Yolanda Green

Jill sniffed in Shelly’s general direction, “Bitch, ya stink.” Shelly leaned down and scrunched up her nose at Jill, “No, bitch. I smell like coffee. It’s delicious.”
“Every fucking time we go out you smell like eau de Starbucks or some shit.”
“Fuck you. I gotta run my café.”
Jill stumbled towards the car and Shelly hobbled behind her. Jill turned around to her friend, “C’mon, Shel. Quit being so sensitive.” She started to put the key in the door.
“J, we need to call Joe.”
“No. I’m good.”
“Jill, I’m not fucking good and you aren’t good.”
“Nah. Really, I’m cool.”
“Then why are you trying to open the door with your damn flashlight?” Jill looked down and saw her flashlight bumping against the lock. “Kinda looks like they’re fucking.” Shelly rolled her eyes, “Just call him.”
“He’s a dick.”
“He’s your brother. Call him and tell him to get us. We’re drunk as shit. And honestly I want to live.” Jill rapidly blinked. The bitch is thinking about it. Let me give her a little more of a push.
“Do you want hazelnut to be your last smell?” Jill sniffed one last time and curdled her face. “Fine.” Jill whipped out her cell phone and made the call.
He pulled up in front of the bar and honked the horn. Jill crawled into the backseat and Shelly sat up front with Joe.
“Hey ladies. Ya’ll feeling it tonight, huh?”
“Fuck you, Joe!” Jill yelled from the backseat
“Go to sleep, al-key” Shelly laughed.
“What’s so funny?”
“You and your sister are ridiculous.” She said over her laughter.
“Ha. Ha. What’s going on with you?”
“Nothin, man. You?”
“Nothing.” Joe stared straight ahead.
“Hey, Joe.” He glanced over at Shelly. She blew up her cheeks and pulled out her ears. Joe turned back and focused on the road.
“What’s wrong?”
“I made the monkey face. No laughs. C’mon.”
“Girls! No offense. But girls can be straight up bitches sometimes.”
“I agree.” Now Shelly looked out of the window. Flashes of Sam poured into her mind and she turned to the radio dial, “Light eyed bitches are the worst.”
“Fucking right.”

“Take ya ass upstairs and wash ya fucking hands. We gotta get to the club before midnight or else you’re paying for me to get in.” Shelly smelled her fingers, “What’s wrong?” The two friends stood outside of Jill’s house near her car.
“Shel. You and I both know that’s not right. Smell like you’ve been jerking off the Vlasic pickles man.”
“You’re fucking trifling. The Vlasic “man” is a fucking bird. Do you understand, Jill? A fucking bird. That’s some extra freaky shit, you must know about.”
“I know what you’re doing.” Jill pointed her finger at Shelly. “I’m sorry that bitch left you.” She stared at the car roof. “I take that back. She didn’t deserve you. So no. I’m not sorry. Stop hiding behind fucking nasty smells and man the fuck up.”
Shelly got out of the car and started walking to her house. “I gotta I’ll wash hands after I go.”
“Fine. Hurry up.” Jill rolled her eyes and waited downstairs while Shelly ran into the bathroom. She scrubbed her hands and tried to get the dill smell out. The door popped open “I’m sorry--” and it slammed.
“It’s ok. I’m just washing my hands.” Shelly yelled. Those beers slowed me down. All that came out was “Dammit.” She shook off the embarrassment and opened the door. I need to lock the fuckin door next time.
In the hallway, a woman stood. A cream complexion and even in the dark, Shelly saw her light eyes shimmer. Stop fucking staring. Ok. Keep staring, but at least smile. Shelly forced a smile on her face and the woman returned it. Now we’re getting somewhere. “Excuse, me.” She slid past Shelly into the bathroom. Fuck. She just wanted the bathroom. Shelly ran downstairs to Jill’s honking the horn.
“Calm the fuck down. Who’s the chick in the bathroom?”
“Marla. Joe’s girl.”
“He got a girl now?”
“Light skin and light eyes?” Shelly nodded.
“That’s her. She’s over here more than I am.”
“He’s always working, never seemed like the type to settle down.”

The next weekend, Shelly ran into Quik-Stop to get some apple juice for Jill.
“I’ll take a pack of Newports and this.” She slid the juice across the counter.
“You’re too young to be smoking, boo.” Shelly turned around and met those light eyes again.
“What’s going on, boo?”
“Jill and I are going to the Tav.”
“With apple juice?” Shelly looked down at the juice, “Science experiment. Apparently, apple juice takes the
bite out of Hennessey.”
“What fun is it without the bite?” She felt that
familiar tingle up her clit. Now is not the time. Deflect. Deflect. Shelly tapped her foot, “What about you?”
“Nothing. Joe’s working nights this week.”
“You should come with us then.” Marla looked up at her and then around, “I don’t know.”
“C’mon. It’ll be fun.” Why am I asking her out?
“Let me check on Joe before he goes to work. Maybe I’ll meet up with you later.”
“Cool beans.” Marla smiled and Shelly walked away. Cool beans. What the fuck? Shelly got back into the car and handed Jill her cigarettes.
“Was that Marla?”
“What’s going on with her?”
“Nothing, I invited her to the Tav.”
“You didn’t. Why’d you do that?”
“She seems nice.”
“So what? I always fucking see her and I don’t want to see her when we go out.”
“I’m-- I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Jill shook
her head and peeled off. They walked into the Tav and sat down at the bar.

Jill lit her cigarette and seemed to calm down. The drink Shelly bought helped too.
“What’s wrong?”
“Here she comes now.”
Marla waved to them and walked over to where they were sitting.
“Hey, Jill. Sup, Boo.” Shelly looked around. Marla looked backed at her, “Sup Boo.” Jill nudged Shelly, “Oh. Hi. What’s up?” Jill got up and walked towards the jukebox.
“What are you drinking?”
“Ohh.” She motioned for the bartender, “I’ll have a shot of Hennessey.”
“Ohh back at you. Where’s the apple juice?” Shelly asked. Marla looked at her and hit her shoulder lightly, “I like the bite.” And there was the tingle in her clit again. This time she felt herself getting wet. She scanned the bar for Jill, but she was talking to Mark now.
“What’s going on with Jill?” Marla asked.
“She’s talking to her ex.”
“They dated two summers ago. Then she caught him with some other chick.” Marla curled her lips, “I’d whipped that ass.”
Shelly widened her eyes, but continued, “She really liked him though.” Marla sipped on her drink. “He’s cute. But I’ve got a man.” Shelly took another sip of her drink and cut her another look.
“What do you do, boo?”
Does she mean ‘boo’ like "yeah I’m gonna fuck you" or boo like “I don’t know you’re name, but I still want to be friendly”? Time for a little subtlety. “I work over at the café on Latimer. Shelly’s Place. I named it after me. Not original, but my name is Shelly.”
“Oh yeah. I’ve been by there. You like it over there, boo?”
“It’s all right.” Shelly finished off her shot. Maybe the Henny takes away the subtlety. Fuck it. “What about you?”
“I work at this hair shop.”
“It’s all right. You want another shot?”
“Yeah.” Shelly reached for her wallet, but Marla stopped her, “I got it, boo.” She pulled a few dollars from her purse and paid the bartender for the shot of tequila and another Henny with a coke chaser for herself. The bartender placed the drinks in front of them.
Marla extended the glass to her, “Here’s to new friends.” She slammed the shot and heard shouting. Jill slapped Mark and started cursing him out by the jukebox.
“Let’s go.” She said to Jill and walked in between them facing Mark.
“I’m sorry she put her hands on you. Mark, just walk way.”
“Man, I ain’t gonna take this from no bitch.” Jill popped her fingers in his face, “Who the fuck you calling bitch ya fake ass nigga. You ain’t shit no way.”
Shelly looked into his eyes and slowly spoke, “Just walk away.” Mark backed down and she turned around to Jill who was still angry, “Fuck that pussy. You think you can play me like that. Little dick muthafucka!!”
Jill broke out of Marla’s grasp and swung on Mark. Shelly blocked the shot and drugged her out of the bar through the back door. She opened the car door and threw Jill inside.
“Thanks for the drink, Marla. But, I’m going to take her home.”
“It’s cool, I’ll follow you.” Shelly drove to Jill’s house and they took her upstairs. Jill was crying, yelling, and cursing around the apartment. She fond some old pictures of Mark and locked herself in the bathroom to rip them up.
Shelly tried to get her out of the bathroom, but Jill only got angrier.
“Let me try, boo.” Marla knocked on the door, “Jill.
It’s me, Marla. I know that nigga ain’t worth shit. Why don’t you come out here and smoke this weed with me?” The door opened and Jill came out wiping her eyes.
“That’s mah gurl.” The two went into her bedroom. Shelly stood in the hallway dumbfounded.
“You supposed to be mah best friend, Shel. Get your ass in here.” The weed calmed Jill down and she fell asleep.
Shelly and Marla lay on the floor. “Thanks for helping me with her.”
“No problem, boo. Next time you know the secret
“I don’t know if I could take ‘a next time’.”

Shelly was in the shop, getting some more coffee beans from the backroom.
“Hey Shel,” her assistant called, “there’s a girl out here to see you.”
“Who is it?”
“I don’t know. She has light eyes.” Shelly lost her footing and fell on a stack of cups.
“Ok. I’ll be right there.” She picked herself up and her assistant came running in. “Are you ok?”
“I’m fine.” She wiped the dust from her apron. Marla chatted on her phone in front of the cash register.
“Hey, boo. What’s up?”
“I’m cool. What can I get for you?”
“I’ll have a cappuccino.”
“Sure.” Shelly made the drink and brought it over to Marla’s seat in the corner. Shelly looked her over. This was the first time she saw her in the daylight and damn it she looked good now too.
“How are things at the shop?”
“They’re ok.”
“That’s cool.” The coffee shop doors flew open and another girl with light eyes came over towards the table.“Hey boss lady.” Her assistant called out. Shelly looked up, “Excuse me, Marla.” She walked up to the girl and led her outside. Marla watched them through the window.The girl had her hands on her waist and kept turning away from Shelly. But Shelly turned around too. Marla didn’t see her mouth move, but Shelly must have said something. Because Shelly turned around right before the girl jumped in her face.
“Oh shit.” Marla ran outside and leaned against Shelly, “Everything ok, baby.”
“Uhh uhhh…”
“What’s this shit?” The girl looked confused.
“Sam this is Marla. Marla this is Sam.”
“I don’t fucking believe this. It hasn’t been even two months. What’d you do pick this trick up in a strip club?”
“Whoa. Whoa. Who the fuck, you callin’ a ‘trick’?” Marla looked the girl up and down and leaned back.
“You, bitch.” Marla clenched her fist and took a step towards Sam, but a smile formed on her mouth.
“Bi-,” She started, “You ain’t even worth it. Baby, hurry up with this nonsense. Our cappuccinos are getting cold.” She kissed Shelly slowly on the lips. Marla wiped away the excess lip-gloss on Shelly’s mouth and brush passed Sam. Shelly’s eyes stayed open wide, “I gotta go. My cappuccino’s cold. You want me to get my stuff. I’ll get it tomorrow.” She walked away. Sam yelled after her, but Shelly kept walking.
“Fine. Don’t bring that bitch to my house.”
Shelly went back into the café and saw Marla packing up her things.
“You don’t have to go.”
“No, I’ve got to get back. Thanks for the coffee. It had a little bite.” Off she went out of the shop. Shelly’s assistant smiled, “I like her.”
“Me too.” Shelly muttered and went into the back to punch coffee bags.

“So then she came out and defended me.”
“No, she didn’t.”
“Yeah she did.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to pick up my stuff tomorrow.”
It wasn’t a real kiss. No need to tell Jill about the other part. But the wetness she felt was real. Very real.

Shelly went to Sam’s house and started to pick up her boxes. After the last box was all ready to go, she popped into the bathroom to wash her hands. She heard the door open and a pitter-patter. Shelly ran into the living room, “Mr. Pibb. I’ve missed you so much.” She patted the black and white border collie.
“Why are you still here?”
“I’m gone, Sam.”
“Hot date?”
“Something like that.” She never once looked at Sam, but Sam glared at her.
“You can come by and get Mr. Pibb sometime.”
“Thanks.” She got off her knees and grabbed the box.
“Are you happy with her?”
“I am.”
“I haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time. It kind of makes me miss the old days.” Sam walked toward her, “Come over her Shel.”
“No thanks. I’m good over here.”
“Okay…I’m going to come over there then. You ready?” Sam licked her lips and came towards Shelly. She froze and Sam kissed her. Shelly dropped the box on the floor and carried Sam towards the bedroom.

Shelly lay on the living room rug with her pants at her ankles and shirt on the other side of the room. Sam gasped for breath and looked over at her, “I didn’t know you had that in you. Maybe next time we’ll make it to the bedroom.” Shelly smiled.
“Are you going to tell her?”
“Tell who?”
“Your girlfriend.”
“Tell her what?”
“About us?” Shelly got up and looked at her, “There’s nothing to tell.”
“We just had the best sex of our relationship.” Shelly popped up and walked towards to her shirt.
“Sam, we aren’t in a relationship. You cheated on me. And you broke up with me. This was… was a…”
“Revenge fuck?”
“Call it whatever you want.” Sam pulled her shirt down. Sam leapt up and started to throw stuff at Shelly. One of the remotes clipped her in the eye just as she ran out of the house.

A couple of nights later, Shelly found herself outside of Marla’s beauty shop at closing.
“Hi, boo.”
“What happened to your eye?”
“She threw a remote at me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I went to get my stuff. We had some sexin’. And then she was like ‘are you gonna tell your girlfriend?’ I was like, ‘I ain’t got a girl’. Then shit’s being thrown at me.”
Marla laughed and looked over at her eye. “Cheating on me already? I have some ice.” She went into the back, while Shelly sat in a chair. She put the ice pack over her eye.
“Thanks again for that.”
“For what?”
“Outside the café. I didn’t have a chance to say thanks. But I brought you something.” She pointed to a basket with sandwiches.
“That’s really sweet of you, boo.” She opened the basket.
“You want something to drink? I’ve got some wine in the back.” They sat on the floor drinking the wine and eating the sandwiches.
“So does it still hurt?” Shelly touched her eye. “A little. But that sex was worth it.”
“You’re such a nigga.”
“Whatever. It’s partly your fault.”
“How you figure?”
“You didn’t have to do what you did the other day.”
Squinting her right eye, she focused her left on Marla. Marla looked at her, “I tried to save you from getting your ass be-…” She locked eyes on Marla. Images flashed of Shelly kissing her and sucking on Marla’s clit.
“You cold, boo. You got goose bumps.” That’s embarrassing. “Nah. I’m good. It’s just. It’s just---“
“The ice?” Marla smiled. Shelly smiled too.
“Yeah it’s the ice.”
“… But I wanted to-” Marla’s phone rang and got up off the floor. “Ok. Boo, I’ll be right over.” She hung up the phone. “I gotta go, sweetie, but this was fun.” Shelly looked at her and stood up to leave. Marla gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Wanted to what? Fuck.

“Hmm. That duck was good.”
“Yeah. It was.” Shelly rubbed her belly. She and Jill just came back from their favorite Chinese spot and were chilling to the music on the radio.
“I don’t know how I’m going to get up those stairs. Do you want to come upstairs?”
Shelly laughed, “Yeah.” Shelly got out of the car and fixed her hair in the rear view mirror.
“What are you doing?”
“Whatever. Why are you trying to impress Marla?” Shelly rumpled her hair, “I’m sorry. I know that’s your brother’s girlfriend. I’m really sorry.”
“I know that bitch fucked with your head, but come on. Get it together. She’s Joe’s girl. He’s like a brother to you too.” Fuck. That’s the shit that fucks with you. Up until now, it was just flirting. But damn, that makes it real.
“I’m gonna do better.” Shelly exhaled and they walked upstairs. Marla was sitting with her legs crossed holding the remote, “Hey sweetie.” Shelly’s face cracked into a dumb grin. Jill sighed and walked off into her room.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“I dunno. She’s evil sometimes. How you been?”
“I’ve been ok. Your eye looks better. How are you?”
Shelly looked at Marla’s thighs in those jeans. “Can you get me a drink?” Marla held out her cup. There was condensation all around the glass and the tips of Marla’s fingertips were wet. “Sure.” I’d like to get her fingers wet on me. Shit. Stop it now, Shel. Shelly’s trembling hand picked up the cup and went to the kitchen. She came back and handed the glass to Marla, “Thank you.” Her eyes locked on Shelly, “Wanna watch some TV with me?”
“I uhhh…” Be strong. Be strong.
“Shelly, I need you.” Jill called from the other room.
“Jill needs me. Maybe another time.”
“Definitely.” Marla took a sip from the cup. Shelly ran into the bedroom and sat down in Jill’s chair.
“What were you doing in there?”
“I was talking to uh Marla.”
“Mmm Hmmm.” Shelly was waiting for Jill’s follow up question but her cell rang. She popped out of the room and came back 10 minutes later, “Shel, I gotta go pick up Mark.”
“Ok. Do you want me to come with you?”
“No it’s cool. We’ve been going back and forth all week. I just gotta spend some time with him.” Jill changed her clothes and grabbed some keys, “Be good, Shel.” Shelly heard the front door close and just stared at Jill’s bedroom door. Should I go out there with her? That’s not a good idea, but maybe she’ll come in here. What’s that on her desk?
Shelly stared at Jill’s weed box. She took her time, opened the box, and rolled a blunt. The weed focused her breathing. Shelly leaned back on her bed, took off her shoes, and unbuttoned her pants. She dozed off a little and when she woke up Marla was in the room putting a blanket on her.
“Hey, did Jill come back?”
“No. She didn’t. But I think she called you.” Shelly reached over to her phone and looked at the text message from Jill. “So where’s your man?”
“He’s going to pull the nightshift.”
“I thought I smelled weed.”
“Yeah.” Shelly pointed to the tray with the weed in it.
“I think I’m going to leave.”
“Oh. Well have a good night.” Shelly watched Marla walk out of the door. She got up and went into the bathroom to splash water on her face. Fucking loser. She wants you. But it would be wrong. Fuck. She belongs to Joe. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
“Somebody’s in here.” The knocking came again. She opened the door and there was Marla. She pushed her body against Shelly and closed the door. Shelly leaned her forehead on Marla’s, “You wanna do this?”
Marla mashed her mouth against Shelly’s. I guess that’s a yes. She lifted her up on the wall and started grinding her pussy against Marla’s. Marla reached for her shirt and Shelly’s back fell on the sink. Marla started to rub her hips against Shelly and flicked her nipples. Shelly moaned in her ear, “Hmmmmm”.
Shelly reached for Marla’s jeans and started rubbing her clit through her panties. Shelly started pumping her pussy against Marla’s body and slid two fingers in Marla. When Marla’s pussy clenched on her it was too much for Shelly. Not now. It’s too soon.
“Fuck, Marla. I think I’m coming.” Shelly bit Marla’s earlobe and moaned hard in her ear. Shelly slid down the sink and sat on the floor. Marla grabbed the sink and started to rub her clit on Shelly’s tongue.
“Ohhh, boo. Just like that. Shit.” Her hips started to rock harder and Shelly’s tongue explored Marla’s opening.
“Damn.” Shelly grabbed Marla’s hips and held her until her knees started to buckle.
Marla lay on top of Shelly. Marla fell down and sat on Shelly’s legs.
“Was it ok?”
“Fucking amazing.” Marla got up and started to get dressed. Shelly fastened up her jeans. There was a knock on the bathroom door and they froze in place. Terror ripped through Shelly. “Hey, Shel. Are you in the bathroom?”

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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