I speak these words to you…hear me!
As we draw near to our first special moment I ask…
If only for a moment may I have all of you?
Not just your physical
I want to be the temporary leinholder of your being
I speak these words to you…hear me!
Take a moment to love and trust me
Release your body, mind, and soul to my care
Know that I will cherish and protect them
Know that I will always be there
We share an intense sense of passion and love
We are growing in sync, matching heartbeats that beat as one
I speak these words to you…hear me!
I possess a rare love and I beck for you to share in its existence
I welcome you into my heart, make yourself at home and stay for a while
Now that I’ve spoken…have you heard?

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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