__________by Soule Purpose

i gave her a soul kiss
to let her know this
want her to be my miss
maybe future misses
it was only our first date
but you see the state
of my mental exist
penetrated through
it blew
love particles
oh so slow
down below

she made movements
seem like molasses
or was it just me
noticing when she passes



every little image fits



my eyes couldn't get enough
of that good stuff she fluffs
she carries
looking like cherries
in my cherry pie
exhaling a sigh
my insides made a silent cry

not of sorrow but many blessings
wanting to make sweet confessings
of my real thoughts
like wanting her to be my lady
my sweet ebony baby
my tasty choco lips
thick child baring hips
just wanting to take a sip

random thoughts
made me lost
i was kinda caught up in her sauce
her gravy made me wavy
all because of that soul kiss

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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