You know I have been called a lot of names - philanderer, slut, whore, dyke. And you know what? I am all those things – and more. You see I believe there is nothing wrong with fucking. As a matter of fact, I love to fuck. Quickies, long extended fuck fests, one partner, two, a gangbang - It’s all pleasure to me, and why should I deny myself?
Saturday night. Damn, I’m horny. How do I want to find my fuck for this evening? I could get online and grab one of my regulars. No, I don’t think so. I feel like hunting tonight. Let’s get the bait ready. Six-inch stilettos and micro mini with no panties. My clean-shaven puss peeks out whenever I take a step. Tube top corralling the 36DD twins in. Locs piled high, falling around my face. A touch of mascara and lipstick and I’m ready.
The Meat Market. I love that name. It is a very apt description. Anyone that enters this particular bar is looking for some serious play for the night. Woe to any vanilla swinger that accidentally falls into this place. They will be chewed up, spit out and left wondering what the hell just happen.
Deciding there were enough potentials to start my hunt I glided out onto the dance floor. I love to dance with myself in the mirror. I look so sexy I can’t help but touch myself. Before long, a shark swims into my waters. I know she is a shark because I can smell a shark a mile away. She darts in and begins cruising me in earnest. Sliding a finger between my moist neither lips I allow the shark to sample my flavor. Seems like she likes it as she slides closer pressing herself against me. I allow the touch for a while but quickly grow bored of her technique. You can tell how a woman will fuck you by the way she dances and from what I can tell, this one lacks the rhythm necessary to handle my needs. With no remorse, I turn and leave the shark swimming alone in her own stale waters. Heading to the bar, I order a drink before wandering toward the backrooms.
The backrooms of the Meat Market were a voyeur’s paradise. On any given night, you can watch a flogging, a gangbang, or just about anything else your mind can conjure. Looking into the first room, I watched a pale young woman being sandwiched between a couple of diesel dykes, being fucked in both holes at once. The young woman’s’ eyes were rolled back in ecstasy as the two dykes commented on her abilities. Further on an older gentleman was being screwed rigorously by a woman in high heels and a red dress. Her cock slid smoothly and deeply as she kept a constant commentary telling the man he was a piece of meat worthy of only being used a fuck tool. As I watched, another woman joined the twosome. Lifting her dress, she exposed an eight-inch cock in vibrant purple. At a slap from his mistress, the man began to perform fellatio on the newcomer. I was amazed to see that he could swallow the entire cock without gagging.
Suddenly I feel myself propelled by unseen hands. I am forced into one of the few rooms with a door. I feel a moment of panic as the absolute darkness closes in around me. Fighting the urge to flee I stand stock-still and wait. I did not have to wait long as feel warm hands begin to slide sensuously over my body. From the top of my head to my stiletto-clad feet, every inch of me was caressed. My meager clothing provided no cover as the questing hands began caressing my most intimate areas. Large blunt fingers began a slow penetration of my increasingly wet center. Deeper still the fingers began a pounding rhythm that threw me quickly over the edge into orgasm. Feeling my vaginal walls spasm, the fingers stilled and I heard a moan erupt from my unknown captor. As my spasms quickly subsided, the fingers slid from my wall eliciting a moan of protest from me. The protest was stilled on my lips as I heard the sound of a zipper being lowered. Strong, muscular arms lifted me and I found my back pressed against the wall. A scream was torn from my throat as a thick, rigid cock slammed into me to the hilt.
The scream seemed to inflame my assailant and the fucking began in earnest. It seemed to go on forever as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I felt oceans flowing between our bodies. With a guttural moan, my assailant finally explodes in orgasm. Panting heavily their body sagged against me as soft lips blazed a trail across my bare shoulders to my lips. A supple tongue slid between my lips in a kiss filled with passion. Gently my legs were lowered to the ground and with a soft pop; the cock fell from my drenched pussy. With gentle pressure, the hands guided me to my knees on the padded floor. I could smell my sex on the cock that swung in my face. Without further urging, I took it in my mouth and began sucking deeply.
“That’s it you pretty bitch suck it good. I see you in here, looking so fucking superior. Looking down your perfect nose at your adoring little fan club. I am not a fan, bitch. I just want to fuck that haughty ass smile off your fucking face.”
The tirade continued as hands tangled in my locs forcing me to deep throat the cock. Gripping her hips, I was determined that she would break before I did. I know how to suck a cock and it was not long before she let loose a screaming stream of profanities as she came. Smiling to my self, I ceased all movement as she held her throbbing cock deep in my throat.
“You’re good, I’ll give you that, but you’re going to be begging for this dick before I am finished with you.” The woman snarled as she released my head and slid to the floor next to me.
There was a rustling sound as the woman removed her clothes. Tugging on my hand until I was stretched fully atop her body the woman entered me again. “Ride this dick bitch. Show me how good you are.”
Sweat poured from our bodies as the fucking continued. I finally lost count of the number of orgasms that wracked my body. With a final lurch, my assailant screamed out her final orgasm. Pushing me aside, she stood and dressed. With a final soft kiss she was gone without another word.
Dragging my tired, fucked out ass home I showered and fell into bed. As sleep began to descend, the bed dipped and familiar arms encircle my waist.
“Next time, change your cologne.”

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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