Naia leaned against the rail on the second level of the club dancing to the music. Watching the boyz below her dance and gyrate against each other and the pole. She was wearing a red top with black slacks, hair down with a hint of perfume surrounding her. Naia was so engrossed in the music and playfulness of the people around her she didn’t feel or sense Siene’s presence. Siene saw Naia moving her hips to the beat of Choppa Style and wanted to be near her. Just as Naia dropped it and came back up with her ass stuck out behind her Siene grabbed her around the waist, followed her rhythm and raised Naia’s shirt up her back. She licked the dip in Naia’s back, caressed her leg, and rubbed her body against her.
Naia didn’t stop dancing in fact she slowed her pace down. Although she hadn’t seen Siene walk in, she knew her touch. How could she forget the woman who drove her insane with a mere glance, the one that drove her crazy with one kiss, and a flick of her tongue? Naia leaned backwards onto Siene as her fingers kneaded her breasts. Siene grinded her hip into Naia’s while pushing her into the rail. She kissed and licked her neck, nibbling on it softly then hard. She didn’t care who was watching or if they would be thrown out. She knew that she wanted her now and nothing would satisfy her taste except Naia. She turned Naia’s body to face her own, unzipped her slacks, and slid her fingers into the pool of elixir waiting for her. She held Naia’s body close to hers to shield her probing hand from seeking eyes. She licked Naia’s ears, nipped at her mouth, and tackled her tongue like it was the last kiss she would ever have. Naia moved her hips to the beat and every time they said bounce, she did and an electric wave shot through her body.
“You’re going to leave a mark.”
“Aww, but you are mine and I can do that.”
After hearing that, Naia pulled herself away from the bar, pulled her shirt over her pants, and pushed Siene away from her.
“How dare you say that, I haven’t seen you in almost eight months and you touch me and make me feel things that I’d forgotten and say that!” Naia gave her a dirty look and walked out of the club. Siene chased her and caught her as she was getting into her car.

“No matter what you say or how you feel I still love you and want you in my life. I know I fucked up but seeing you in the club dancing like you did for me, so many times I couldn’t help myself. I had to touch you, kiss you.” Siene held Naia’s face in her hands.
“Let’s talk it over at the house. Don’t shut me out of your life just yet, I need you.”
She wiped the lone tear from Naia’s face. “Where’s your girl? Why are you interested all of a sudden?”
“It’s not all of a sudden, I’ve never stopped thinking of you, and the girl is gone.”
“So you want me to just forget about how you treated me.”
“Give me ten minutes and I promise if you want me to leave you alone I will.”
Naia was hesitant, she didn’t want to be hurt again nor did she want to let Siene in but she couldn’t stop her heart from racing at the idea of being near Siene again. “Fine, get in and we’ll talk some more.” Siene smiled as she stepped into the car. She had no clue what she was going to say nor how she was going to make up for what she’d done to Naia but she was determined to try.
“So talk, I’m curious to know what’s going on.”
“I decided to come to the club and I saw you dancing. I got excited and wanted a taste and so I came over.”
“Interesting, so how do you figure that I’m yours?”
Siene put her hand on Naia’s thigh. “You are because you said so and I know that you haven’t forgotten that we are etched into each other’s souls, hearts and bodies. Don’t you remember?” Naia didn’t say anything.
101.9 plays the jams that make you cry, laugh, and sing. Here’s one for all the lovers out there. Luther starts to sing his melody.
“See, our song is playing. It is fate that we be together tonight.”
Naia started the car and starts to tell Siene to leave but before the words form on her lips, she starts to cry. Siene reaches over to hold her and she pulls away.
“I have waited for you, hoping that you would come back and you finally show up as if nothing happened. Why?”
“Naia I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you and I don’t want us to fight. Why can’t we just… I don’t know, start over.”
Naia looked at her not believing what she had just heard. “Start over, after all of the pain and heartache. Why should I take you back? Why should I believe anything you say?”
Siene grabbed Naia’s hand, “Because we know each other like the grooves of our hands. Because I can feel you in my sleep and watch you in my dreams and because I have loved you since the day I first heard you say my name. Because every time I saw Rachel’s face when I woke up in the morning I wanted it to be you.”
“You know you have some nerve and balls, Siene. I cried for months and went through it and I had to watch you smile and laugh with that…. woman and it tore my heart apart. My soul bled for months, years, and now here you are professing love. I can’t do this I won’t do this. Get out of my car, your ten minutes are up.”
“Naia don’t do this, I’m here now, forget the past. I’m sorry. I want to make it up to you. Tell me what I need to do, what to say? Naia looked over at Siene and saw tears flowing down her face. She wanted to believe Siene but how could she? Her love for her had waned over the years. When she wanted to hear the words that had come out of Siene’s mouth tonight, she couldn’t because Siene was with Rachel. Naia wanted to disappear.
“Siene, I want you to leave, need you to leave me alone.”
“Why are you doing this? I know that you were hurt but I was hurt too. I used her we used each other. I was caught up in what she had and how my life could be better with her but I didn’t bargain for trying to create what we naturally had.” Siene shifted in her seat and wiped her face. Naia reached out for Siene’s hand and said, “I know that you are sorry but I can’t forget nor do I want to continue talking to you. So thanks for telling me how you feel but I’m tired and ready to go home, please go.”
“If that’s what you really want then I will go.” Siene waited for a response but the stony look on Naia’s face spoke volumes. “Fine, I’ll leave you alone but know that I love you.” Naia could no longer hold it in. “Siene, get the fuck out of my car, get out of my life! I can’t stand you. You are a selfish bitch and I can’t stand to look at you right now.” Siene opened the door and before she could get her left foot out of the door, Naia sped off.
“I can’t believe her,” Naia said to herself. After driving ten blocks at 60mph, she finally slowed to the legal speed limit of 35. When she reached, Graham St. she pulled over and sobbed. “I hate you, I fucking hate you”, she screamed into the darkness. She wiped her face, turned the radio to a rap station, and headed home.
Siene stood on the curb in shock. Her friends Tim and Candy having watched the scene from the balcony of the club came down to talk to her. “Girl where was your head at? Have you no shame? Now you know if that shit gets back to Rachel you are done!” Tim said with his hands on his hips and lips poked out.
“Don’t be so hard on her, can’t you see she’s been crying you drama queen!” Candy said while putting her arms around Siene.
“No Candy, Tim’s right. What right did I have to tell her I was sorry and that I never stopped loving her? She’s better off right, no drama and she doesn’t have to watch her back because my stupid ass didn’t recognize her love for me was sincere.”
“Siene, come back inside and forget about it. You’re drunk and I’m sure you have a contact high from Ms. Tim’s special cigs. You’re not yourself so come on back inside and let’s party.” Siene looked up at Candy and though she wanted to yell and scream she decided against it.
“Yea Candy, you’re right, come on darlings let’s tear the club up.” The three linked arms and walked back into the club. Siene did her best to have a good time and she didn’t want to spoil the night for Candy who’d just met a fine lady and was having the time of her life and Tim was enjoying his X ride, dancing with another Xer on the floor.
“Here baby, looks like you need this.” Siene looked up to Ms. Kim’s smiling face and a Vodka sour on the rocks in her hand. “It cures all that ails you and from the looks of it, you definitely need this.” Siene took the drink and pulled out the chair next to her.
“Always valiant, I love that in a stud. What’s wrong sweetness?”
“Well Ms. Kim, I just poured my heart out to Naia and she told me to step off. I don’t know how to take that. I mean I know I hurt her and I messed up but really, she didn’t have to be so cold and kick me out of her car.”

Ms. Kim put her arm around Siene and pulled her closer. “Tell mama Kim all about it.” Siene filled Ms. Kim in on the previous half an hour of the night and Ms. Kim quietly listened. When Siene finished her face was glowing from tears and her glass was empty.
Ms. Kim knew the history between Naia and Siene and she’d been there for most of their breakup to makeup deals but the last time was the straw that broke the camels back as the old folks say. Ms. Kim hadn’t been in contact with Naia much after the storm but word had gotten back to her and it wasn’t pretty. She knew that Siene loved Naia but Siene loved nice things that Naia couldn’t provide. They both loved each other with a passion that very few experience but even Ms. Kim was at a lost for words to say to Siene to ease her pain.
“You know Siene, the last time you two saw each other it was pretty bad. You were really adamant about not wanting Naia in your life, space, or company. From what I heard, she took that really hard. You were her everything and when you lose that, you lose a part of yourself. I’m sure you threw a monkey wrench into her plan to get on with her life tonight. No one likes to be reminded of that which we lost or left us. Hold your head up. She’ll come around eventually if it’s meant for you two to be together. If not, you have to let her go.”
“You’re right Ms. Kim. I shouldn’t have expected her to just forgive and forget like the other times. I know she suffered but so did I in my own way. However, I hear what you’re saying. Thanks for listening to my crazy ass.”
“Well baby, Ms. Kim has to get back to work you know a girl needs her money. If you need me, you know where to find me.”

Part 2