by B.J. Ental

Your special-ness is not apparent, it is deep within, in
your soul, it lingers there waiting for an invitation to
make itself a visitor, you see, it is sweet, it is kind, it gives and
it wants, it is the things that brings a light to the room
as you enter, it leaves mouths agasph, and hearts pounding
with curiosity and longings unrecognized before,
you represent a special-ness that is sure to be a sweetness
of which, my being has not yet experienced, you see, I
would desire to taste you as the passion of a fruit never
before tasted, I would long to visit you as the landscape on a
journey I wish would never end, yes, I would desire
to visit your corridors and mounds, I would desire to part
you in ways that would make you lose control, I would
desire to have our souls meet, and become friends,
yes they would clash releasing unanticipated enjoyment,
if fantasy had it's way, I would be holding you and kissing you today,
yes, I would, I would desire to, I would desire to be too
close to you, as I watch you breathe, it would excite me,
as I hear you breathe it would enrapture me, as I look into
your eyes it would capture me--with slight fear and no trepidation,
I would keep, I would hope and yes I would pray my soul to keep, as
I recognize that your special-ness has taken ownership of all
that is me...

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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