass of White Zinfandel?" she asked.
"Yes. That sounds relaxing." Chandler replied with that deep, sensualistic voice of hers.
"Hey you. You startled me. I thought you were in the dining room?" Lana asked Chandler.
"Well Lana. There's one thing you will learn about me. I don't like being all alone, in a room by myself."
Chandler was standing directly in front of Lana. Lana took a deep breath inhaling in Chandler's soft cologne. She was so close that she could feel Chandler's warm breath on her neck which had her growing weaker by the minute.
Chandler kissed her gently. She looked at her and pulled her body close holding her tightly while rubbing her fingers up and down her body. Chandler kissed Lana passionately her tongue exploring Lana's mouth. Lana was lost in ecstasy, the warmth of Chandler's breath was intoxicating and the soft tip of her fingers caressing the back of her neck was sending chills down her spine.
Their bodies began to rock together in a slow grind and Lana could feel the hardness of Chandler's strap on. It was an enticement that sent a rift of wetness through her panties.
Chandler pulled away but still holding Lana not quite knowing if she crossed the line. "You wanna go to the front room? Listen to some music?" she asked not wanting to let her go.
"We can listen from my bedroom." Lana said faintly.
Chandler took a deep breath before asking.Are you sure it's not too soon? I mean I don't want to disrupt this flow with us doing something we might regret."
"No baby. I don't see that happening." Lana said softly in Chandler's ear, and with that Lana took her hand and led her to the bedroom.
Lana's room was lit dimly. The walls shimmered of pastel colors. She led Chandler to the four poster canopy bed that had white, elegant sheers draping down to the floor. The scent of French Vanilla filled the room. Lana slowly unbuttoned Chandler's shirt to unveil a white wife beater she reached down to reveal Chandler's ripped set of caramel abs. Lana's hand caressed her stomach, and Chandler trembled taking Lana's hand slightly pushing her back. She looked at Lana wanting to take in the whole moment. Chandler kissed Lana and whispered in her ear, "I want to taste you, and I know you"re gonna like it."
Lana felt her temperature rising. Chandler began undressing Lana, captivated by the sweet aroma of her fragrance. Chandler looked into the mirror that was located behind them and she fell in love with the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen. Lana's body was flawless. It turned her on in a way that she had never been turned on before. Her skin was so soft and smooth. Chandler laid Lana down on the bed and looked down upon her. She bent over and kissed her one last time upon her wet, inviting lips. She than began kissing her entire body giving her a warm, wet sponge bath with her tongue. "Oh Chandler. It feels so good."
Chandler's fingers were massaging her body in a way that was electrifying. Her tongue ran down the center of her stomach stopping at her navel. Lana was lost in her own little world. Chandler flicked her tongue in and out of her navel, while gently rubbing her pout and hard nipples.
"Chandler. Baby come here. Put it on me!" Chandler obliged her tongue flicking at Lana's erect nipples. Chandler sucked soft and hard peaking Lana's arousal. Chandler reached down to feel in between her legs. Lana could hear Chandler softly moaning while reaching down to feel the wetness between her legs. "Oh baby…you drippin like a well." Chandler whispered placing her wet lubricated finger inside her mouth licking off the sugar walls of Lana.
Lana began arching her body up wanting more, she wanted Chandler to find her way to her love canal which was dripping with the nectar of her sweet bodily scent. Chandler sensed that Lana was about to explode, she again placed her finger deep inside of Lana bringing a sensuous loud moan from her. She finger fucked her slowly while placing her mouth directly over her lips sucking in her clit. Lana was grabbing at her head bucking with her tongue which was expertly flicking away at her hard, slippery pearl. Chandler could feel her heart racing through her pussy, she could hear her soft moans becoming louder. Lana grabbed onto Chandler's head full of hair and screamed. Oh my God! It was then that she felt her clitoris engorge and explode into a climax. Lana let out a passionate scream.
"Chandler. Oh baby. Chandler. It feels so good!" Chandler held on to her clit until her body subsided from the orgasm. They laid there for a moment.
"Chandler. Sweetheart. What was that?" she asked quietly running her fingers through Chandler's hair. Chandler looked up and winked at her while rising from the bed. She said nothing and unbuckled her pants her hardness staring Lana directly in the face. "Chandler. You are beautiful." Chandler placed her fingers deep inside of Lana's wetness and rubbed them on the strap lubricating her member.
"Oh my goodness." Lana said in a faint voice. Chandler opened up Lana's legs and straddled her. "Chandler. Chandler." Lana said over and over.
Chandler entered her slowly holding her hands above her head. Lana gyrated with her. Chandler closed her eyes and started with a faster motion with Lana screaming in ecstasy. Chandler slowed down and kissed Lana, her tongue fucking the inside of Lana's mouth, which was warm and wet. Chandler eased out of Lana's wetness turning her over to enter her from the back. She ran her fingers down Lana's back fucking her doggy style. "Chandler. You are fucking the shit out of this pussy! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" Chandler was bucking and slapping Lana's ass, she was moaning her climax nearing. Her hardness was entering her so easily and the vibration from the strap was so intense. Although the two were fucking out of control there was something about their synchronicity that was sweet and passionate.
"Lana. Lana. Oh Lana! I'm cumin baby….my dick is about to break off in you! Chandler screamed her body ramming into Lana's endless wet world. Chandler could feel Lana's pussy well up against her hardness and they both climaxed, their bodies shaking in what seemed liked endless convulsions.
Chandler held Lana until her body calmed from the orgasmic heaven she had just encounter. Chandler looked down upon her angelic face and thought to herself, I have finally found her. She kissed her forehead softly and fell into a sedative deep sleep.
Chandler was awakened by her cell phone, they both jumped. She looked at the clock and noticed that it was two-thirty in the morning. "Damn. Who in the hell is this." She thought before peeping the screen. It read Private. Chandler turned her phone off and fell back asleep.

The weekend was filled with lovemaking and sweet times for Chandler. This was the first time in her life that she felt totally captivated by that special feeling of love. As she entered her apartment exhausted from the weekend she reached for her phone and called her best friend. "Angel. Playa! Get with me! Meet me at The Café this afternoon. I wanna holla at you!"
Angel was at The Café before Chandler. Who walked in like she was walking on air. "What's up Chandler? Ain't heard from you in a couple of days. What you been up to?" she asked shaking her girl's hand.
"Ah man Angel. you won't even begin to piece this one together, but Lana. She has opened my world to a whole nother level. I mean she is the most phenomenal woman that I have ever met. I'm a new me." She said ordering a Slushie.
"Oh yea. I don't know about all that. You just been in-house playing. Once you get out into the real world. I'm sure the old Chandler will be easy to find." Angel said sarcastically.
"Nah. I don't think so. This girl is everything that I have ever wanted. I believe she is what I have been missing. I feel so brand new. I have a likeness for me. It's hard to explain, but I'm a happy that's new. A happy that makes me like the new me."
"That's good to hear playa. I'm happy for you." Angel said dryly.
Chandler sensed something wrong with her friend. "Angel, you all right?"
"Yea Stick. I'm cool. Just a little tired, late night. You know about those!" She said laughing to herself.
"Anyone I know?" Chandler asked.
"Nope. No one you know. Hey holla back at me, ok!"
"Yea. I"ll get back at you. Maybe we can run the courts tomorrow." Chandler suggested.
"Sounds like a plan to me. Check you tomorrow!"
Chandler watched her best friend make her way out of the door wondering what was up with her, when she was approached by the cutie that had given her the digits. "So Chandler. How you gonna play me that day I gave you my number? You know me and you had a little sumthin-sumthin going on and you just gonna leave me hanging! How you gonna do a sista like that?"
"Well. You know how it is sometimes." Chandler says smiling.
The sound of a cellie echoes. Chandler reaches down to answer the ring. "Hey Lana." Chandler says making it relevant to Lisa that she is in the command of another at this time. Lisa doesn't let on that it bothers her at all. "So I will see you a little ladda, ok sweetheart. Peace, and be safe." Chandler said hanging up the cellie.
"So. Ms. Chandler has her a little girlfriend. So how soon you gonna let this one go?" Lisa asked.
"I may not. But I tell you what, I got your digits, and I mos def will hit you up when time permits. Cool?"
"Yea. Cool. Stick. Holla at me ladda." Lisa replied.
Chandler smirked finished her drink, and exited The Café.

"What's my baby doing? Thinking bout me?" Chandler said sneaking up on Lana who was busy washing her Explorer.
"Well of course sweetheart, always." Lana said kissing Chandler softly on the lips.
"So what's been going on with you Lana?" Chandler asked hoping that Lana would have a plan of spending some time with her.
"Well, I have plans this evening, but you and I can hook up this afternoon and kick it for awhile." Lana said drying her truck off.
Chandler grew quiet, her mind wondering what plans Lana could have for the evening. I know I ain't sweating what this girl is doing tonight? That ain't me!
"Chandler. What's up? You game for this afternoon?" Lana asked.
"Oh, yea, of course baby. Let me go home and get freshened up. You want me to come get you?" she asked.
"Nah. I"ll come get you, see you at two. O'clock that is!" Lana said as she winked at Chandler and drove off.
Chandler watched the shiny Black Explorer with thoughts of her conversation with Lana encompassing her head.

Chandler checked her watch again for the millionth time before dialing Lana's cell. She felt distraught as Lana's voice mail came on for the fifth time, it was now six o"clock and she had not heard from Lana. She then dialed her home phone number it rang five times before the answering machine turned on.
"Hello. This is Lana, and I am not available at this time, if you leave your name and number I"ll be glad to get back with you. Bye now."
"Lana, this is Chandler. It is now six o" clock and I have not heard from you. I'm a little worried and hoping that all is well with you. Please return my call." Chandler replied into her cellie growing impatient she put on her jacket and made her way out the door.
"Hey you." The pretty young girl yelled waving at Chandler.
"Lisa. Hey. What are you doing here?" Chandler said distracted with thoughts of Lana occupying her mind.
"My sister lives in G building." Lisa said looking rather voluptuous in her orange halter top and matching short-shorts. She strutted over to Chandler in her high heeled shoes looking like a sexual angel sent down to tempt the devil herself.
Uhm…uhm…uhm! Chandler thought as Lisa walked towards her.
"So what's up with Mr. Stick this evening? Did I catch you on your way out?" she asked Chandler running her finger down the side of her neck.
Chandler backed away looking at Lisa very suspiciously. "What you want, Lisa?" she asked.
"You know exactly what I want Chandler." Lisa admitted.
"Well, I was on my way out, take a ride, you know." She said jingling her keys.
"Can I come?" Lisa said laughing making light of her question.
"No. Don't think so, I'm not looking for company right now. Sorry." Chandler said opening her car door.
"Chandler. You ain't got no where to go, you look rather bewildered to me. Why don't you and me go inside, hit this tree, and sip on a little drink. My bag here is getting heavy and I'm a little lonely." Lisa said whispering softly in Chandler's ear. Chandler sat in the seat of her car and dialed Lana's number once more. No answer. She placed her phone back in her pocket and arose from the seat of her car closed the door and replied.
"Come on Lisa."
Lisa smiled and followed in behind the stud of her dreams.

"Chandler why you seem so bewildered tonight? Where's your mind at?" Lisa asked Chandler while taking a puff. Chandler took a sip of her drink and slurred.
Lisa got up and changed Chandler's CD player to a disc she had been carrying in her bag. The music was slow and sensual. Lisa dimmed the lights and closed the blinds. She began to dance, her body glistening while moving slow and sensual. Chandler knew where this was going to end and she wanted to dispel the player image, she was falling in love with Lana and she didn't want to make the mistake of breaking her heart for it was her heart which she had pined for, but where was Lana? She hadn't spoke with her since earlier in the afternoon.
"Chandler, come here for a minute. Take your mind off what you are thinking about. You are here with me, and I am here with you. It don't have nothing to do with no one else." Lisa said unloosening the string on her halter top revealing pout erect and dark nipples. She backed up and continued her dance as Chandler took another hit of the Tequila her head spinning from the buzz. "there's so much I want to show you, Stick, so much I want to show you." Lisa said seductively as she moved atop of Chandler.
Chandler inhaled her sweet perfume which was faintly giving way to the smell of blunt smoke. Chandler's heart began to beat faster as she knew her physical self was about to give away to the seductress which stood before her. Chandler reached down to pull off Lisa's shorts only to expose the perfectly shaven, gleaming pussy. Chandler reached in between Lisa's legs to spread them apart. She knew what Lisa wanted when she called her Stick. Chandler unzipped her pants and let her hardness free. Lisa gasped as she gazed up Chandler's strap on. Chandler stood up and let her jeans fall to the floor she picked up Lisa and walked her over to the wall where she entered her and slowly fucked her against the wall with Lisa holding on for dear life. The pleasure was tantalizing, and Chandler increased her speed working the strap in and out, faster and faster. Lisa digging her nails deep into Chandler's back. The two were on a ferocious mission to release their energies into an orgasmic rhythm that would have each screaming the other's name. Chandler bucked hard and fast, Lisa keeping up with her motions.
"Oh Chandler baby, you are whipping this pussy. Oh baby. Oh baby. Oh baby." She said faintly. Chandler's eyes closed concentrating on her own orgasm she let out a grunt and screamed, "Oh shit!"
The two feel to the floor Chandler slowly pumping in and out of Lisa's wet palace. Lisa's body was trembling from the strong cum she had just experienced enjoying the slow sensation she was getting from the wet strap as she came once again.
Chandler slowly pulled out and walked to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror. "What have I just done. I ain't shit!" she thought as she stared at herself. She looked at the wheps on her back from Lisa digging her nails into her skin at the height of the excitement. "Damn. She fucked me up!"
Chandler finished washing and went back out to the living room.
Ring! Ring! Went the sound of Lisa's cell phone. "Hello. Oh yea, I"ll be there soon." She said to the caller on the other end.
"Chandler, baby you think you could give me a ride home? It's just on the other side of town, sweetheart."
Chandler couldn't think of anything better than to get rid of Lisa. "Sure thing, you can get cleaned up in the bathroom and I"ll give you a lift." She pointed Lisa in the direction of the bathroom.
Chandler looked at her cellie hoping that there might be a message but no luck. She dialed Lana's number and once again no answer. "What in the hell is going on?" Chandler thought, her mind spinning not knowing what to do.
"Ok Chandler, make a left here and turn into Oak Park." Lisa said looking in the mirror.
Chandler knew exactly where she was at. Lana lived in Oak Park. "So you live in Oak Park?" she asked Lisa.
"Yes. Do you know peoples in Oak Park, Chandler?"
"Well yea, I know someone." Chandler said checking out the parking lot, spotting Lana's truck parked in front of her building.
"Well Stick you can let me out right here in front of this building here." She said looking at Chandler with a sweet face. "Well Mr. Chandler, it was real, and next time." She said reaching over to kiss Chandler who backed away from her. "Oh you gots a honey out here, huh?" she said laughing as she got out of the car. "Like I said Chandler, until next time."
"there may not be a next time, Lisa." Chandler said with attitude.
"Wanna bet?" Lisa said holding out her hand.
"I never lose Lisa. Ladda." Chandler said backing out.
Chandler drove to the other side of the apartment complex pulling up to Lana's truck. She dialed Lana's number and still no answer. She decided on going to the door and seeing if she was there. She looked at Lana's truck as she walked up the sidewalk only to see that Angel's car was parked right next to the truck.
What the hell? Nah, maybe it's just coincedence, Chandler thought. She walked up to the door and faintly knocked noticing that the apartment was dark. She began to walk away not knowing how to feel, when she heard the door open.
"Chandler. Hey you. What's up?" Lana asked looking mighty fine in her silk white robe.
"Well nothing. What's up with you? Weren't you supposed to come and pick me up let's say about eight hours ago?" Chandler said just realizing to herself how angry she was at being stood up.
"Yes. I was, but I got sidetracked. Chandler baby, why don't you come in? Come on baby, don't be mad at me." Lana said as she opened the door for Chandler.
Chandler walked into the apartment only to find candles burning, she felt as if she was interrupting a romantic setting. "What's up with you? What's going on Lana?"
"Nothing that you would find unusual, Stick."
Chandler noticed the sarcastic tone. She gazed around the room to see a Los Angeles Laker jersey draped on the recliner, she looked down to see the matching Nike's. She arose from the couch and picked up the shoe. "I"ll be damned. Angel." She turned around to see Lana staring at her. "I don't get it Lana, I don't know what's going on here, and I damn sure don't want to be a part of it."
"A part of what Stick? What don't you want to be a part of? Being played, it doesn't feel too good does it? You and Angel think that you can do women anyway you want, well that shit ain't flossin with this sista!"
"Look Lana, I can explain all this, I never knew you and Angel. I didn't know that Angel was the one that played you. I was digging you, mos def! You know that. I was straight up with you." Chandler said walking over to Lana who was beginning to shed tears. Just then the back door to the apartment opened and in walked Lisa.
"Oh shit," Chandler thought to herself.
"Like hell you were Chandler! You just fucked me an hour ago, I bet your back is digging them scars I just put on your ass!"
Chandler turned to walk out the door for she knew she could not explain her way out of this situation.
"Hey Chandler, before you leave why don't you go and get your pathetic little friend the hell out of my bedroom!" Lana demanded.
Chandler turned and walked slowly to the chair to retrieve Angel's clothes. She looked at Lana one last time and shook her head, feeling lost. She walked into the bedroom to find Angel tied up to the headboard with duck tape over her mouth, her skin fire red due to the lashing Lana had given her. She untied her friend from the headboard and threw her clothes at her. "Put these on. Let's get the hell out of here!"
"Don't ever come back here! Neither one of you! You hear me! Get the hell out of my house!" Lana said throwing Angel's shoes at the both of them as they pitifully walked out the door.
The two walked to their cars feeling the defeat. Never turning to say bye to one another, it was if their friendship had finally been tainted by their infidelities to the beautiful women they courted.
The shower was steaming and refreshing and it was there that Chandler succumbed to the pain she had bared on others.
With a towel wrapped around her athletic body, she opened up the night stand next to her bed and opened the drawer which was full of strap-ons. She pulled the drawer out, walked to the kitchen and emptied the drawer--throwing away all her indiscretions.

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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