by Being True

Just Stand.
No twitching.
No scratching.
No movements.
I want your face to the wall.
Hands behind your back.
Your under sinner's arrest.
I watch you.
How self conscious you've become.
You wonder if I'm I've found your imperfections.
You wonder if I like what I see,
I come to your side and view your profile.
Walking so close to you that I feel the heat and uncertainty leap from your body.
Leaning in I tell you in a voice lower than a soft whisper to stop thinking.
Your tremble is visible.
a slight smile forms on your lips.
You have not grasped my words.
I come behind you once again.
Take in your long back that is covered by a soft white cashmere sweater.
Your ass pops out like dice off a wall.
Yes. I want you to stand.
Minutes pass and your voice breaks the deafening silence.
Your voice invades my thoughts.
My eyes darken with disappointment from being taken away from
the journey they were on.
Shh. Shhh. Shhhhhh.
You don't take direction well.
Your disregard for authority has slightly angered me.
I unleash your full black hair from your scrunchies grasp.
It falls weightlessly on your shoulders.
I sigh.
You move. Almost turning from the walls cream scenery to see me.
You are a problem.
I walk away and when I return I take your wrist and wrap them with my leather restraints.
A protest lingers on your lips but you quiet yourself.
I ask you to turn around and you hesitate.
Grabbing a fistful of your hair I yank you back.
you turn around.
You look at me with pleading lustful eyes.
You stand.
I move you to the corner.
Run my soft long tongue across your lips.
You want more.
I unhook your belt.
Zipper down.
Left side. Right side.
Right side. Left side.
Until your jeans are off.
You are wearing no panties.
Only a diamond shape patch of hair greets me as I observe your sexual mound.
You look at me.
Wanting so much.
I lick my lips.
I turn you to the corner.
I leave you and go to the bedroom.
I leave you to
A lesson has to be learned.
A lessen of obedience.
The need of control has consumed and taken over your mind.
We can go on no further if control is what you must have.
I give you twenty minutes to think about it.
It must have felt like forever to you.
As I near you the faint sound of whimpering comes from your direction.
I untie you.
You don't move.
Turn to me I ask.
You do.
I look into your deep brown eyes.
The wave a white flag.
You ask to move. I allow it.
Lesson is done for now.
You walk a way from me.
You come back bearing gifts.
You want me to know that you understand.
You hand me your collar.
Diamond studded, black leather collar.
You turn beckoning me to put it on you.
I oblige.
Getting down on your knees you look up to me.
I take your other gift and hook it to your collar.
Leash in hand. I walk you to our bedroom.
Before I close our door I look back at the corner.
the corner where I asked you to stand.
Your corner.
The one that I will always be in.

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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