by StrawberriiFEMME

late night phone calls
i know what i want to say to you
when I'm all alone
but i fall short of words
when were on the phone
i stutter and babble
and sound immature
my feelings are strong
but I'm still insecure
so i write them down
with so much to say
about me loving you
and the reasons i feel this way
it starts at night when
i close my eyes to rest
and continues in the morning
when i wake up and get dressed
your name, your voice
any thought about you
or hearing a word you
usually say will do it too
but i want to know more
how you smell the way you feel
to touch you would be like heaven
sweet and surreal
i wanna know more than how
it feels when you say good-bye
i wanna hold you in my
arms till morning sighs

feel your breath on my neck
your hands around my waist
touch you softly in dark hours
and feel your heart race
i wanna kiss you slowly and
taste the sweetness of your tongue
feel your body all over me
until we make each other cum
it'll be so much more
than a longing on the phone
more than long distance late nights
listening to me moan...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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