Climactic One

Youíre a vision that words can't describe.
So lovely
Beautiful, like a flower in full bloom
I want to pick you and inhale your essence in one breath
And hold you in til there's nuthin' left
Til Iím semi asphyxiated and you're flowiní through my plasma straight to my heart
You got me feeliní so inebriated
Yes, Iím feeliní you physically, but Iím more enthralled by your mentality
Itís not often that I get to taste that flavor
You knowÖthat, we can sit and talk for hours flavor?
Or I could just watch the movement of your lips like watching a TV thatís muted
Amazed at your knowledge, maturity, and lack of insecurities
Confidence thatís so sexy to me
Even subdued by the way your tongue touches your teeth when pronouncing syllables
And the way your forehead gets tense when I got you feeliní irritable
U give me that loving, that caring, that tender type vibe
AGAINÖyouíre a vision that words canít describe
Itís an insult to use words to describe you
Iím lookiní
Iím speechless

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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