Averie Wilson

“Drink your beer, Averie,” she said looking up from folding a comforter across her bed. She folded and then double folded two floral print bed comforters in the middle of the king-sized bed.
She was preparing, but I wasn’t sure that I was ready. My apprehension built as I said, “Baby, I was thinking we could-” Before I could finish my sentence, she raised her hand to quiet me. She walked over to the chaise lounge I was sitting on.
“I didn’t tell you to speak or to think, I told you to drink your beer, Averie,” she said with no inflection in her voice. She knelt before me and spread my naked legs wide open. I leaned forward to kiss her but she pushed my face away. I collapsed back into the chaise. I stared directly into her eyes. I saw no signs of her relinquishing tonight, so I took a drink of the beer. She smirked then stood and retreated out of the room. I don’t even like beer. She knows that. When she’s like this, it doesn’t matter what I like.
My stomach grumbled a bit and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “Baby, can I have something to eat,” I yelled down the hall. I heard her fumbling around in the kitchen and hoped she would oblige. I took another drink from my beer. The coldness of it felt good sliding down my throat. I placed the bottle between my legs. The coldness of the wet glass felt good against my bald pussy.
Sitting there completely naked, I got a bit of a chill. I looked around and realized that not only was the ceiling fan on, but the window was open allowing the cool night air to permeate the room. She liked it cold. I wanted to get under the warmth of the bed covers but I knew that she would not like that. She stripped me naked and sat me on this chaise lounge and that is where I would stay. I wondered how long she would make me wait cause I had to pee.
She returned to the room. She shook my half finished beer bottle. “Finish it,” she said as she flipped the light switch and again left the room. She left me sitting in the dark. I tilted my head back and forced myself to finish what was left of the beer.
Several minutes passed before she reemerged. I heard the clinking of bottles and smelled the seasonings of Italian food. I could see only her silhouette as she walked across the room. She struck a match and lit two large candles. The flicker of the candle created dancing shadows against the wall. She walked over to me and again knelt before me. She seated a small plate of bruschetta on the chaise between my open legs. She twisted the cap off of one of the beer bottles and placed the other unopened bottle on the floor beside us.
I reached down and picked up a piece of bruschetta and attempted to carry it to my hungry mouth. She grabbed my wrist sternly and instead pulled it to her mouth. Damn she was serious tonight. No breaking at all. She handed me the beer. I drank. “Can I have something to eat too?” I asked. She continued eating. Where were my manners? “Baby, can I please have something to eat?” She placed a piece of the Italian bread into my mouth. Oh my favorite, she must have gotten it from Antonio’s. She placed another piece into my mouth and we ate without speaking. She took the beer bottle from my hand and moved the plate to the floor. She took a swig of the beer.
Her aggressiveness was turning me on. The coldness of the room and probably the heat of the moment caused her nipples to harden behind the white cotton t-shirt that she was wearing. The navy blue sweat pants she wore clung loosely to her well-formed hips. I could tell she didn’t have on underwear. I wanted to bury my head between her legs. I leaned my hand forward to reach for her nipples. She grabbed my arm and twisted it hard. As a twinge of pain came across my face I could see her delight.
She released her grip and stood up. She leaned over me and pulled my hair from behind throwing my head backwards. She forced the beer bottle into my mouth and began to pour. “Swallow,” she directed. I struggled to keep up with the flow of the bitter liquid. She leaned down and licked the spillage from my face. She forced my head forward. I swallowed what remained in my mouth. “Averie, when are you going to learn that you are my bitch? I run this shit not you,” she whispered in my ear. She forced my head back again. This time she poured the beer slowly and I drank it all.
She stepped back and looked at me. I made no movements except for a slight squirm. I still had to pee. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Nothing baby, just waiting on you.”
She smiled. She stepped out of her pants and they easily fell to the floor. She pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the floor. She stood before me and I admired every curve of her naked body. She is amazingly feminine. Every feature of her body is soft like a woman should be. The only hint of boyishness came when she made love to me. Her lightly made up face looked at me intently. She searched my eyes for some sign of dissension. I gave none. “Stand up,” she said. “Climb onto the bed.”
I stood and walked over to the bed. I felt her eyes follow me. I climbed onto the bed and leaned forward on all fours. I turned around and saw her drinking from the last beer. She ran the mouth of the open bottle between my ass cheeks. “Turn around,” she directed. I looked straight ahead. I felt a small amount of beer run down the crack of my ass. Her tongue lapped it up. She repeated her actions until I felt her tongue push through my hole. She smacked my cheeks hard. I let out a small moan. She slipped a finger into my ass and I squirmed a bit at the penetration. “Don’t move,” she said.
“I’m sorry, baby.”
She slipped another finger in and slowly finger fucked me. It felt good. I wanted to fuck her back but I contained myself. Suddenly the cold beer bottle was pushed into my pussy. Oh shit. She slowly fucked both openings. She removed her fingers and replaced them with her mouth. She continued fucking my pussy with the beer bottle. It wasn’t empty and I could feel the cold liquid escaping down my leg. It took everything I had to not grind my hips into her. My orgasm was building and my breaths quickened. Sensing this she removed the bottle and her mouth. I collapsed forward onto the bed.
She pulled me to my knees to face her. We knelt before each other on the middle of the folded comforters. She handed me the beer bottle and I drank what was left. It provided a strange taste, beer and my juices. She was pleased. She pulled my mouth to hers. Her tongue searched my mouth and moved to my neck down to my breasts. Licks turned to sucks that turned to bites. My body was a canvas for her mouth.
I kept my body idle only receiving her pleasure. Her fingers found my pussy and slid easily into the wetness. I tensed a bit feeling a sense of pleasure mixed with a sense of urgency to rush to the bathroom.
“Baby, can I please talk?”
“I need to pee,” I whispered.
“Oh.” She smiled. “The beer finally kicked in.”
She rubbed my stomach with one hand while the other one played in my pussy. She fingered my pussy hard just how I liked it. I struggled to keep from releasing my bladder. I felt like I was going to explode. “Let a little out and then stop it,” she said.
I didn’t know if I could do that. I’ve never given anyone a golden shower and as badly as I had to pee, I still wasn’t sure that I could do it then. She asked me on several occasions to try it, but I always resisted. It’s something she really wanted, so she stopped asking and finally told me, “I run this shit. Try it once and if you don’t like it we never do it again.”
She sensed my timidity and reached up and grabbed my hair. “I said let some of it out,” she said firmly. She held my hair and looked me squarely in my eyes. Damn she’s sexy. I began releasing a tiny bit of urine and felt it trickle down my leg. “Okay now stop,” she ordered.
Stop? Shit. I felt like bursting but I controlled my urine. She moved our bodies so that I straddled her legs. She continued fingering me, increasing the speed of her movements. Every muscle in my body contracted. I waited for her to tell me I could release. She fingered me harder and harder as my body contorted. I let out wild screams of pleasure. Finally she said, “Let it go, Averie; let it all go.” And I did. I released my orgasm and my bladder in unison. A long hard stream of warm urine flowed down my legs and onto her hands and finally splashed onto her thighs. My whole body immediately felt relieved. Shit. She was right. It was an incredibly intense orgasm. I fell forward into her body and I could hear her releasing her own moans of pleasure. Damn, she came too.
I fell backwards onto the bed lying in a large warm wet spot. She climbed on top of me and kissed me softly. We laid together for a few moments until she pulled me up and led me to the bathroom. She turned on the shower. We both stepped in.
“Baby, can I please touch you now?”
She smiled. “Yes,” she replied with a look of satisfaction.
I leaned into her and held her close. Yes baby, you definitely run this shit. I am your bitch.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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